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  1. Qindfish


    Thanks! That so cool, will have to find that song. Harry Nilsson did it too I think.
  2. Qindfish


    Here's a song I wrote someone to record, hope he does... if not should I record it all professional like? Here's a more produced and faster version We're getting dumber everyday We're being stupid in new ways It's not the same everyone go away We're being stupid everyday Shops are closing everyday Make me an omelet with some eggs Soon they will go everything away Cause we're getting dumber everyday Saw the paper read aloud By an unwitting smelly crowd It's such a shame, everyone would say Cause we're getting dumber everyday
  3. Qindfish

    Pumped Up Kicks (cover)

    Hmm. I actually really like the tone/style of your voice. Original. But you need to work on singing in tune!
  4. Qindfish

    The Exorcism

    Lovely thoughts and melody. my only problem was I was really expecting another section, not always the case but felt it with this.
  5. Qindfish


    Beautiful, I love how you never end a melody on an obvious note. janky! My favourite word! And very apt, only distracting thing imo.
  6. Qindfish

    "Out Of Control"

    Sounds like it belongs on the radio. I really like everything, maybe wanted a filthy real bass.
  7. Qindfish


    The sounds you picked are really cool and I can tell there's some good licks there. But it's a bit hard to tell what's going on!
  8. Qindfish

    When You're Alone

    Very thought out thanks! i think you hit the nail on the head, but songs are chord, melody and lyric. The rest is arrangement. Sorry for my lack of one. also the lyric is a metaphor/simile
  9. Qindfish

    When You're Alone

  10. When you're alone When you're alone Doesn't it take an army To phone home Doesn't it feel The war is lost Just for a meal At such a simple cost Maybe Crazy Heard it once before Maybe just maybe We have won the war When you're alone Even still I think of you and the morning thrill Nothing to gain Nothing still When I try to Heard it once before Your not punk rock You retain the floor When you're alone
  11. Wow! Reminds me of the band Plaid mixed with Mozart. my only critique would be that the initial arpegiator (I can't spell it!) Sounds a bit "garage band" Effect it a bit?
  12. Qindfish

    Best Movies Related to Music

    Love and Mercy
  13. Qindfish

    Into the Underground

    Wow you have the real talent of making an atmosphere. Quite outstanding. get nick drake vibes but it's wholly original.
  14. Qindfish

    Everything Is Possible

    Great! you should listen to the wario land 4 soundtrack.
  15. Can't wait! I love improv. here's one I improvised