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  1. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Oh, I totally missed the bit about how writers can get more pts for doing an emotion no one else tackled. That's an interesting twist. And while we're at it, lmao @DinoRider: That's classic...
  2. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    If I remember the rules correctly, they would submit horror as a feeling you were striving for, and then give it a low ranking.
  3. Moso

    I'm running a competition!

    Too bad we can't "like" in this thread
  4. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Yeah, I originally commented here pre-contest that I believed I would be too busy and couldn't join, but then later came back and joined anyway. My thinking at the time was that I haven't been giving music any attention and for the sake of health, should try to keep writing. But... yeah that just didn't work out. I'm in the second semester of an accelerated/intensive program, and was warned that this semester is particularly busy, so foolish me. But what's surprised me is how incredibly disorganized the semester is. I literally had one clinical that gave me three different sets of instructions, including where the clinical site was. Then when I finally got to the site, I was given a new and fourth set of directions. I have about 4 overlapping calendars that are all "in progress", so you never really know what's coming, except that every week, they keep assigning more projects and certifications, etc. Which in my opinion are all a waste of time, but you have to do them to pass. This semester includes pharmacology, and in psych we're also diving into psychopharmacology, and while some of it is fairly straightforward, memorizing it all (which you have to do, it's really just straight memorization) is incredibly time-consuming. These projects etc. just take valuable time away that we need to be putting towards the real, core material to learn. Not only do we have standard class exams to take, but in this program we are required to sit national exams every semester as well, and if you don't ace the national exams, they dock your final course grade, up to 15% if you get what is essentially a C on a national exam. (EDIT: To put it in another perspective, we've already had a cohort member have a breakdown. That was at the end of last semester. This semester's harder.) Anyway, I could ramble on about the classes and professors, but what was happening is that on the weekends I was trying to block off time for working on music with Jonie, but every time, I would run through ideas and end up scrapping them. None were any good, and I always had my mind wandering back to exams and school work. So in the end, I apologized to Jonie and told her I would ask SOK to give us a heads up if he knew another musician looking for a lyricist. Luckily, it appears there was one already waiting. So, sorry guys. I should have followed my first instinct that I would be too busy instead of wasting people's time. But I know it will all work out. You guys are talented, you all kick butt, and I very much look forward to hearing what you come up with!
  5. Moso

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    One guitar. It's fingerstyle strumming, so the thumb is assigned to the 6th, 5th, and sometimes the 4th string; and the other four fingers are each assigned one string. Actually, it was kind of annoying me - you can hear my fingernails doing kind of like little pinch harmonics here and there on the backstrokes, especially towards the end. Thanks, man. This song is actually old, over ten years old. It was the first I wrote lyrics to, and is meant to be sung as a duet, with a marimba lead, keys support, heavy bass, and sort of dragging hip-hop-like percussion. Yeah, I left them that way intentionally, the same as I left singing and playing mistakes. Did you also notice the change in speed early in the beginning? That reminds me, I'm surprised we didn't have a single video entry. For a while, in the 1+1s it was getting popular to do a single video take as one's entry. I actually thought about doing that, but set up a mic instead. It'd be cool to see those again, though. They need a comeback!
  6. Moso

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Dammit, @PaulCanuck. Your song has been in my head for at least a week now.
  7. Moso

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Paul and Tom's pieces were definitely stand out works in this contest. Really well done! Here are basic notes I made while I listened: My approach to this contest is much like Murphster was saying - don’t worry about recording quality, singing, or playing ability necessarily, but focus on the song itself. (Can anyone tell me how to listen to sounds on soundclick without it opening another window? Too bad it won’t just play in window. I have noticed that some soundclick links play the song immediately and others seem to require that other window.) A Burden on Me - The S The S’s work is pretty much always good, and 1+1 is right up his alley. The opening melody in each section is very familiar… it’s on the tip of my tongue… Looking just at the song itself, its strength is definitely in the strong lyrics. Its gamble is leveraging these great lyrics against little change, little much happening otherwise in the song. Now, because S has a unique and fantastic voice to compliment these lyrics, it will probably work. The question is would it be stronger with a change, or would that somehow take away from what he has going on? When Daddy’s Drinking - Donnie Realistic and all-too-common story, which means it can connect well with others. Some of the lines rushed. Nice to see a happy ending! Thank you for that. Doings and Beings - fabkebab I like the driving feeling of the guitar lines. It’s like I’m watching a time lapse video of humans living out their careers. While it sounds good when you sing it, I personally think the line “surface skin” is cheesy. On the other hand I love the line “don’t be a human doing, be a human being”. Nice! I see the play in “doings” and “beings” now. Clever. Swimming - ScenesFromPalacio When I first listened to this song, I quickly read to the end of the lyrics to see the twist. What is this thing that’s about to happen? I see that she’s with the “wrong” guy. I see the singer is waiting for some kind of sign from the target, er, object, er, beloved, and that the singer’s not getting over it, or is, no isn’t… Lots of torment. But the tension in the chords is so strong that I really think this person is losing it and that something bad is going to happen. Did something happen? Is “swimming” all of passive events, the internal turmoil, and a drastic action? Anyway, I know Steve is a talented guy. Heck, when I initially joined the Muse, his was the first song to get my attention. He may be doing something very right here in the tension he’s building with the story, but it just doesn’t sit right with me all in all. Runnin - Boy frevm Great choice of instrument, nice vox (very Citizen Cope, which is cool), and I like the overall feel. But this comes across as an early draft, still trying to find its way. It also doesn’t follow the contest rules of 1 voice + 1 instrument. Bombs Away - RoadDog Dammit RD, every time I hear your voice now, I taste whiskey. I don’t even drink whiskey! Hmmm… I’m not a fan of the execution of the pre-ch. Well, it’s not bad. Nice final chord. Catchy chorus, though I can only imagine its relevance to the verses. Interesting. (On another listen later, I just have to say again how catchy that chorus is.) The Price I Pay - discatticus Nice roots-like folk song. If someone says “classic folk” or something along that line, I might imagine a tune like this. That being said, nothing really stands out—like S he’s gambling good verses over redundant phrasing/music for the most part—so we have to ride the vibe and be able to connect with the verses. The Dream - GocartMoz Cool to hear piano amidst all us guitar folk. V2 feels like a pre-chorus in its open. The pre-ch feels like a verse. Nice chorus. Touching. I like the contrast, the feel, and the open directness of “home” floating alone, to sink in with feeling. Is the bridge a bridge or a post-chorus? Eh, semantics. Okay, brass tacks - the verses, pre-ch et al. don’t really grab me, but on the other hand, you have a great chorus. Really freakin’ good, and I like the chord changes as well. That being said, if it were my tune, I would consider building something new around it. But that’s just me. (On another listen, yeah, that chorus is gorgeous, very touching and catching, but the other parts, imo, need to be rewritten.) Down from the Trees - Joan I like that you say boy and girl with the Adam and Eve juxtaposition. It’s a suggestion to their own newness, innocence and naivety. (Seeming to be returned with the babies standing tall reference). The lyrics are very good, but I want to change the melody in certain sections. I love the line “it’s a long way down from the trees”. You are putting so much about the human condition into that simple sentence. So excellently done. Musically, I still want greater contrast, however. Or something. The way this song runs, it’s like background music that would stimulate nostalgic feeling in an audience, but barely be noticed. They’re happy, complacent with it, but haven’t dug in. Until one quiet day, the listener listens, paying attention to the lyrics. And then one hears it said, “Oh! Wow…” Always You - IyD I like the simplicity, as love really should be, imo. Or, we could say it expresses the clarity of the singer’s understanding. Either way, it works well. I must admit the first time I listened to this song, I didn’t think much of it, but on playing it back, I’ve come to really like it. Good job, amigo. Uber Love - PaulCanuck Very clever, and I love how the guitar opens up into chords at the first chorus. It’s a great contrast, and makes the opening chorus sound so much more fantasy-romantic. Changes after that, but that’s okay. Excellent chord choices throughout, familiar, but excellent. Paul’s a very good musician, and yet I still feel like we’re watching him grow even better. That’s quite cool. (Another pass, and thinking just how charming this song is. Well done, ami. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this one with a few friends.) His Eyes - Ironknee Very creative guitar work. (Hell, very creative all work musical. Both the guitar and the approach to the lyrical melodies show a sensitive and talented artist.) At times it just seems like doodling, but all in all it’s showing skill, experience, and an intelligent approach to the art. Very nice. Heh, I almost feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of a musical. The lyrics are not unusual, cliché one could argue, but the music they are set to is so well done, including the approach to the lyrics, that it nearly makes the story seem new. It certainly gives a new perspective. Ironknee once again is showing fantastic ability as an artist. This is excellent work.
  8. Moso

    Thoughts after over dosing/ first ever time I wrote

    +1 to what RZ wrote. You've got a lot of strong material here, now it's a question of presentation.
  9. Moso

    Sell my songs

    I swear we've had this exact same question with the same background info pop up before...
  10. "Let's dance, little stranger. Show me secret sins." - Dance With Me "The siren sings a lonely song, of all the wants and hungers." - Blood, Milk, & Sky. White Zombie
  11. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    We were really trying to do this with the instrumentals contests, but there simply weren't enough entrants, especially after the web port. Actually, I think Murphster is also talking about doing these types of challenges more, or adding them to existing contests. As others pointed out, it would seem to be essentially a cross between the traditional contests and the "Creativity Games & Challenges" section.
  12. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Agreed. This is sort of uncharted territory, contest-wise, but we still know our love for collabs, so it's probably best to just run with this and then mull over the results afterwards. This could end up being a dud or a great success, we won't know until we give it a go. Either way, we'll have fun making some cool tunes together! Ah.... okay. Cool!
  13. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Yeah, my understanding is that we try to create a moving song, but we also have to try to make it so that the listener can “get” what emotion(s) we want to convey, without straight out telling them. It’s not unfair to assume that a more literal representation will work better, points-wise, as opposed to something more poetic, simply because people are different, if nothing else. The listener’s challenge is then to try to figure out the emotion that the songwriters want to convey. (And assign a score of how well they think it was conveyed.) And they have their own incentive to try to guess correctly, which also seems to help the songwriters because, as per the original instructions, if the listener doesn’t correctly guess the emotions of the songwriters, their vote gives the songwriters 0 pts. It all sounds pretty experimental, but pretty interesting. At the end of the day, however, yeah my rule is pretty much to just enjoy the process, try to write a good song, and not get too serious about it all. Unless the seriousness itself is enjoyable, as the song might dictate. We also have to remember that there is a specific list of emotions to draw from: Yeah, this will be interesting. Hey, kudos to SOK for coming up with something original, something different. At the end of the day, however, I think it would be best if we just try to write something that has meaning/emotion for us ourselves, and share it. Or, we can go a little more business-like and try to write something we think will have emotional appeal for the many, and consider pts received to sort of dictate how well that went.
  14. Moso

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    I give you one part LOL and one part SHHH...keep that contest info on the down-low, man! Shake and serve. 😛
  15. Moso

    Bitchslapping the Maker

    That reminds me, I'm not a very good engineer so don't have many tips to give you there, but you would probably be able to take your work up even another level if you can find a resource to give a deep dive into different forms and applications of compression, plus transient shapers and the like, esp. as it applies to percussion. You're displaying a lot of talent, and I think have a lot of core concepts down already. If you start killing it in the details, in the little shit that some ignore because they don't know or they consider boring, if you can start killing the details too, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.