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  1. How many songs have you written?

    I only really have one song, and I'm still writing and recording it.
  2. album cover mock-up

    LOL Well, if you do decide to use it, think of it this way, because I do. I only saw it because of your inspiration. As far as I'm concerned, I found it in your mind and all I did was show it to you. Don't look away from it just because it's disappeared from objective view. It's yours and it's still there in your mind waiting for you to claim it if you want to. I've already forgotten it.
  3. Collaborator

    No, you are not spammers. But, I am also not a troll to again point out what Bob pointed out - that you are posting in forums here to promote your for-profit service and website to members here, and you know damn well that the only appropriate board here for that is the advertising board. You are not posting on this particular board because you are looking for a collaborator. You are posting here to prey on those who are. Again, that doesn't make you spammers. But, for me and many others here, it does make you both worthy of be flamed.
  4. The Muse songs competitions

    And once again, the whole site is marred by some form of dissatisfaction being expressed following a song contest by a member of the small and insignificant song contest clique of members who takes them too seriously.
  5. Well, I'm going to comment on the recording anyway, because I think it's pretty good, and with a couple of tweaks, could be even better. I think you have too much reverb on the vocal. When you sing "auburn", there's a noticeable clipping distortion. Other than that, the recording sounds really good, in my opinion. I also have one arrangement suggestion. I don't think the fade-out ending works very well. If the song had started with that same vibe, then ending with it as a fade out would work well. But, that's not how the song starts. I think the song should have a definite ending on one last final chord that rings out. Just my opinions. Good Stuff. David
  6. Bite

    For what they're worth, these are my opinions: The vocals themselves are great, it's the vocal mix that's problematic. The vocal track is not consistently at a sufficient volume. I would not try to fix that with compression or other effects. I would fix that with an automated mix of the track level. The vocal track EQ doesn't have enough "warmth" or "body" - i.e., not enough lower frequencies are passing though. It's not so bad that you have a "megaphone" effect, but it sounds pretty tinny and "boxy." A sweet stereo reverb and/or a subtle echo/delay of the right type could do wonders for the vocal track too. Go exploring in your DAW for that. Love the song. David
  7. Camgirl

    I do like it. But, while I have to reserve final judgment until I hear it, I'm thinking the change to singing about this person to all of a sudden in the bridge using a speaking voice that supposedly is this person, probably won't work very well. And, BTW, since you're going where the music leads you and playing riffs, why can't we hear your songs? Or, am I missing something. Thanks. P.S. Never mind. I was missing something. You're in the process of moving.
  8. "Self Medicate"

    Good stuff, Robert. Maybe it's a cultural difference between here in the U.S. and the U.K. where Curtainjerker is, but of course, here in the U.S. what it means to "self-medicate" and why is widely and generally understood. I personally don't think you need any further exploration or details about it. For me, it's "nuff said." But, I speak only for myself. I know this affliction won't endAnd I'm pretty sure that the only cure is to have you backMy wounds have been slow to mendAnd there's no one else to nurse me back to healthSo I self-medicate instead I wanted the else/health rhyme in the fourth line of the chorus to have the same internal positions as the sure/cure rhyme in the second line, and I also wanted the second line to end in a word that rhymes with the word ending the chorus, and "back" doesn't rhyme with "instead." I don't really base this desire to hear these rhyme on how it's written, but mostly on how you sing it. And, it's just my personal want. P.S. Congrats on the career and geographical moves.
  9. Another thing to do if you're not already doing it, is set the guitar's initial clean settings while monitoring the resulting sound through the amp sim and cabs through the DAW. In other words, dial in the best pickup selections and settings on the guitar that seem to work best with the sim amped sound and don't just record the guitar clean in any old way and then try and get a good good sim amped sound from that afterwards.
  10. http://www.emusician.com/how-to/1334/recording--amp-sim-strategies/45274 Per this article, apparently, a DI box to your interface's MIC-in w/ mic preamp gives you better results than going Instrument-in to your interface. But, before spending money on extra gear, note the additional strategy of presenting your amp sim with a lower-level input signal from the guitar track and then upping the drive of the amp sim to bring the volume up. You don't say what model of Yamaha interface you have. So, I don't know how good the mic preamp is in that unit, or if it even has one. Anyway, the overall strategy per this article seems to be to use a good mic preamp to boost a mic-level signal from the guitar created by going through a DI box to get the guitar's clean signal into your DAW, then lower that track's .db level some and boost it back up using the amp sim output. I use softube and line 6 sims. I don't use a DI box but go instrument-in with my Tele. I may not be a picky about tone as you are though. How you EQ the track plays a big role too If you're not satisfied with how you can EQ the tone with the amp sim alone, shape it more with the track EQ in your DAW. I know, I know . . . you've already done that. Anyway, that's all I've got to offer you. Good luck.

    That was funny. LOL And, unfortunately, I agree with you. But, any suggestions on how to better convey this in a more sophisticated way would essentially be re-writing it for you. That's for you to figure out. But, while it may not be easy, it's not futile. You've already cleared the first big hurdle - you know it's not "right" as is, and that means when you do get it "right," you'll know that too.

    If you're typically starting with choruses, then you're probably starting with the hook, and the general theme and point of the song. The verses should say something that makes a natural connection to what you're saying in the choruses - they should "set up" the choruses. And, each verse should do it in a different way - you shouldn't say the same thing in each verse in a different way, but have a new take on things that still connects up with the choruses and the theme overall. For example, let's say you have a chorus that uses rain as a metaphor to express sadness. Verse one could be about clouds rolling in setting up the "rain" chorus, and verse 2 could be about a longing for sunshine, which again connects with the "rain" chorus. Also, it's not uncommon for the choruses to express generalities/universals, while the verses provide different specifics connecting to those generalities/universals, and in songs that tell a "story," it's usually in the verses where the specifics of "the plot" are developed in support of more general insights you express in the choruses based on a hook that sums up the point of telling the story.
  13. Paper Bee

    It would be one thing if you said something like Form SR95-7 Bee, because the bee landed on the form you were working on. But, to just say "paper bee" I think implies that the "bee" is made our of paper - that "paper bee" is some kind of abstract metaphor for the paper form itself. I don't think "paper bee" works very well - I know it doesn't for me personally. Not that it even matters, but since filing out these forms is for some an uncaring "monolith" and pertains to "half finished academia," don't be surprised if many here in the U.S. take that to mean having to fill out all the paperwork to get another damn student loan so you can afford to continue your college education, knowing you'll never be able to pay back all the loans anyway, and that you likely face a bleak and stressful future because of crushing debt you can never escape. I really dig the slow push of a notional spike into a hollowed brain - very cool wordsmithing.

    Yep- if you also have recording capability and can sing or have a singer. Moreover, with the right software and some knowledge of MIDI and/or how to effectively use loops, you can both make and record killer music without knowing how to actually play any traditional musical instrument - and a lot of people dare doing just that.

    Granted, it may not have been artfully worded, but I don't think Paul is saying you should be happy if the song doesn't turn out well. He's saying that you should be happy to have found a collaborator who was willing to give it a try, and not let a poor result sour you on collaborations in general, which you kind of implied was the case in your previous post by saying previous collabs were "a waste of time." Trying is never a waste of time, and many never even get to the point of finding a collaborator at all. Never mind. I see Paul spoke for himself.