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  1. Here's another pre-release from the upcomng album. Think there's a little Roger Waters/David Gilmour influence on this one.
  2. Mike B

    'Love and War' - coming soon!

    I won't be publishing the lyrics for Love and War until I have all the song lyric videos posted, which will be right before the official internet release date of October 15. But you can listen to the pre-released songs and read the lyrcis on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikebirchmusic In the meantime, I'm gearing up for a couple of unofficial 'CD Release' shows and a new acoustic open mic I'll be hosting. Sept 19 - open mic at Muddy Waters Pub & Restaurant, Methuen, MA 7:30-10:30 Sept 30 - 'feature' at the open mic at Walnut Street Cafe, Lynn, MA, I'll be going on around 8:30. Oct 3 - open mic at Muddy Waters Pub & Restaurant, Methuen, MA 7:30-10:30 Oct 7 - Brunch Show at Serendipity Cafe, Maynard, MA 11am-1pm
  3. Here's another pre-release lyric video from the upcoming album.
  4. Mike B

    Listening to whole albums

    Quite honestly, I don't listen to music much at home anymore - usually only if I'm learning a (cover) song, or if someone posts something that looks interesting online somewhere. I listen to music when driving, but my commute is less than 15 minutes. Driving other local places, I will sometimes listen to a few songs from an album, but then its time to stop the car and do whatever chore it is. The only time I listen to full albums is when I'm driving longer distances. Sad but true. This year I converted over 450 CDs to 320k MP3 and have them on a USB thumbdrive to listen in the car. Not terribly convenient - paging through menus, because voice command seldom finds what I request - but the damn car didn't come with a CD player!
  5. Mike B

    Broken Man

    Hi Joe With a double-length chorus, I think you need a longer first verse.
  6. Mike B

    My Biggest Fan

    Positively silly. Get rid of 'said' in line 5, that confused me, as the neighbor was already talking ('said' in line 3)
  7. Mike B

    Talk to me

    That's a pretty empty wiki page! We call that section of a song 'prechorus' (if it indeed precedes the chorus). The hook may or may not be in the chorus, of course, and your lyric didn't have a chorus!
  8. Mike B

    Talk to me

    Hi Willsx First on your section names - what you're calling a 'vetse' really reads more like a chorus, as it repeats 3 times, although you may want to get the 3rd one more in line with the other 2, just changing the last 2 lines works better than changing lyrical rhythms. The 'extra' two lines in 3 could be the outro/finale lines. Never heard the term 'Pre Hook' before! Ther eis a 'PreCHorus' before the chorus (which you don't have in your labels). As to content, your stanzas don't really build too much, they are essentially saying the same thing in slightly different ways. 'Talk to me' - as your title and hook, gets lost in the 2nd line of each 'verse'. Lastly, about the style - 5 lines in a stanza gives a sense of instability, incompleteness, of 'wanting more'. This can work - in places, but eventually the listener wants to hear a resolve - something that invokes stability. Here's an easy example of how to make this verse (chorus) into a more stable thing, and put the hook first: Talk to me, just sit down Why won't you speak You're not all alone We're here for you, you know
  9. Unfortunately, there are always people resistant to change (usually the "1%").
  10. Mike B

    Home is You

    So now I've listened to it, the lyrics and the music fit together fine, but this puts my comment about lyrics to light - if one is just reading lyrics its much different than when reading them along with hearing the song.
  11. Some of you may find the lyrics familiar as I posted a few versions here back when I was still working on this. Another song from the upcoming album
  12. Mike B

    Home is You

    'AABC' isn't a rhyme scheme unless it repeats , otherwise it's 'AAXX (2 rhyming lines, 2 non-rhyming lines). Just my thoughts, but in a lyric contest, the lyrics need to 'stand alone' - because that's what's being looked at. If a writer has qualms about that because there is a completed (or in progress) full song in the works that would show how the lyrics work, then maybe it should be entered in the song contest instead.
  13. Mike B

    When the Ravens Call *updated 9-6-18*

    Nah, I just fake it. Hey, who else do you know who plays Crazy Train on an acoustic guitar?
  14. Mike B

    When the Ravens Call *updated 9-6-18*

    David - yes intentional, as I know they're different. Just hoping some bird lover doesn't get upset that I put them together in one song! I haven't pulled out an electric guitar in months, need to dial in some Tony Iommi amp sounds and crank the volume.
  15. Mike B

    Love Lives

    HI Simon In verse 2 your rhyme scheme is ABBABB rather than the ABCABC of the first verse, this threw me when I was reading it, but might not be noticeable when sung to music. What are you thinking of for music/style on this? 'Intro' - I'm trying to think of any current song that uses a lyric intro to it - something different than a first verse (sung slower, maybe). Musically, I don't know how I'd approach it, although I do use instrumental intros all the time.