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  1. Song Politics

    You're right all the way, Joan - but I was just trying to answer the question about how some are able to sue while others can only complain.
  2. Song Politics

    The answer may have to do with "moral rights" - a foundational concept in copyright as it developed in Europe, one which recognises an author's rights over the uses of a work. In the U.S., because rights-owners don't want to have to seek permission from the author each time there is the possibility of turning some coin, it remains a contractual convention that authors waive their moral rights. If an author has waived their moral rights then they have no basis for preventing a use that is properly licensed. If they have asserted and maintained their moral rights, then they can legally restrict use.
  3. Political Hate

    Hi Bob. I had nothing to say which would add to what was already said - hence I had neither need nor desire to engage with your original propagandising post. My challenge was to Carl’s denial of its undeniably transparent partisan status. Brad Carver is the G.O.P head of a Georgia congressional district neighbouring the one where Tuesday’s contest took place. He put it this way - “I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us”. And, indeed, attack ads targeted the democrat candidate not only by alleging connections with San Francisco liberals, Hollywood, Al Jazeera and Osama Bin Laden, but also by claiming that “the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans”. However normalised this strategy may have become, the exploitation of an act of senseless violence for political advantage remains shabby, cheap, and contemptible. The pretence that this is not what’s going on in your post is ludicrous.
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/06/06/how-donald-trump-shifted-kids-cancer-charity-money-into-his-business/#156c05fa6b4a
  5. Political Hate

    I don't think I can comprehend how you can believe that this might possibly be the case. Honestly. I am stunned.

  7. Working with others

    Oh my, you crack me up, Joe putting it like that. But basically it's true - he's a figure from the past who played alto saxophone. There are a lot of alto saxophone players just like there are a lot of painters or a lot of guitarists all copping shit off one another. And there are always some of their number who stand out as the significant heavyweights everyone pays attention to and learns from and whose influence spreads deep and wide. Charlie Parker was one of those guys in a major way. But more than that - not only was he a big-time cultural revolutionary and big-time junkie but he also occupies a pivotal place in western musical history. His conception of harmony changed EVERYTHING in an era when everything was changing. He became myth and symbol for the New-York city hipster culture of the '50s. Beatniks jazzbos and vipers. His archetypical life-style legend bled readily into '60s rock and pop wet-dreams just as his musical influence did in ways perhaps less noticeable to the casual passer-by - but his influence is still happening even though generally unrecognised - I mean, there is not one single day goes by where I do not actively hear his influence in the textural musics flying around. He is an absolute stone giant with a long and indelible shadow - like Bach or like Jimi. Thanks for the article link - I get it and I like it. I am a big fan of the judicious heckle. I'm thinking of trying it out. **** My favourite heckle happened on an open mic night at Malcolm Hardee's Tunnel Club in sunny sarf London (check the joint out on YouTube). Dude - complete virgin - just started out "er... I'm a schizophrenic....... " and some wag at the back quick as a flash nailed him with "Well why don't you BOTH fuck off?" Poor lad slunk away in abject defeat. Ah - the old days.
  8. Working with others

    Sorry about that. But "ouch!", the sarcasm accusation hurts. Being English in origin and upbringing, my pretensions aspire more to irony. I do remember "Sweet Home Alabama", but have never ever heard people yell out "Freebird" at concerts and/or local shows. So as well as coming from different planets, I guess we also go to different gigs. I wish I could attend one of yours - especially this re-union thing - because I admire the conviction of your performances. And don't worry about Charlie Parker - I'm pretty sure he isn't your cup of tea. Nevertheless, I am amazed you had never heard of him before.
  9. Late to the party. Again. But not to late to recognise the fantastic value of this kind of challenge. Absolutely loaded with heuristic potency. And the review-style assessment/commentary is - to me - better than competitive scoring. Much work, Dino - much appreciation and respect.
  10. "Gotta Make You Mine by The Furr" The full title made me think immediately of Mister T. Thanks for the chuckle.
  11. Working with others

    Of course I was serious about having to look up "Freebird". You think I have a need to lie? And of course we are from different planets. Different worlds, different lives, different experiences... First thing in my mind when I read the word "Freebird" is Charlie Parker.
  12. Working with others

    "Errr, how long have you guys been playing together......................... roughly?"
  13. April Song Contest - RESULTS!

    I took the time to listen to all of the songs. It seems like a long time since I followed one of these contests, and this one took me a little by surprise. I like surprises. The giant pleasure I found is in the way most everybody stood so tall and owned their territory through definitive performances. Thank you.
  14. Working with others

    I knew that. I didn't mean you - just those who adopt that odd posture. Only the "Hi Neal" bit was meant direct for you. I think I know where you're at with happy. But I had to look up "Freebird".
  15. Working with others

    Hi Neal. I have never quite fully comprehended the popular posture towards playing "covers". People love hearing stuff they know and can sing and hum along to. Giving an audience pleasure is our prime purpose. No? That's why they pay. It never feels to me like having my soul sucked when I play "covers" or "standards". The beauty to me lies in making a re-interpretation, finding a way to make it my own. It is a delight to watch the recognition of an old tune in new clothes. The effect can be huge. While we are all reminiscing..... as an illustration from the distant past, coupla decades ago I ran a twenty-five person touring company performing original art-music. On one occasion, in Piraeus, we chose to open with a "cover" - a popular hit Greek love song called "Ti Na Poume Ti" by Manolis Mitsias which one of our composers had arranged for the orchestra. Recognition from the crowd thrummed palpably at its first notes. There was a massive shared intake of breath and the entire hall seemed to levitate with the unexpected rush of shared pleasure and emotional surprise. From that moment, they were ours, and greedily embraced all the subsequent unexpecteds we threw in their direction. *** Good luck with the reunion gig, Joe. Make 'em happy.