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  1. September's Dream

    Thanks so much Theresa. I'm glad you enjoyed the song. Yes, I have gotten just what I need to make a few changes to the song. I'm glad it was so well received. It's a fun song to play and sing......so I'm looking forward to improving it and recording again.
  2. Smile For Everyone

    Thanks for listening....and all the compliments. I was hoping this song would get a good reaction....since the production isn't very good compared with what I can do now. I recorded this before I knew anything about recording. But I'm very pleased with the response. I wasn't sure how folks would feel about the song. I'm working on revisions and will be posting a new recording at some point. I hope you'll check it out.
  3. Smile For Everyone

    Hey Clint. I really appreciate your checking this out. I'm planning to record it again soon. I knew it was rough.....did it a long time ago. But I wanted to see if the song itself was worth pursuing. Apparently it is. Thanks so much.
  4. Smile For Everyone

    Hi Theresa. I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I'll be recording a much better version soon. I hope you'll catch it when I post.
  5. Smile For Everyone

    Thanks for listening....and liking. The production is not very good...but I wanted to see if anyone liked the song idea and the melody. I'm pleased with the response.....and will be working this up for a better recording.
  6. Smile For Everyone

    Thanks Paul. I really appreciate your listening to it. It's great to get specific advice on vocals....I'm a babe in the woods. I've always admired how clean and up front your tracks are. Very helpful. I have shortened the lyric for the next version. Hope you'll catch it again. Joey
  7. September's Dream

    Thanks for the compliments. I really like playing and singing this one. So glad you've enjoyed it.
  8. September's Dream

    Thanks Mike. I'm glad you figured it out. I was wondering where that was coming from.
  9. Bring It to the River

    Hi Donna. This is really nice. It would have been perfect for the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou. The entire soundtrack was a big hit. I wish I could be helpful, but I don't see anything I'd change. I'm no connoisseur, but this lyric looks like it's right up there with the best gospel songs I've heard. Nice job, Joey
  10. Walkin' Money--Final, I think!

    Hey Patty, Great hook! I like the theme too. You've done a great job revising. Although you have allot of folks helping you already, you might find something useful in my comments. So I'll go over it without reading the details already being covered by others. These are just my independent thoughts. The suggestion to start addressing him directly beginning in the second half of V2.......and the idea that you have some redundancy in V1 and V2 is the essence of my ideas as I read your lyric. I hope some of this is helpful....cus you sure have allot of attention from some fine writers.....and this song has developed very nicely Joey
  11. September's Dream

    Thanks for listening.....and glad you like it. Yes, it's a little long with so many stanzas. Usually I keep 'em shorter. It seemed like it needed all the stanzas to fully develop the story. But an additional condensed version of the story is a real possibility. Thanks, Joey
  12. September's Dream

    Hey Domnick, Thanks so much for listening. I'm mighty proud when someone so talented as you likes a song of mine. I play flattop guitar, electric guitar and keyboard. But I use canned drum parts and bass guitar that's tied to the groove. It just picks up on my left hand chord changes on the keyboard. I've gotten pretty good with my right hand doing the other keyboard instruments......other than bass guitar which I haven't tried. I'm more a guitarist than keyboardist....but I've learned enough to get by enough to do my demos. Glad you like it. It took me awhile to get the story right. Now Patty Lakamp has given me some great sugs.....so I plan to give the lyric a few extra tweaks. I like the way she writes.....and she's mentioned that she works with you. You make a great combo. Joey
  13. Smile For Everyone

    Hi Mark, Wow, to be compared to anything from the Eagles......I'm so thrilled. I love all the amazing songs they gave us. You obviously know allot about production. I think you are correct about tempo....and my being able to cut back the reverb. It will probably lead me to get rid of some excess "verb sauce' as well.....love the term. I have a tendency to write in pros style sentences. I'm already working on some revisions to the lyric. I hope you'll catch the song when I record it again....with a little faster tempo. I also plan to bring the vocal forward and to cut back the reverb. I really appreciate your taking time to listen and give such great advice. Joey
  14. Hi folks. Here's a song I had up in the lyrics section awhile back. However, the lyric is quite different from that version. Looking for feedback. Smile For Everyone 1 You never know, the bottom might fall thru You’ll need somebody you can tell your troubles to Now you might think my heart is your plaything, but I’m nobody’s fool I learned my lesson at your pain and heartache school You gave me my degree in don’t play by the rules Ch1 So smile for everyone, smile for everyone Go ahead and smile for everyone Pretend you care, but don’t shed a tear for your friends Jus’ smile for everyone, smile for everyone Just go on and smile for everyone When we both know your heart is as cold as the thoughts in your head Jus’ smile for everyone 2 When it comes to love, it’s just a game to you I roll the dice and then you break my heart in two You know how to get things that you want, win the love of a fool You just use the heart of a boy who plays by the rules And give him the degree at your pain and heartache school Ch2 You smile for everyone, smile for everyone Just go ahead and smile for everyone Pretend you care, but don’t shed a tear for your friends Jus’ smile for everyone, smile for everyone You just go on and smile for everyone When we both know your heart is as cold as the thoughts in your head You smile for everyone 3 Your love came on like a runaway train It’s not a free ride Honey, I had to pay in the end Now love is like the taste of good wine, but you can’t stop with just me So drink alone Honey, it’s not a table for three I graduated fool when you gave me my degree Out So smile for everyone, smile for everyone You just go on and smile for everyone When we both know your heart is as cold as the thoughts in your head Jus’ smile for everyone Smile for everyone So smile for everyone You smile for everyone Copyright 2018 ~ J.W. McMichael
  15. September's Dream

    Hi TC, I appreciate your nailing the problem with the vocal EQ. I was wondering what I was hearing. I'm trying to learn to record better vocals. I'm glad you like the song, and I'm always thrilled when someone likes the way I sing something. I worry about how my singing come off......cus I just do what comes naturally and hope for the best. Haven't had much training. Sometimes my voice works better than others. Thanks so much, Joey