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  1. My condolences, Theresa. My own love faded away from life one year and two months ago. This is beautiful wherever you post it.
  2. Narwhal.

    Thank you Kuya. The ensemble's ever-changing repertoire has confronted me with a range of styles from Korean folk-song to contemporary funk and challenged me to sight-read material. The learning curve is constant and near vertical. I have never dipped my toe into the waters of free improvisation before, for instance, and normally refer to it dismissively as"squeaky-bonk!". But last night's film score, performed in the dark behind the attentive viewing audience (and hence happily sans intervening paper) was so fabulous it should have been illegal. A wonderful, beautiful experience. Our next performance is April 5th - and will be focused on Lazz songs - for which I still have one arrangement left to write.
  3. Narwhal.

    More looniness for and from Narwhal. Yesterday was a lunch-time "Space Jam" from a funksterish point of view. Tonight, we improvise a score to F. W. Murnau's 1926 silent film "Faust". Sadly, we appear to have lost our vibraphone player - if anyone spots him please send him home. (I am the overweight bearded aged geezer here roughly in the middle.)
  4. Does Meter Matter?

    What a great track!! Nice dirty groove. (If you don't know 'em already, I suspect you would love Vulfpeck) But I would never have known it was monster-made. All we can tell (all I can tell) is whether we like it or not, whether it works for us or not, and maybe the reasons why. And that was my sole point at the start of our dispute: How can we possibly tell which technique has been used?
  5. Does Meter Matter?

    Mike - I believe the problem we are having is confusing "music-first" with the monster method - for me, they are quite different. When I work "music-first", it means I am given a finished lead-sheet complete with melody and find little need to monster anything. But that's just me. I checked a few interviews and articles about "White Knight" and found nothing detailing the actual processes of Rundgren's collaborations on it. Maybe I've not read the right stuff - if so, maybe you can help. Which songs on there do you believe to have been made by the monster technique, and why? (And hey - a friend just sent me "Back To The Bars". It'll be interesting to hear what he was doing forty years ago.)
  6. Just In

  7. Just In

    I subscribed to CNN a couple of weeks ago and must say that I find them unexpectedly refreshing. Two small observations based on this small experience: 1. It is my impression that they strive to be even-handed - I wasn't expecting that at all - and equally assertive and persistent in interviews with both Republican and Democratic representatives. 2. They are giving credit to Trump for developments re: N. Korea. (I can't see the F.T. on that media chart - can anyone help?)
  8. Just In

    Quire right. You are very perceptive. You gave me no examples - simply a brief list of some of your irrational prejudices.
  9. Does Meter Matter?

    I did pick up "White Knight". Not my usual musical diet at all - so thanks for the impetus, great stuff, lovely voice. Managed to listen to two tracks so far and discern nothing yet to suggest any involvement of monsters. Which songs should I be paying attention to? I still suspect though, given what you have to say about it, that we may be simply talking about different things. If that is the case, it may be pointless continuing unless we resolve the misunderstanding.
  10. Does Meter Matter?

    Well of course it doesn't! It is the alleged ability to be able to discern when a song has been built using the technique under discussion which I am interested in knowing more about. How "often" you are able to pull off this magical trick is irrelevant. (Well - irrelevant to me and my question - obviously very relevant to you for reasons I fail to grasp) We may be speaking about different things here. I mean, "music written first" describes the operations that I am personally most "often" involved with. But that does not mean there is necessarily any monster-making entangled in the process at all - just as it doesn't mean that Todd Rungren uses the technique. Forgive me for asking once again, but if you can simply give me just a couple of songs in which you have identified the method in operation it would help me in better understanding what you are talking about.
  11. Does Meter Matter?

    I don't think the "often" has any relevance to this. You and Mike both say you can tell when a song has been written using the technique under discussion. I cannot do that - so, to me, it seems quite an impressive feat. I would like to know how you do it - and still feel that an illustration or two would be helpful.
  12. Does Meter Matter?

    No, it was you.. I disagree, it was you... Nope, it was you... It was you... Wasn't.... Was... You said.... Didn't.... Did...
  13. Does Meter Matter?

    Wow! I think you're being unnecessarily over-sensitive to interpret a gentle observation as a personal attack. When you identify a universally common popular music practice as "pretty rare", that was something I felt a need to understand. So of course I looked at your profile and, while I can obviously have no knowledge of what you listen to other than what you chose to list, what you listed does describe a narrow range of the musical spectrum. People like what they like and listen to whatever they choose - there is no inherent problem with that at all - but it does offer a perfectly reasonable way of making sense of how you reach your notion "pretty rare". My hypothetical explanation is neither cheap shot nor lazy generalisation, and I can see no reason for your defensiveness. I thought this was a genuine question (and still do). I offered a genuine response that I believed could be genuinely helpful. There is no obligation for you to pay attention to it, but I see curiosity as something to be encouraged.
  14. Just In

    You are quite mad, Bob. And you talk complete bollocks. I far prefer the other Bob - the nicer one who understands how to have a discussion. Bob the troll is tiresome, phony, and a much less attractive prospect. Strangely, neither of you is a songwriter. So what is your purpose here, other than the enthusiastic stirring of shit?
  15. Just In

    I think I am beginning to get it, Bob. For you, any critique of your current administration - however legitimate and grounded - is regarded as exhortation to overthrow the state. Patently ridiculous.