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  1. Another thing that CAN work is to find a collaborator you can work with IN PERSON (not via remote/internet). Not that even that method makes it easy, but it is easier than doing stuff by sending files or skyping/messaging. Being able to see facial expressions and instantly do back-and-forth helps.
  2. $50/hour for 4 hour blocks of time is pretty much the norm these days, with $20/hour for the small 'basement of my house' guys. Lots of people still use studios - because they may not be technology or ability-capable. recording and mixing, like anything else, takes practice and time to develop your skills. Some people would rather spend that time playing/songwriting. Others may only want to release/record a few songs once in a great while. And still others may just not have a good 'space' to do it in.
  3. I got the stardust > garden barely a rhyme' thing from "Woodstock", but thought the chorus was seriously forgettable with its phrasing and that as its only rhyme - choruses should be more sing-along, IMO. BTW, the 'billion year old carbon' line was added by CSN&Y, it was not Joni's line at all.
  4. Of course, you are correct! If you have more questions on this subject, let me know! There are many songwriters/players who don't want to use their time with 'technology' when they could be playing/writing/doing something else, but will use their phones to record basic demos. A good example is our own Onewholovesrock, JOe. Sometimes a little experimentation is needed to figure out the best phone position, distance, etc.
  5. Hi Layla The ...'polite' line seemed off to me, too. Maybe substitute 'nice'. In verse 1, due to the internal rhymes I read it like: I was with the girls, we were walking, we were talking All about the kind of guys we like Someone cute and flirty who would never play us dirty Someone special who'd treat us polite But these internal rhymes were missing from verse 2, so I lost the rhythm when reading it. Maybe your sung version doesn't hinge on this, but I like verses to have similar structures.
  6. "So go back to the basics, vocals, lyrics, harmonies, bridges, songs…" - truth!
  7. Not sure what your radio station options are in Austria, you might try streaming internet radio stations for some variety. Seems like you may just be getting the 'pop' music (Adele, Rhianna, etc) rather than the indie rock bands. There are some good ones out there, but you have to wade through the lousy ones to hear them!
  8. I'm afraid I agree with Hobo on this - the lyric does not reflect the 'burning bridges' reference, I think that if you could define in verse 3 (or a bridge?) how you DID burn the bridges, it would make the storyline of the song more complete. As it is now, it doesn't develop much.
  9. Hi Layla - everyone has their own methods, some easy, some not-so-easy. Simplest way is with a video camera (or even your phone) set up in front of you and you just do a "1+1" recording - you playing your instrument and singing the song. You can also do an audio recording the same way, one mic (again, it could just be into your phone) into a stand-alone recorder (like a Zoom) or into an audio interface and computer DAW. It's really a matter of your expertise and desire (or none) to go further.
  10. Thanks, John, some ideas for me to think on. I don't mind doing 'little' changes in choruses like that, and hadn't thought about it for this song. And I did see the problem of having the mountain (climb) prior to Verse 3, too.
  11. You're right, today with electronic distribution,, 'single release' doesn't mean much if its from an album. It is typically done with 1 song prior to an album release.
  12. A depressing waltz ...hmmm... not sure how the people on the dance floor will appreciate the lyrics! Only thing that struck me was the line 6 rhyme in verse 1 'home' is way too dis-similar from 'gone' and 'down'.
  13. Thanks, Paul, good suggestions. Real question is if this works better than the first version. I didn't have any chance to try it out at home last night with the music.
  14. What struck me was the singer calling the subject 'baby' repeatedly, a term more of endearment than anything else. used once, sarcastically/cynically would be ok, but not 3 times in the chorus.
  15. HI Jon, good things in this, what I don't like is what I think of as the bridge ('When you’re alone with your mind ...') is repeated 3 times, so it takes the aspect of a chorus - maybe that's what you intend, but I don't think its strong enough to be a chorus.