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  1. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Sorry actually he used "Logic"
  2. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Hi Giovanni, Thanks a lot! The demo was done in Garageband. The final version i'm pretty sure was done in pro tools, engineered and produced by Chris Pepper in a studio called "Saltwell Studios" in huntigton england. Took a day to make from scratch!
  3. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Yeah I get you, I just don't think we had time to experiment. Maybe if I ever do it live it will have more of that vibe. Thanks! I would love to experiment like that, but I just don't have the budget! interesting ideas, thanks for showing it to some friends!
  4. Amazing production! If this were in a video game I'd play it!
  5. "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    Great energy! Feels like you need to learn about harmony a bit it the more complex parts. Well recorded!
  6. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Wow thanks a lot! It was a fun day.
  7. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Hi All! Here's the studio version if yah fancy a listen.
  8. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Cheers! Studio recording tomorrow! I'll consider!
  9. Unforgivable

    Cheers! Yes I'm into writing and recording in a matter of minutes atm which leads too completely improvised lyrics, structure and some melody. My plan is too get good enough at it to write on the spot! thanks for listening.
  10. Unforgivable unforgivable that i know i will be gone my dying reprehensible reprehensible when i fall in in love in a haze And i know i will be fine sitting with my mind keep it all locked up keep it all inside when you have to be alone you have to hide one day you’ll return one day you’ll return and it will be like you never left keep in mind these words keep in mind these words they will help you when you feel sad you will never learn you will never learn so you best keep up the act the best you can.
  11. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Thanks a lot! Recording it in a studio on the 2nd!
  12. Dreams

    What i mean is I was hoping the drums would be more odd, like this.
  13. Dreams

    Sounds like a hit to me! Everything perfect, could make the snare a bit more 80's imo (Like a more reverb or something.) Just nit picking really. Excellent!
  14. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Cheers! Yes I think I was referring to people as transport. The real reason for the inception of the car/bike thing is I just started driving lessons and it's a bit hard as I didn't ride a bike growing up. The intro is absolutely a reference to the sped-up harpsichord in See Emily Play, good ears! Oh thanks a lot! I'm doing it in a studio soon so the vocal mix will be a bit more conventional! I'll post it somewhere on here.