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  1. Dreamers

    Anna I really like this. Do you do music as well. If I were going to tweak one little part it would be the end of the chorus. It just doesn't seem to close the chorus in a strong hooky way. Maybe I just need to hear it though. Maybe a rhyme like "Making roads and standing tall ahead of us all" or something much better that you could come up with.
  2. When this Bottle lets go of my Hand

    This is top notch. I can't wait to hear it. I would love to steal it and do music for it. lol
  3. Do'in the Donald Flip Flop Trot

    It won't be long until you will need to build a wall. BTW do you have any extra bedrooms? lol
  4. Do'in the Donald Flip Flop Trot

    Nice song loved the message. Since it is a message song it would be nice if the vocals were a little clearer. Maybe a clean vocal with light reverb.
  5. We are the peace makers

    Well you have a very clear message. Usually songwriters struggle because they make their songs too poetic. To me this one has a bit of the opposite problem. It's more of a speech than a song. I agree with the message though.
  6. Dreams Remain

    Your raging fan boy here. lol Now this is my favorite song of yours that I've heard so far Beautiful folksy bluegrass harmonies. . Hayley will get even better as a singer I'm sure. She seems to struggle a little with pitch on the low notes. That might be an area of her register to focus on. This song is lyrically perfict IMHO so I'm disagreeing with any crits so far. lol Add this one to Pandora or Spotify so I can put it on my listening list. Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!
  7. Don't Need Any Help

    Sorry to comment on this so late but I just got back to the Muse. I am becoming a huge fan. I agree about the drums but I do even worse with my finger drumming so what can I say? lol
  8. The Weather Man

    I really enjoyed this piece. I would listen to this just for pleasure not just a review. It makes me want to check out your other stuff.
  9. back in the saddle again.

  10. All My Love

    Some things you might want to keep this in mind to make this more of a song are that a chorus usually repeats and has a kind of hook. I'm having a little trouble hearing a melody as I read this. Do you think of a melody when you write? If not that might help. I think you hit on a good idea here as far as thinking of someone else when you are with someone new. I just think you need to think more about song structure.
  11. Nights That Meant Nothing

    One of the better lyrics on the board. Very easy to sing. I forget if you do your own music. My though if it was my own lyric would be to try to get a hook that is a little stronger."The nights that meant nothing" Just doesn't flow the way the rest of the song seems to. Just spitballing but "What really could have led to something were 99 nights on the road to nothing" or something much better that you could come up with.
  12. Jan 2015 1+1 Discussion Thread

    I honestly enjoyed listening to each and every song. I thought I was being an outsider by picking Bees as my favorite. I guess its appeal was more universal than I thought. All good songs and I agree with the top picks.
  13. Rhymes 8

    I saw a shimmering light Flying through the clear cold desert sky My friend the gila monster Said it was a shooting star I was stung by its beauty My solitude broken only by My friend the gila monster Weve travelled oh so far Weve travelled oh so far Only to find each other alone together here beneath or among the stars Next Never a break
  14. Rhymes 8

    Someone put a shark in my pool Sucker's the size of Jaws At first I thought "uncool" Then I invited the in-laws Next: big money big problems
  15. Roundabout 18

    At least, we’re hoping that’s what the ground will yield Brandishing the shovels and picks we wield And among the legends that have been told His bones and body have turned to gold