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  1. The Politician

    @Don Pharaoh jazzraptor has has put an earlier version to music and the three verses sounded fine. I’m just trying to tidy it up so he can have another go.
  2. The Politician

    @Peko He'll agree to go pro life or he'll even go with pro choice as long as money’s flowing and it gets him a new rolls royce Quote Edit Options
  3. The Politician

    @Peko He'll agree with gun control or even the right to bear arms as long as money’s flowing and as long as it’s crossing his palm
  4. The Politician

    Is this more ridiculous He'll agree with climate change or even chopping off his arm as long as money’s flowing and as long as it’s crossing his palm
  5. The Politician

    @jazzraptor New changes
  6. The Politician

    It would be nice if honesty worked as well
  7. The Politician

    Do you mean like He believes in guns for all and no more wars like vietnam as long as the money’s flowing and as long as it’s crossing his palm
  8. The Politician

    This was my original version you're quoting the latest version is at the top
  9. I Got Blues

    It looks good on paper but wouldn't the I got blues get a bit too repetitive
  10. The Politician

    I tried out another revision on the lyric section
  11. Use Your Words

    Simple yet profound I like this a lot. If I had one minor thing it would be that the tongue tied line seems a little forced but that all fixed in the singing
  12. The Politician

    Saw the feedback in the song feedback forum and tried neating up some lines and rhymes
  13. Actually I like both, honestly as I said to spanishbuddha if someone wanted to put it to music they could choose
  14. My original line was the second one but latest version actually does describe the process better because the machinery pretty much cut down everything in the ground whether they be trees, grass, farm fences, barns they just come in and level the ground