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  1. Quintin penola

    Not A Day Goes By

    really love the title and theme
  2. Quintin penola


    Nice track wouldnt change a thing too it.
  3. Quintin penola

    Take Me Home ( Bruce Callow)

    Yeah this a well produced track, very clear. Only thing Id say is at the end when your saying "take me home, take me home" the vocal come up tad bit because its the most powerful part of the song the instruments are rising. I wish to achieve this clarity
  4. Quintin penola

    Places Of Green

    Like it. Id say try to get the vocals more clear and pronounced, sometimes its taking a backseat. Make sure there up front and easy to understand
  5. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    Hello mike, yeah I'm going to take the info you gave me watch some tutorials on youtube on how to use a spectrum analyzer. I mixed this song for to months looking at youtube videos online on how to mix (after 2 months I thought I was finished but I think I need a month of listening to the track and then making adjustments, I'll make fewer mistake now) So I learned a lot accept for the metering like Sperturm and Vu meters. I love listening to this song on my mp3 player and I just upgraded to the Sony NW-A35 and Shurese215 headphones, high rez audio files sound much better.
  6. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    I'm now listening to my track on a highResoultion mp3 player which sound the most true. The track flat needs some bass in the 60Hz rang by 1 and a decrease by 1 in the 6.3khz, Also the drums need to come down a tad but in the verse. I want the instruments to as just as important as vocals, but it is important for the music not to overpower the vocals, have to find the balance
  7. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

  8. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    so your saying everthing is fine exept the low and the vocals are buried. I no the vocals arent buried and the low end I can see what your saying. On my sennhiersers it sounds ok but the bass and mids are very prominent. There not very accurate for mixing and I beilive the Shure 1840 are more accurate for mxing and accually sound very simlar to the yamahas. I would never mix in the sennhiesrs because arre for tracking and i might even get a new pair of tracking headphnes that are more accurate. Eq wise for this track I did eq some bass but not to much. On the vocals i did some eq but very little (low cut which is normal. Thes guirar ofcouser I always EQ the bass and the piano I did no eq on the bass at all because in the verse thers is no bass and the prechorus chorus I cut it -6db of bass and brought the high up but 1db not much at all. On the master buss I cut out about -12db(thers it is lol) of bass and cut the mids by -5db (on the master file this is the diffrence of what took some boxxyness out). I also brung ups some high freqencies but not by much, a db or two. Also the drums I cut 3db of bass very little. I just did i test and when I bring the low back up its not that big of a differnce its really the mids that a cut probably a little to much but when i bypass the EQ this is what im liking. I think what your hearing is how how I hear it. The low end is there man its there. Trust me i want this to all my music to sound good on everying device thats the goal, so this track is not the master, I'll bee doing little tweaks here and there.
  9. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    I understand because its going to sound differnt on differnt types of speakers and headphones, this is what I have realized. There foam. The balance should be Good Guitars to the left and right and one in the middle, Bass guitar in the middle. pianos in stereo (for this track will try mono next. Vocals in mono with some panning automation as well as the harmonies. The drums are in mono, but the hihats are panned left to right and the cymbals are panned. For this one I did not do a reference track, but I have it in my mp3 and ink'd skullcandy headphone and the are up to par with they rest of the music (some rock, hip-hop, jazz,blues, reggea tracks) on my mp3 player and I feel like I could raise the master up by a 1db or 2db. Tell me what you think in your headphones. I feel the vocals could be brought up but that change would be subtle 0.5 a db. Mabey I'll use the proximity vst and bring back the piano in the chorus like 0.5db. Change will be made a little at a time. Also I wish I could calbtare my monitors I mixing at 6 0clock
  10. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    Hi Triffid, thanks for the feedback. That Progression a arranged a while back and it is a little differnt. The E major is a III but is can also be looked at as a V/vi and resolves at IV. I think in theory this is not correct resolution but I read this resolution is used alot. Singing over the E major chord was a bit tricky but I made it work. I thing it depends on the song is it need alot of bass are not. In my research people tend to lowcut the master file quite a bit, but I did it by ear 20hz or -12 db not as much as ive seen others do. I also cut the mid range at -4dbs which really brought out all the highs and made things sound crisp. This is what took alot of the bass out but after bypassing the the EQ I decided this sounded much better and left it. I like peoples feed back and any changes based on others opinions at this point would be very very very very subtle. Also my critique of this song is that its decent song, but the track is very good and I took it somewhere else because the intrumental allowed me to. A ilttle differnt to how a sing it and how I wrote it Voice and Guitar. Very easy to do if you have drums, but played live with guitar and voice its very loose tempo not as easy, and not as tight as the track. Its important that I can perform what I record and i get that down first before a record the song. Thank for the feedback
  11. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    hmmm that could be, but a think I just mixed this track on the high end. If i was turing down the bass by the end of the master I was just making subtle moves like 0.2 db. On my YamahaHs8 its perfect on my Shure1840 openbacks very similar but but a tad less bassy and these are openback and what I mixed on the most. On my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed-back I tracked everthing in these, and did very little mixed in them(just some). I guess you can say these have more bass or there just so isolated you hear more. But I'd say the low end on them are fuller than the Yamahas. In a earlier comment some one said the vocals were pumping and there was spikes in volume in the vocal, which I noticed in some parts but decided to leave it the the mix. I have acoutic traps on everycorner in my room, but still is just a home studio. I posted the track and the the lyrics are in the video I made above. The track wont embed but its linked. Thanks
  12. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    Thanks man, I've spent the past 2 months mixing this and learning how to mix. I was on youtube every day learning what plug ins do what and how to use them and I made sure to apply everything I learned on this track for learning purposes. I also learned how to master a track and what plug ins to use. Studio One 3 has a great project page for mastering and you can go back and change stuff in the mix and then update the master back in the project page. wonder if any other DAWs do this? I want to try abelton or reaper. Thanks again also Lana Del Rey vs Radiohead i cant find the thread
  13. Quintin penola

    Revolution Sound

    Thank, love the video you sent, great song
  14. Quintin penola

    Start Over New

    Hello all, I've finally come to an end with this song and was a great learning experince. There could be adjustment in the mix, but theres not much I can do because it will sound different on differnt speakers so adjusting stuff to for them is pointless. Best to just get it good On my yamaha hs8 and Shure 1800's. Can wait to write new songs, done with the old start on the new. https://soundcloud.com/quintin-penola/start-over-new
  15. Quintin penola

    Revolution Sound

    Hello all, This is another one of the 3 projects I have finished up. I wrote this song for a class project about 4 years ago when and remember recording it and posting it on here. I made a track for it and layed the track for it, then the vocals. I miced my Voice and the electric guitar and did the vocals that way. I used a shure sm7b on my fender blues jr with a telecaster and a rode nt1 on the vocals. Mic placement was preety cool and i got alot of seperation I think it works out. I would like critiques on the recording, I'm new to recording distored dirty guitars so any tips would be great. I did use a expander on the electric guitars and that cleaned up the track a bit by getting rid os the 60 cycle hum in between chords. This could add ambience to the mix, but i wanted to clean it up. Kinda reminds me of Twisted Sister. My final project, any crtiques would be great so I can learn, thanks