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  1. Wow... a year and a half, huh? Well, I just pulled my gear out of the closet. Thinking about working on sound design again. Maybe. Marco?
  2. Japan

    1) “Late-night dancing was illegal until 2015” Like witch laws, this was a law that was forgotten and thus didn’t get taken off the books for a long time. And it was also created if I remember correctly to counter post-war issues including prostitution. 3) “Japan has more than 50k people over 100” Surely. Japan wins for health and longevity. They also have a great and inexpensive healthcare system, which Americans define as “socialist”. 4) “…just 2 gun-realted homicides per year” That’s because a) guns are mostly limited to hunting weapons, and crime is very low in Japan. 7) “Japanese trains are among the world’s most punctual…” The whole friggin’ country is super punctual. They work hard and play hard. Real hard. 9) “In Japan, there are more pets than children.” 馬鹿やろう。If you want to talk about their dwindling population, sure, but this comment is little more than bait. The minority of homes that have animals will rarely have more than one. When pets die, they are not “unregistered”. Kind of like Catholics. 12) Titantic survivor called coward…. Yeah, I can imagine this. Bushido was alive and well, and the Japanese suicidal-like maniac follow orders to the death army was also getting ready to steamroll Asia right around then. 13) “90% of mobile phones waterproof because youngsters use them in the shower…” That’s interesting. Especially because Japanese usually take baths, not showers. 15) “5.52 million vending machines” Only 5.52? Seriously, those things are everywhere. I’ve found them in the middle of parks, atop mountains… I think Hiroshima castle even had one at the top, if I remember correctly…” 19) “Teachers and students clean the school together” Yep. Work hard and play hard, and do it as a team. They learn this from a young age. ….okay, that’s enough for me…. way too much to cover here and I have other things to do. If you actually have questions about Japan, please ask me. I lived there for about a decade (not military), speak Japanese, and am married to a Japanese.
  3. I totally understand how you feel on all fronts.
  4. Our songs are like children in a way, and it's easy to be moved more by seeming negative comments. "Lazy" was a meaningless word here, and a poor choice, at that. In my defense, as a listener I cannot hear the various tests you decided not to include. But seriously, apologies if I was offensive. (Side note: The whole "I don't mean to be rude" clause I'm learning is a stupid thing to include, even if joking. As soon as one says it, the other sometimes expects to be insulted regardless of what the real words might be. I'll have to be more careful about that.) Please take note of my compliments, because I meant them: I love this song. I think it is a great foundation and has room to grow into something very, very cool. Still today, it keeps rolling through my head, and actually I'm tempted to try something with it on my own (except of course, it's not my song). Furthermore, I think you as a musician and artist are underrated. It's your tunes that tend to stick the most in my head, and stay there the longest. I feel, and wrote, far more positively than negatively about this tune. Always glad to hear your work. Please remember that. EDIT: I called my own song lazy, too.
  5. Here are my notes. As always, I listened to each tune at minimum three times. Mixed Messages 8 Very creative. I like that Rick keeps exploring. To me this a mark of a real artist. I also think this is one of his best mixes so far. So that’s two good fronts of growth. If I look for cons, well, the song is maybe a bit long. The solo electric guitar has a good tone but is a bit weird, even for me. Not that this is a bad thing. Just taste. Besides, the timing of it is admittedly pretty interesting. Um, I also want a bit more exploring instead of rigidly adhering to one scale/key, however like Rick mentioned himself, this can get difficult when working in locrian - there’s a good chance you’ll keep wandering into more comfortable/familiar zones. All in all, though, I was impressed and look forward to more of his material. This Promise 6 Paul is showing he has a good grasp of musicianship and plays the piano pretty well. I like the playful use of accidentals, and too the song fits together really well. My problem is that it’s a very predictable tune, and too long. This is something I would expect to find in a stock muzak listing. Granted, it might be tagged “wedding”, in which we could say Paul met his goal well. Regarding length, I actually thought this song was over 5 minutes at first. There’s not much going on in regard to dynamics or contrast, and it just feels very long and repetitive. Paul has the skill to have avoided that, so I wonder if this song was rushed in creation. Jazzy 7 I think Scotto is underrated. Granted, I also think he was a little lazy with this tune. I don’t mean to be rude in saying that, it’s just that I think there are lots of avenues for development here that weren’t taken. I love this piece, actually, but as the foundation to something more. I can hear other instruments, and even vocals. This song is part Pulp Fiction, part gumshoe, part something otherworldly/spiritual. Somehow Scotto made another tune that sticks in my head, and I hope this song is not dropped, but instead developed into something more. DSP Love Song My tune was creative but sloppy. The mix is also horrible and that's one part bad environment, three parts laziness. There are also some unusual frequency gaps that should be filled. Regardless I probably would have given myself a score of 8 or 9 because I met most of my goals, and because again I thought it was a fairly creative tune.
  6. Well, I have found the secret to my success, and it is apparently to have less competition
  7. Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition

    The winner of the Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition is: Monso - DSP Love Song 2nd and 3rd places go to Paul Canuck - This Promise Rick Waugh - Mixed Messages Here are the scores: Special thanks to Zeek and BarneyBoy for submitting their votes
  8. Yeah, see here: http://www.musesmuse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62175&st=0
  9. FYI - I don't think I need to say this, but I'm going to suspend hosting the instrumental competitions until the future of the Muse is settled. If we can continue these, I plan to open it back up to all entries, not just songs created/finished during the contest time frame. Also, I'm thinking of continuing the once every two months time frame. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition

    The submission period is now complete. Here are the songs to be voted on: Mixed Messages by Rick Waugh This Promise by PaulCanuck DSP Love Song by Monso Jazzy by Scotto Please read the entrants individual descriptions to understand their goals when writing their songs. Voting period is from April 1st to April 7th. Scoring: Any member of the Muse may score the entries. Each entry should be scored on its own, and not compared to or ranked against the other entries. When voting, please consider how well you believe the entrant met his/her goals and objectives. Score from 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. Entrants must score all the other entries. PM your scores to me (Monso) with "Feb-March 2016 Inst Comp" in the subject area. It might be helpful to take notes at the time of scoring, to share as feedback after the results are announced. (not required) Thanks!
  11. Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition

    DSP Love Song I’m going to take Mephisto’s advice and tell you guys what I was imagining as I wrote this one. So this little piece is in the spirit of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. (“Amélie”; “The City of Lost Children”; “Delicatessen”) It’s playful, yet dark, yet happy. There’s a factory, where men toil and sweat at machines. Inside the factory is also an office with women doing clerical work at desks. One of the men has taking a liking to one of the women, but is shy. He sneaks a peak at her working when he can. Of course, if the boss catches him, he gets griped at to get back to work. The whole thing, in my imagination, plays out like a musical - the men and women are all in a line in their respective locations, in order, moving together, stomping, clapping, pulling levers, collating papers. Anyway, the man wonders if he’ll ever meet the woman, and one day he does, suddenly, unexpectedly, nearly running into her around a corner. Time stands still, she smiles, and his heart takes flight. After this, it’s still business as usual, but everything feels better, feels lighter, because he had a glimpse, a chance, maybe just maybe a promise of love. DSP was originally shorthand for “Dystopian Steampunk”, but now lord help me if I don’t imagine zooming into a DSP chip at the beginning of the song where this little story is taking place…. heh Technical Goals: - create some glitchy drums - learn more about LPX’s percussion and drum tools - work with more gliding sounds - contrast - further explore moving through different scales and modifying diatonic progressions - take normal string and piano sounds, and modify them The song is in F, moving in and out of major and minor. Time sigs also move between 6/8 and 4/4. The major progressions are [i v V7], [ii V7 iii vi], and [VIM9 v]. Everything else are variations of these three. I really enjoyed writing this one. There are a few things I am still not happy with, and I expect I will come back to this one in the future to “finish” it, but we’ll talk about that later maybe after the voting period has passed.
  12. Locrian! Very cool. I rarely get to hear someone focusing on locrian. Glad to see you took up that challenge! And the results are pretty dang nice!
  13. Alright, let's try that this next time.
  14. K - it's up! And I've edited the heading post here as well.
  15. (First things first - thanks to Salley Gardens, the moderator who began the first instrumental contests, and who laid the foundation for the rest.) MusesMuse Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition *This thread is for posting entries.* Discussions on the competition are HERE. Dates: Post your entries here from now until March 31st. Submit scores to Monso via PM from April 1st to April 7th. Purpose: to stimulate the creation of music, music education, and music discussion for those of all abilities and means. Primary Criteria This comp is to encourage productivity, thus only songs written or completed during the comp period of Feb 1st - March 31st are viable submissions. This comp is to encourage musical discussion and education. All participants must include what their goals were in regards to their submitted songs. Entrants are also encouraged to share other notes about submissions, such as that along the lines of composition, production, and engineering. This being an instrumental competition, lyrics of any kind are excluded, including being typed in videos or in the comp topics. Details: Entry Parameters Entries must be new songs, or incomplete songs completed during the contest period. This is to encourage productivity. When posting, please include a brief description, including the intent of the piece. (examples: This is a solo guitar piece I’m playing that modulates through several keys; This is an instrumental I’m sending to TAXI for placement; This is for a song, the backing track is made with samples in my DAW, and the melody is played by me on the sax; This is only the backing track for a song; This is a string quartet exported from Band-in-a-Box, and not meant to be radio ready but played by live musicians; etc.) Participants are encouraged to share technical notes about their piece, such as composition and production, in order to facilitate musical dialogue. Anything without recognizable words is acceptable, unless the words are extraneous background noise recorded unintentionally. This includes written lyrics appearing with the entry in the post, audio or video. Talking in the background (as might be overheard in a live venue, but not part of the music) are all acceptable. Entries can be any length. Entries must be methodically crafted, as opposed to simply improvising on your instrument with the record button on. If you want to use improvisation(s) in layered tracks crafted together, that’s acceptable. Entries may include instruments being played live and/or virtual instruments. Anything that makes noise is considered an instrument, if you wish it to be. This includes vocal sounds using "oohs" and "aahhs", "la la", and scatting, for example. You are allowed to ask for help from any source regarding playing, recording, mixing, etc. Credit must be given to others involved (collaborations; musicians; recording/mixing tech help; etc.) in the entry post. Videos are allowed, as well as the standard audio files via SoundClick, SoundCloud, etc. Entries previously posted on the Musemuse in any of the forums are allowed, as long as it is a piece written or completed during the time frame of the competition. Scoring: Any member of the Muse may score the entries. Each entry should be scored on its own, and not compared to or ranked against the other entries. When voting, please consider how well you believe the entrant met his/her goals and objectives. Score from 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. Entrants must score all the other entries. PM your scores to me with "Feb-March 2016 Inst Comp" in the subject area. It might be helpful to take notes at the time of scoring, to share as feedback after the results are announced. (not required)