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  1. >>>How to review lyrics

    very sorry you feel that way, and sorry i was a bit jerk like in my last post. i don't like bullies and arrogant people, and i tried to bite my tongue, but i didn't. i came here for a reason......... to see if what i wrote was worthwhile and, finding there was worth, to improve and apon improving, to help others when i read the first post that started this whole thing, i saw nothing that was worthy of the spririt of this site. if you're dissapointed, so am i
  2. >>>How to review lyrics

    i'm with Bruce, i'm really tired of reading this guys thoughts. demeaning, belittling, and Very arrogant. call me when your famous JIMMY.
  3. >>>How to review lyrics

    i gotta go, bulls in third overtime, hawks down by 2, cubs, i dunno, but too much good sports on tv. cheers all eddy
  4. >>>How to review lyrics

    i still proudly think of myself as riff-raff. i have read so many lyrics in my life, so different each, i really find it arrogant to claim that some are not worthy of reading. someone took the time and effort, i can take a minute, not too much to ask.
  5. >>>How to review lyrics

    there is a lot of fluff ok, your words, why don't you be the determining factor of what's fluff and what's serious. up to the task? we'll all pm our lyrics to you, you'll be the final word. and, i got the point, crystal.
  6. >>>How to review lyrics

    i can't believe i'm missing part of the blackhawks game for this
  7. >>>How to review lyrics

    hey, i just wrote a crappy lyric, but i don't know i did. i think it's great. in depth review, only reviewd by who? YOU! your worthy of critiquing my lyric. it never ends. so who are the "reviewers of serious lyric writers" only going to be? so only writters who want thier lyrics reviewed by "serious" songwriters need apply.
  8. >>>How to review lyrics

    who is to decide which lyrics go where? YOU! are YOU worthy? well, ARE YOU? i am truly dissapointed that this conversation got past the go **** yourself stage. see ya
  9. >>>How to review lyrics

    ok, first off, the Blackhawks start thier semi final round against the Vancuver Canucks tonight. the Bulls are playing the Celtics in game 6 the Cubs suck. don't care about the Sox. also..... i don't mind the idea of another forum for more "finished lyrics". i like the present forum the way it is. i'm not to keen on "90% of the lyrics are crap and not worth reading" hey, who voted you king lyric. that's all i got eddy
  10. Good Morning All! The votes have been tallied in the Don Martin Lyric of the Year Award, and a clear winner has emerged. Without further nonsense.............................. FIRST PLACE JONIE............Goddess By The Sea SECOND PLACE ALISTAIR...........To Late For Me To Take It Now THIRD PLACE LEN...........Wild Wild East Congratulations to all, well done January Contest set to start later today. of to work with me now. cheers eddy
  11. hi Bruce, don't worry, what's in the bottle is actualy better served 'frozen" .
  12. gather round all, time to select the best lyric of 2008. here is a list of the lyrics, all viewable in the Lyrics area. Everyone who has a lyric entered must vote, or be disqualified. (don't vote for yourself) Voting goes like this.... pm me your top three lyrics, 3rd is worth 1 point, 2nd worth 2points, and 1st is worth 3 points. simple as that, most points wins. The January Lyric Contest will begin as soon as this is over. better late than never. any questions, please pm. thanks eddy
  13. December Lyric Contest Winner... Jonie... Goddess by the Sea v1 Before she found a guru And karaoke bar Before she had a cell phone A condo and a car Before she moved beyond The days she spent with me, Connie was a goddess by the sea Br1 I can still recall the way the men would stare The rays of golden sunlight dancing in her hair Carved in a bikini, Aphrodite on the shore I can still remember her, the way she was before v2 Before she married Eddie Raised a couple kids Before the lies and liquor Had them on the skids Before the years destroyed Her immortality, Connie was a goddess by the sea Br2 I can still recall the way the men would stare The rays of golden sunlight dancing in her hair Carved in a bikini, Aphrodite on the shore I promise to remember her, the way she was before v3 Before the diagnosis “Done all we can do” Before her ravaged body Fought to pull her through Before the sun would take her For all eternity, Connie was a goddess by the sea --------------------
  14. November Lyric Contest Winner Neal K The Accident V1 She was driving too fast, couldn’t make the turn Tires squealed and rubber burned She missed me by an inch before she rolled When it comes to luck she must’ve had a batch ‘Cause she crawled out without a scratch I stopped and stood there shaking in the cold Pre Chorus: I said, “You’re lucky to be alive, And by the way, where’d you learn to drive?” She just looked at me and said… Chorus It was an accident; wasn’t meant to happen that way There must be a bigger plan; keeping me here today It was an accident; or maybe it was destiny Could be a lesson here on how to be a better me V2 So time rolled by the way it always does I asked her out; she said “no” because There’s a child who’s not born yet but on her way Now I’d seen her hands, but never saw a ring Raised my eyes but never said a thing But she knew what I was thinking anyway Pre Chorus She said, “Wipe that judgment off your face I didn’t choose this time and place. And I wouldn’t change a thing, even though…” Chorus Bridge I heard the wisdom in what she said, And a little voice inside my head Told me maybe there’s a lesson for me too V3 Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her Of how it was and who we were And the way the world can change with a twist of fate And our sweet daughter hasn’t tired yet Of hearing how me and mommy met The way we laugh and smile when we say… Chorus It was an accident; wasn’t meant to happen that way There must’ve been a bigger plan unfolding that day It was an accident; or maybe it was destiny And the lesson learned was how to be a family