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  1. Cheers! Old chords but 90's melody fits her M.O so i'm pleased. Too late to do anything about the cello, Oh well!
  2. Here's a song written for a folk pop singer... She's already done one of my songs so I tried to write a follow up... You might be able to guess who it's written for if you listen to lyrics. Anyway i've already sent it so it's to late to change just wondering what you lot think of it as you're always astute.
  3. Exceptional melody! I personally like rhythm reminds me of Alabama moon by the doors... Maybe look to that for production ideas
  4. Your stuff always evokes a potent atmosphere and makes me feel odd (which i think is too it's credit) Like a bad trip where you always make it out the other end. This is no exception but it is my fav I've heard of yours. No critiques just praise and wonder.
  5. Did you remove a song I critiqued? I hope I didn't sound harsh, I like your music.

    1. Qindfish


      No sorry! I took down as someone was asking to hear my stuff on soundclloud and I didn't want them to hear an early demo, in the end the soundcloud deletion didn't even take! Your critiques of more poetic lyrics (if that was you) was a good idea. I was worrying myself about just that! Sorry I could have probably done that in a more elegant way!


      Thanks a lot for listening.

  6. i feel nervous and i’m scared and thats the honest truth i don’t feel half prepared and thats the honest truth even though you say you care does me no good one day my mind might just tare hurts to say it could but i must then say theres buety in the way you see the world inside out and turn into your into your worst nightmare but there seems to be better love found there inside the clouds live without a care all out loud
  7. Catchy and poignant, was wanting more bass
  8. Short and sweet, maybe it's what your going for but it sounded a tad discordant in a few places. My only observation
  9. Hi! Cheers for going the extra mile! I think I follow... Sat down with said "Chordy friend" and explained what I was trying to do. he suggested staying on the B7 but moving to a Eflat bass and changing the b note to a C, then moving to the Em chord... So the notes in the chord were D#, C, F#, A. It sounds much more elegant and has that rising thing i was going for. He agreed with you that it was a bit jarring, so thanks for picking it out. As for the Bridge i'll tackle that when it comes to recording it proper.
  10. Thanks for listening! Impressed you figured out chords... I'm a bit uneducated when it comes to chords but could it be a matter of inversion? It's actually a B7 in the verse and my theory was that as Cm is only a couple semi tones different it might make a groovy passing chord, it sounds a bit better on the piano where i'm able to do a better inversion. It was written in a bit of a modular way but maybe thats not doing the melody justice, I'll sit down with a chordy friend and see if he see's a better sequence. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks! I think you bring up a valid point about the sus chord. My chord repertoire is quite small so thats the best i could do. I'll show it to a friend who's well versed in chords and see if he can find a better solution. Thanks again!
  12. Oh no! Melody different! It's bach anywho. I meant the production was reminiscent.
  13. I wrote a song half about an abandoned tape shop near where i grew up and half on my feelings on live music. Any critiques on the song wanted, obviously not the final production. shut up and play the hits we don’t care for this new shit now any how we will tare you to bits if you don’t entertain us now don’t bring us down roll on blank tapes roll on blank tapes we don’t mean to be mean but we have found a better scene in a dream and it may seem obscene but we think you’d be better off in a dream roll on blank tapes you never had a chance roll on blank tapes you never had a chance instrumental roll on blank tapes you never had a chance roll on blank tapes you never had a chance we just want to be relaxed worked so hard broke are backs if you must make it fun don’t care for your use of lungs roll on blank tapes you never had a chance roll on blank tapes you never had a chance
  14. Reminds me of "Disaterpeice" Very relaxing stuff. Was wanting some of the changes to be less grandiose, maybe you could find better inversions? Any way really like.