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  1. Len

    The New Muse

    Good ideas Fab and we need to think long and hard about the future direction. I like your ideas. First thing is to move it in the next couple of weeks to buy time to really reorganise. That means choosing a new name - my advice is to keep it short, easy to say and to include Muse in the name; SongMuse.com is my fav to date. Between Alistair and I, we can move it to a new host and site name as-is. But we then need to decide how we manage the site going forward. I like Bruce's ideas that we have a committee of some sort to run the place. If there is any "handover" of the Muse from Jodi to Alistair then that should be a temporary move; we then need to get some people together who can run the place. Elections and terms are a good idea Bruce. For the record I'm not active here and not likely to be - so no dog in the hunt - but I'd hate so see this place die away and others to miss the same opportunities. I think that I can host the site on my company's website - for free - but am checking the technical details at the moment. I also know how to set up and develop sites and I'm happy to be part of a group with Fab and others to lead future development. That interests me and I think we can do some fun things with development of the site. Fab, you've got some great ideas. However, I'm not interested in being part of the management group. Whatever, we need to decide/agree the imminent move: choose a name and agree who is going to do it. Others may be able to do it better - but they'll need to pipe up in the next day or so. Once we decide to move it will take potentially 2 weeks to set up the new site, try a test migration, announce the move date, freeze the site on the move day until the move is complete, then restart and deal with the problems.
  2. Len

    The New Muse

    Thanks Jodi. There are a few of us - Mikey, Scotto, Alistair, Bee3 so far - who have offered to make this work. If anyone else wants to get involved, especially with knowledge of forum migrations, please speak up. Personally I'm not committing to doing anything right now - I've not been here for ages but I'd hate to see the place die. I think there are a few things to be done: 1. Building the new site and migrating it over as-is 2. Someone (some people) to super moderate the new site in place of Jodi 3. Keeping the website ticking over (checking backups, capacity, security problems) 4. Planning for a longer term upgrade to something better Have I missed out anything here? Who is interested in which bits? And why do I keep getting this image in my head?
  3. Len

    The New Muse

    Jodi, which version of IPB is this running? And how much of your time does it take each week to approve new members, break up fights, etc? Roughly? Thanks, we're still gathering information....
  4. Len

    The New Muse

    There is probably a safe option now, which is to migrate "as-is". We can then upgrade at our leisure (though that may never happen). Mobile friendly, yeh, things have moved on. Jodi, you could always set up a URL redirection on your existing site to point to the new site. www.musesmuse.com/forums/... redirects to www.somethingnew.com/forums. That would help to keep traffic. Migrating to a new platform other than Invision is risky with the time available. I'd suggest migrating as-is for now and that gives us time to find a better platform. We'd need a suitable hosting site and to register the new domain, install the platform and then migrate over. We'd need to do a test run first to make sure the migration works.
  5. Hi all, Let's collect our thoughts about whether and how to migrate to a new site. Mikey, Scotto and others have offered to help take over the site as well, so pooling some knowledge would be good right now. None of us have the whole answer. Jodi has kindly answered some questions I asked, that we'd need to know if we were to migrate. The name: "Musesmuse.com" stays with Jodi; we would need a new name (newsnews.com?) Our new site would be way down the search engine results and people would be unlikely to find us unless through word of mouth (and Jodi's own page). Over time we would not replace the members who leave or hibernate. We'd have a year or two I think before we ground to a halt. The costs: - We can use the Invision hosting service for the site but their hosting gets very expensive, very quickly with the more users we have (check their site). - Hosting our own site with some software would be around $100-200 per year - We probably have a peak of 100 online users at a time - The site is probably 5GB in size (mostly the software) The platform and what sort of forum do we want. - We can carry on with Invision but there are two problems here. 1. We're on an old version of Invision and it may cost to upgrade (if we wanted to). 2. Even the new version of Invision is, "meh". Not very sexy, text based, no bells or whistles. - If that's want we want (keep with the same) it would be relatively easy to migrate. 2 days work. No pain but no gain. - If we want something sexier (and therefore more attractive to new members) we would have to select a new platform (there are loads out there) and migrate over the site. That would take a lot of time, be disruptive and would mean losing some data (e.g. PMs, new passwords). But we could save it and be on a new platform with new features (whatever they might be, e.g. facebook integration, media players, Twitter feeds). So pain now, gain later. Managing the site: - this is a biggie, as Jodi put a lot of time into managing the new, aggrieved and aggressive users. We'd need a team to step up to those responsibilities. Any thoughts?
  6. Len

    Ever Lose INTEREST in Songwriting?

    Hi bbs, First impressions? Unfocused; stream of consciousness; random; no cohesion. About right for a first draft
  7. Len

    Lyrically Abstract

    I know what you mean MAB about the layered meanings in a line, and I love them. Most hooks or titles that come to me stick because they have a double-meaning. The abstract hook is something different though, and now I need to find an example dammit, .... perhaps "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or (Dylan again) "Blowin' in the Wind". Even Wichita Lineman on first listen is a bit "whatiddy whichman?"; once you get the topic it all makes sense. Maybe an abstract hook and a bright image are close to the same thing, "abstract" is the art of explaining something plain in an extraordinary way.
  8. Len

    Lyrically Abstract

    But an interesting image can be very engaging. Without going the whole Warhol, a less than straight lyric can still get the ears pricked. Do you see this in your work, some really bright hook or images that's a bit out there but really works?
  9. Len

    Lyrically Abstract

    Scotto, I think the trick is to tell a story but with bright, outlandish colours. Abstract lyrics can give you freedom to use startling or surprising images ("now we know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall"). They can be one layer removed from reality but still rooted in something real, like a Picasso. It's fun to write that way and I wish I did more often.
  10. Len

    Lyrically Abstract

    Good question Scotto. I love Dylan's Desolation Row and it's a poster child for me for abstract lyrics. What I like is that it has a logic and consistency of its own. It's full of weird images but they all look like they've come from the same place, painted with the same brush He also sort of gives the game away in the final verse ("I had to change their names..."). I guess as an off-the-cuff example, here's two pieces: Rabid rain will call the queen Handcuffs on the sofa Thought I would drink the compass Choked up in Cambodia or Clouds lay down beside my queen Sleeping on her dreaming I'd love to walk her compass If I could find the meaning The first was just random thoughts, the second was (hopefully) clearly something more structured and consistent. So abstract images are great as long as the writer has a concept in mind, is writing consistently in tone and subject, and not just throwing out random thoughts and hoping we're fooled (Anthony Keidis, yes you, talking about you ....). A cheap abstract lyric is usually easy to identify as bull****. We don't write enough of them here for sure.
  11. Tom, graft is a way to make a song more engaging, not less. Sometimes I get a vibe here that craft, analysis and hard work ( like the sort we're discussing in this thread) makes worse songs, or least less vibrant, engaging ones. Not so, just the opposite.
  12. Len

    Hello from United Kingdom

    You're all Brits. Just some of you have been holidaying in that New World themepark for a bit too long now.
  13. Len

    Whats the story behind your Muse name ?

    Pretty straightforward for me. At age ten some genius decided that I should be called Lentil Soup (rhymes with my surname Gentle you see). Strangely that stuck for a while, became Lentil, then Lent and finally Len. My mates still call me that. Mind you I prefer my cousin's comment on my slim frame (at the time) as a Muse handle; "racingsnake"
  14. Len

    May 1+1 Contest

    Ilya, if you can write that song after just a month then you've got a bright future
  15. Len

    May 1+1 Contest

    My comments (made this evening, so no Hobosage, no comments ) Stray Dog’s Waltz (Ilya) Admire the ambition and key changes, but the story was off-kilter for me, sounded like a comedy song but read like a canine horror story Mother (bruce l) Lovely stripped down arrangement and good vocal to go as well. Very good. Someone (Neal K) I preferred the first song and thought it was a winner. This one didn't do it for me, some of the words were rushed, and the melody was too straightforward for me. Andalucia (Len) Thanks for all the comments, I think it needs a new chorus! The Answer (Oswlek) Sweet tune, some Crowded House influence there, and all power to that. Three Questions (HoboSage) Can't recall but I liked it. On Saturday (ScenesFromPalacio) Inventive and melodic as always. Really enjoyable Steve. Top pick. It’s a Crime (GocartMoz) Verses didn't really engage me, but the chorus hit the spot. The last verse lyric took it too far imho. Benny and I (RickDieffenbach) Sweet but felt undeveloped, some of the prosody was off. But nice, nice, nice. Our Data (Wendy D) I'm a fan of Wendy's minimalist and intimate style but this was too stripped down for me, and didn't keep my attention. But it's a heartfelt and moving lyric. I think it needs a bigger arrangement and also needs a stronger finish on "data" at the end of the line. Thirty Miles to Richmond (Mike B ) Lyric was good but the melody was just okay for me. The song just sounded too bubblegum for the topic. Coming Back (Iggy) Nice melody and that Gibson (?) has a lovely sound well matched by the vocal. Mellow. Just Far Away Stars (Mikey2) Beautiful song well served by the quality of the vocal. Delicately played and performed. The lyric is fantastic and the line "stars and wishes will pull you under" is a killer. This song gets better the more I listen to it. Obey the King (Onewholovesrock) To be honest I thought you were taking the mick with the nicked lines and video, wondered if you were making a parody. Creative work to stitch them together like that but I marked it as a song that had been put together in a handful of days. Mind you I wish I could produce something that "together" and energetic in a short space of time. Kudos for that.