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  1. Moso

    August 1+1 Song Contest

    Say You Wanna Be With Me M&L by Moso, Monso, Monzo, More Cheese Please V1 Tell me, tell me Can you change this old weather? Lift a curse, break a smile Make it better? A golden needle to unstitch the past And the future realign Do you have the kind of time it takes The time to break from all the pantomime? Or will you too sit and spin and help them all deny? (spoken) That you can really make it all better V2 You wanna be my father You wanna be my mother Or just a k-k-k-kiss You wanna be my lover Tellin' every little thing to me Because you think that it defines Reality inside our hearts What lies behind our minds (spoken) There's something you can do that's better Ch Closer now, don't hesitate Just say you wanna be with me We can turn our backs on this foolishness And let them be in their "uh oh" I can see it in your eyes you only think of me V3 I saw you come into town with your letters I saw you framin' the frowns to untether Brave me, baby, let me take your hand Let me punctuate the dotted l-l-l-l-lines So you can read between my thoughts and see That you really make that world a big Waste. Of. Time Just let them all sit and spin and help themselves deny (spoken) That you really make it all better V4 You think about the former Concerned about the weather And you're worried I'll drown in the overflowing river But don't you know you've given back my time And you've helped me realize The secret's within this skin Behind those shimmering eyes (spoken) With you, us two, always together Ch Br I see the others, they pretend Acting like they understand But if they open to the truth They'll open their arms to you Ch Outtro Ch Closer now, don't hesitate Just say you wanna be with me We can turn our backs on this silliness And let them be in their "uh oh" Closer now, don't hesitate Just say you wanna be with me I can see it in your eyes you only think of me
  2. Wanted to share this. I like the way these guys think:
  3. Heh, I guess I don't need to open that email now....
  4. Moso

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    I would really love to participate as these are some of the best things on the Muse. It's loads of fun collab'ing with you guys and then going over each other's work! But.... yeah, in exactly one week I expect to be too busy to contribute much. That would likely end up being a big disappointment to my partner. And we have too many musicians anyway. But I'm looking forward to hearing the results!
  5. Moso

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    lol ditto Seriously, if they don't care about score and just want to have fun, these things are great! Unfortunately I only have one week to work on music.
  6. Moso

    So what's new on the horizon for August?

    Groovy. Time for me to test out my new suck knob. It goes to 11. You guys are gonna love it.... j/k I'll probably only turn it up to 7 or so.
  7. Moso

    Oh my...

    There's also a DYI cigar box guitar group on FB. Maybe they have a few tips? https://www.facebook.com/JRM476/?hc_ref=ART5gwiHa495NQDYqBqbTgcKhyFfXMYIDHMSZejvsVAHlpOIIfs3yFdaVKxtY5ZJ9lg&fref=nf
  8. Moso

    Oh my...

    Samantha Fish has been picking up steam and likes to play box guitars:
  9. Moso

    "The Death of Decency" (w. lyrics)

    "All aboard the Trump train!" and the whistle blows toot toot lolol
  10. Moso

    The Meanest Man of All

    Alright Blake, this is dark as iron shit. But I like the work. I like the instrumentation. Coolness. Polish and publish, please! This is a good one.
  11. I'm totally with you on that. Recording and mixing can be fun when it's really creative (more like producing than engineering), but I too am not the type that gets really hyped up into the recording and mixing process. Writing the song is definitely the most enjoyable part. If you do have the cash, however, at some point it might be pretty cool to take a handful of your favorite songs you've written into a good studio. Maybe you know a friend who has a studio or who can do pro-quality engineering? I just hate to see talented artists who never finish their work or release anything.
  12. Moso

    It's All Gone

    I just got one of those "Nigerian Prince" emails, but this one was purportedly from Benin and involved the FBI and CIA. I forwarded it to Mystery Incorporated.
  13. Moso

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Good job, everyone. There was some really creative material here. I've never entered a lyric contest before, but thought I should get my feet wet. I don't really write lyrics, but I had one set I wrote to a reggae-hop song years ago, and so put that up. All in all, I don't think I'm good at this lyric contest thing. Writing or judging. If it were a poetry contest, okay, I can do that. If it were a music+lyrics contest, okay, let's roll. But a lyric contest sans music, I don't think I'm good at that. You guys are operating on a different level. Kudos. And keep it up!
  14. I second that. There's an incredible amount of people without much experience out there selling experience. It seems to be piggy-backing the business model of writing How-To books before really doing much yourself. So a guy writes a How-To, and in there he tells you that to make money you should also write a How-To, and there we go... But, eh, who knows, I guess...
  15. When the first line was sung, I wasn't too sure, but as soon as those harmonies came in, I was hooked. Nothing short of gorgeous. And then the time change around 0:40? Such a great choice. You really are a talented musician. That being said, there are little bits here and there I would want to change. Some of the vocal pitches don't seem quite right, and some of the backups, like the low whisper/talking bits, I don't care too much for. But all in all, this is a great piece that's heading in the right direction. You have some great work. Have you ever professionally published anything? If not, I think that would be a very worthwhile goal for you.