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  1. Books?

    lol you guys are right! I remember now.... my very first book when I was maybe 13 or so was a songbook. I remember trying to learn "Love Me Tender", and while I was happy to be learning chords, it certainly didn't sound right. I think I remember my mom telling me it sounded bad. Of course, it could just have been me.
  2. The Politician

    Fun Fact: I've recently been reading Milton Friedman. He openly advocates in "Freedom and Capitalism" the wealthy supporting radicals, and most importantly, that it doesn't matter what the radicals believe in, but only whether a profit can be made. As an example he says a business and investors should support socialists if money can be made in helping them. (A good chunk of the book is arguing against socialism.) (Sorry, I was just inspired by the lyrics and posts.)
  3. Books?

    I have some Elliot Smith tunes in my playlist. Haven't heard them in a while, though...
  4. "Crafting Drum Parts for New Songs"

    I always like to hear songwriters and composers talk about how they approach their instruments of choice when writing, and drummers are high on my list for that. EDIT: Yeah, this is quite a good post of yours, TS. Your drumming knowledge/xp is showing!
  5. Books?

    I was a pretty nerdy guitar player when I was a kid, and was interested in weird sounds and scales from foreign cultures. I think my first book as a teen that I really liked was the original Guitar Grimoire, back when there was only one and it was in grey. That book way over did it (do you really have to map out block and extended patterns for all these scales in each key?), but I learned a few really cool scales that I still remember to this day, like the double harmonic and major-minor pentatonic. It also gave me a slight bump when I looked into Eastern European music. Although so saying that, I think the last time I intentionally used one of these more exotic scales to craft a motif was... 4-5 years ago? But they're still cool.
  6. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    I think this thing called adulthood is more full of pretense of being an adult, all the while the actual meaning of being an adult is overlooked or missing. Overrated is appropriate.
  7. Writing Lyrics: Formula or Freefall?

    Absolutely. A lot of my "songs" are written specifically to learn or explore something, whether it be a technique or a certain piece of software. Actually, right now I'm considering taking a couple old major-minor pentatonic riffs I've had on the shelf, and building a song out of them using only percussion, bass, and horns. Specifically to learn horns. So saying, heck, sometimes restrictions are necessary to spur creativity. Absolutely.
  8. Writing Lyrics: Formula or Freefall?

    Does anyone have examples to share, or can examples be made to (hopefully) put this to rest?
  9. Writing Lyrics: Formula or Freefall?

    Hey! One of their producers was a childhood jam buddy of mine. Imma tell him you said that! No, really, I'd be happy to tell him you said that. He was sort of a punk last time I spoke with him.
  10. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    lol <-- because I forgot how to swim Who is dis is? Somebody, is that you? ^^ That, btw, is the best song on the comp. Just gotta figure out how to vote for it....
  11. Jokes

    My brother's name is Elliot, but he lives far away and we haven't seen each other in ages. A family wedding comes, so we're about to meet after a long time apart. I'm on a hike through some hills with my wife, and she pulls a brain fart: Wife: Ack! What's your brother's name? Eee! It start with "E"! Me: Yeah... you've got it... Wife: Don't tell me! Um... Elvis! No... Eric! No... Me: Have you seen that movie "E.T."? Wife: Yeah? Me: It's the main character's name. Wife: E.T.!!
  12. Jokes

    I'm at the park, sitting on a bench and waiting for friends. Three kids are playing behind me, a brother and sister couple, and a little boy. The boy is quite pale compared to the brother and sister. I hear them talking. Boy: Is that Spanish? Sister: Pashto. Boy: Huh? Sister: Pashto. (Pause) Pashto. Boy: That means Spanish.
  13. Jokes

    I put on "Mellow Mood" by Bob Marley... it's a really nice tune... goes something like: "I'll play your favorite song, darlin' We can rock it all night long, darlin'" My Japanese wife comes in the room, saying, "Darlin'? Darlin?" in singsong. It took me a moment, but I realized she was speaking Japanese. "Da-leh" means "who?" I'll play your favorite song... Who? We can rock it all night long... Who? Dangit. I loved this song. lol
  14. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Yeah, it's tough. There are some here who, just like you said, are so damn good naturally with just a 1+1 that you can pretty much put anything in front of them and it's gold. Others have to work a little harder for it. It's difficult to say "who's best". Hell, we can't. It's just not quantifiable. So we just say who we appreciate somewhere in that field of talent, experience, and plain old hard work. This is part of the reason why what I really like most in these is the after discussion, not the ratings. EDIT: I typed out more notes on this comp than I have for any other, which was because I was trying to keep in mind that each song had by definition two people working respective ends. Two people who may have never met or known each other. So I gave that extra attention when thinking about the songs. As far as how that may have affected my voting, I am a "music first" listener, I think, so I did try to make sure to listen to the lyrics with the music and reflect on how well they complimented each other. I can't say I know how far this affected any of my votes, however. I'm also going to sit on my votes for a bit before turning them in. EDIT2: Ah, and being my first collab comp, I've found getting to know my partner and writing with her to be the peak of the whole thing. That is without a doubt what really made this the best, comparable to the other comps I've been in. I think I have a soft spot for collab comps now. Yeah, I definitely do.
  15. Another fave of mine that too many don't seem to know: Nouvelle Vague They specialize in taking various hits and turning them into super sweet bossa nova grooves (usually) with delicate, lilting vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1boeQ9zoF-s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5j-ipGFcko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4op1esLn4mc