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  1. Thanks for the fix! Thanks! Re: presentation we're recording a new sketch with a very good pianist so hoping he can make the chords sound more dynamic. The space concept is cool, might make my own version in that style. I'm afraid it has to be folky though as it's a freelance request from a folk singer. Hope that whoever produces it makes it atmospheric though. Thanks for listening!
  2. Hmmm, good point. The current lyric draft focuses more on the dream aspect so maybe that'll help? Thanks for listening!
  3. Thanks for listening! Not really going for a hit, this is intended for a specific folk singer who wouldn't appreciate the MIDI. Theatrical is a good call though. Thanks!
  4. Someone wrote lyrics to an Instrumental of mine, we're still working on the lyrics... trying to evoke victorian romantic sort of stuff. Any ideas welcome. In my dreams i'm flying in my dreams i have wings i have wings in my dreams i'm flying in the air that solitude brings in my dreams i'm singing in my dreams i'm a bird i'm a bird in my dreams i'm singing melodies that never are heard yes life is long soon it's gone who knows why time slips away in the end bye and bye in my dreams i'm happy in my dreams all has past all has past in my dreams i'm happy and I know contentment at last yes life is long soon it's gone who knows why time slips away in the end bye and bye
  5. Lovely changes and lyrics. If i was gonna critique for next song I would say the melody is a little simplistic. To practice melody just try stuff out and see what sticks. Very promising though!
  6. Lovely playing, my only suggestion would be to rise the bass notes as the melody falls.
  7. Great no critiques here, real heart food.
  8. Wow pretty great changes and lyrics, and the voice sounds like a mix of tom waits and the eels. It's pretty relentless (which is cool) but i was wanting to hear a instrumental
  9. Thanks for listening! The cadence thing you made is actually really helpful. I'm planning to do this in the studio so I'll be sure to take care.
  10. Here's a song which i think could be a single if done right, let me know your thoughts! back to the wishing well only time will tell if i can see past the big blue sea back to the new grindstone cuz wishing wells and old grindstones are all gone now if i were seventeen before my brain was deemed unfit for service with a warning I’d have thank you all for what i’d call a heck of a job
  11. Hi like the song... The production sounds a little small, often when you have a lot of instruments that sound in the same register this can happen. I'd suggest messing with the eq.
  12. Here's a little 4 track demo for a song called Massive... Please let me know your opinions! Would you like to see Me on Tuesday day Guess it's to me Or you may have your way How about some tea How about some toast Would you like coffee I like coffee most If you were alone Would you try to run Would you phone home To sacrifice a lot Chorus To you it's massive to me not much at all would you be insulted at all if i were to yawn on behalf of you would it be a chore cuz everything is real Chorus To you it's massive to me not much at all would you be insulted at all (times 2) C section and the people who love me they fear me and the people don't get along (Times 2) (Instrumental out)
  13. Thanks Clint i'm a big fan of your stuff too! Truth be told i have literally hundreds of songs but I find it hard to find to listen back to them, but this inspired me to search through them to see if there are any gems Thanks!
  14. TC Perkins - Thanks, it's true i've always been a bit wobbly with the melody on this one, good call on the rhythm too. Thanks for listening! Paul - I was going for Beach Boys but I'll be more then happy to take Beatles! Thanks!
  15. Daryl - Thanks! Teres - horns are a good idea! Maybe playing bass notes. Will give harmonies a go too. Thanks for listening. Ironknee - I'm a notoriously bad whistler so thanks! I'm hoping that with some cool production it will elevate the piece.