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  1. Profit / Then It Comes

    Nice harmonies!
  2. The Nearly Man

    Really sounds great!
  3. Just Me And You

    Great strumming and production!

    Yeah! Lovely production
  5. The Sun's Story

    Lovely song and singing. If you know a drummer would sound great with a simple beat.
  6. Here For You

    Great strumming, the harmonies sound a little wonky... but thats out of my wheel house.
  7. In My Own House

    Wow powerful, If this is about being lonely in a big house I know where your coming from. Also has a Jane Eyre feel. Would "in my house" be a more poignant title. With a dissonance between lyric and title?
  8. Hi Dale! Descending minor sequence are the hardest to write I find, but most rewarding when you get it right. I think you've done it! Very enjoyable listen. I think it's dying for a vocal melody as the cherry on top, but if thats not your thing no big deal great as is!
  9. Before It Grows

    Sounds like a country Elliot Smith! Really cool. I liked the idea of instruments coming in gradually, but it's such good playing I felt that they could be all there all the way through.
  10. Y Fly

    Wow lovely everything, Jon Brion changes great. if were to change anything I would cut the last two syllables from the third line of the verses, "To Feed" "Carefree" feels like that can go melodically and lyrically. Also I think it deserves a better b section because the verses are downright incredible.
  11. How many songs have you written?

    Don't calculate again or you'll blow up your computer! Thats the problem with artists with low opinions of themselves takes awhile for them to be recognised... I haven't heard your music yet but I've been listening to the H. Jon Benjamin jazz album and am unironically enjoying it, and he "doesn't know" how to play piano. Everything has it's place and anything can take the world by storm. Beatles saw a couple there albums as "Failed attempts" to imitate something, rubber soul (soul music) sgt pepper (pet sounds) so I'm probably wrong anyway.
  12. How many songs have you written?

    wow that sounds great! I'd love to play with a band. I'm learning from this thread that the amount is arbitrary but that sure sounds like a lot.
  13. How many songs have you written?

    Cool! Everyone says that one of the reasons the beatles were so good was that they would wright a song then move on, it would be a day in there life (so to speak) But they had the benefit of having them mostly recorded. So I think recording stuff is a good idea
  14. How many songs have you written?

    Ray Davies says a similar thing about his songs. If your being literal then I would say this... The guy who wrote walking on sunshine had only written a couple of songs before, and "I started a Joke" by The Bee Gees was the first song that guy had written.
  15. How many songs have you written?

    Thats true. Makes me think i should raise my standard of whats a song.