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  1. Jambrains

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Fade Music & Lyrics: Jambrains FADE She said, get us out of here The fireworks have started and I can't stand another year let's burn all of the bridges that connect us to the past so it won't come back to haunt us until, at last we slowly fade to gray We slowly fade to gray To gray Wipers working hard to clear the rain it's pouring down, as if it's trying to wash away the pain Driving through my childhood haunts I've raced these dirty streets I’ve had some victories but more defeats and slowly, I faded to gray I faded to gray To gray Make a right turn, she said People here don't know it but they are all dead They can not fight this fight if they fear to lose So they convince themselves This life is what they choose and slowly, they all fade to gray They all fade to gray To gray Their dreams were sold to them on the glossy pages of mulit-color lifestyle magazines But our dreams lie beyond the city's border where life is unpredictable and cannot be foreseen We've should have known it was to late pulled over by the state patrol A broken taillight sealed our fate We turned the car around and headed back from where we came and before we even knew it we were trapped and slowly we faded to gray We faded to gray To gray
  2. Jambrains

    August 2017 Song Contest - Results R in!

    Wow, that was a tight race indeed. Guess it reflects the high standards of the songs this month. Congrats to all and big thanks to @PaulCanuckfor hosting!
  3. Jambrains

    Wasting My Time

    Catchy as f***! Love it right from the first bar of the intro. Very groovy considering the spare instrumentation, I guess with some drums/percussion and bass this one would groove like mad. With a slightly improved production this one would be an absolute killer track, as is it is only fantastic ;-) Respect!
  4. Jambrains

    The Wonder Years

    A very accessible and enjoyable song well performed. The lyrics paints a vivid picture that I definitely can relate to. Felt the mix was a bit "thick" i.e. too much going on at the same time that made it hard to make out the different parts. My guess is that the keys playing 1/8's is taking up a lot of sonic space and could probably be left out or at used more sparingly (or moved back in the mix). Other than that, no complaints from me.
  5. A song about the woes of sounding like Shane MacGowan (The Pogues etc...) https://soundcloud.com/jambrains/shane-macgowan The Curse Of Shane MacGowan While I was still in junior school at the tender age of eight they told me at the talent show that backstage you must wait Then I stepped into the limelight and I struck that opening chord but the second I began to sing the audience all roared Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings I moved on to a collage and joined the football team I played defensive quarter back my game was tough and mean when we sang the national anthem just before the game began the crowd would hear my raspy voice and the shit would hit the fan Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings In this grimy bar in Dublin where You can still smoke if you like the beer was thin as water but they had an open mic So I had myself a Guinness and I stepped onto the stage but as I started singing this one guy began to rage Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings From the table in the corner a ragged man appeared he threw himself around my neck while bursting into tears "I always thought I was alone but I was clearly wrong c'mon, let's sing a duet cause the whiskey won't last long" Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing
  6. Jambrains

    The Shape of You

    Wow, that was quite a difference compared to the @Onewholovesrock version! Gives a totally different experience, enjoyed both of them in different ways. Production sound good, to me the synth could use some more low end but, hey, that is me.. Do I need to say I enjoyed the vocal performance? ;-)
  7. Jambrains

    All About the Rims

    Yep, this I like! A classic, solid rock song. Mix is a mess though, bass guitar is MIA and the drums are waaay back, and the guitar (nicely played btw!) just sound "small" and all that leads to a lack of punch that a song like this needs (and deserve). However, production can always be "fixed", fixing a bad song is much harder. So, all in all, solid song and solid performance but a little let down by the production (unless one is into "raw" stuff, then it would be fab of course)
  8. Jambrains

    Shape of You

    Great groove to this. I actually quite liked the verse melody (and the chorus of course!). Production could certainly be improved but is really beside the point (but that kick was really disturbing, gave an almost pumping effect, Unless that was intentional.. but still disturbing ) Now I'm off to check Paul's version...
  9. Jambrains


    You know I've been a long time fan of your stuff and this is no exception. Great vocals and the production sound fab. The snare and hihat were a bit to upfront for my taste (or maybe I'd have chosen different sounds) but hey, that is just that, taste... Sorry, not much to offer when it comes to constructive critisism, just sat back and enjoyed the ride.
  10. All and any input appreciated but esp re the mix. Lyrics on SC.
  11. Jambrains

    Keepin' It Real

    I beg to differ, I think the slow tempo works fab and the slightly higher tempo coming in at 1.35" was sort of a disturbance to me. God knows I love a great production but here I think the lofi works just great. Some chord changes in there that walks off the beaten track and adds some tension. Think this is my fav of what I've heard from you so far. I'd suggest you keep it raw but work with the tempo/timing.
  12. Jambrains

    We Were So Young

    You do this stuff so well. I'm a bit of a dinosaur but to me this sound contemporary from a production view as well as writing. You have a very good voice for this style and you really make good use of it. I've heard a few other songs of yours here and elsewhere and the quality is alway very high and this is no exception. Not my prefered genre but quality always shine through. Respect!
  13. Jambrains


    Holy crap! I'm not sure what I expected when hitting play but I surely did not expect this. Fab! Most impressive how you get such a groove in the verses just by the vocal phrasing and a guitar. And the chorus with those harmonies is so strong. Very good recording/mix as well esp how the vocals are so detailed and intimate yet have space and air. Totally blown away, fab job!
  14. Jambrains

    Girls On The Beach

    Loads to like here, some nice progressions, lush BV, good lead vocals, nice guitars, good instrumentation/arrangement/variation and full yet clean mix. Only complaint from me would be the snare that I found a bit too up front. Quality stuff in all aspects.
  15. Jambrains

    April Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Lies! Music/Lyrics/Arrangement/Playing/Vocals/Production by Johan Alm aka Jambrains VERSE 1 From the start They took advantage of my heart Left me reeling and confused All of my illusions torn apart I grew older Older than my years They schooled me first in hatred Then betrayal and finally deceit CHORUS Lies! They start out small Lies! They soon grow tall Lies! Lies! Lies! They build up a wall Lies! Time for it to fall VERSE 2 Early on I learned that there was no-one No-one I could trust To hold me tight when all my hope was gone Been let down Left alone to drown Sunshine's just a rumour I see darkness all around. CHORUS BREAK When I'm fast asleep Vivid visions hidden deep Slowly start to surface Of a man that I can never be When I wake I will the dream to stay But reality comes crashing into focus and pushes it away SOLO CHORUS