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  1. Waving at You

    It took a long time into the lyric to understand that this was about a (dead) soldier (line 4 of verse 2), wondering if you could reference something in verse 1 to help paint the picture. Do you have music for this already? I ask because for me, the differences in line lengths in some lines between verse 1 and 2 would make it tough to get a consistent melody - lines 3 and 6 in verse 1 are short, but in verse 2 they are long.
  2. Get your first paid gig in one month?

    Where are you getting that $600-$1000 gig payment information from? Until you hit the 'pro' level (usually touring), in this area (New England) the pay is much lower.
  3. Which mic?

    Before you jump on any gear ... Consider how you may want to use it in the future, or what you may want to do IN ADDITION in the future. With a USB mic, you are limited to that one mic, and your monitoring options are restricted to what that mic has (if anything). What do you mean by 'ton price'? Your best option is going to be a USB audio interface and a standard (not USB) mic. You have Thomann there, best large source in Europe for equipment. Interfaces: https://www.thomann.de/fr/usb_audio_interfaces.html Mics: https://www.thomann.de/fr/microphones_large_membrane1.html?oa=pra
  4. Song parts

    Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Middle-Eight Lead (instrument) Outro
  5. Valentines Day

    A song from my upcoming album. Still doing little tweaks on the mix. I might have posted an early mix of this here last year. Valentines Day V1 Broken promises, broken hearts Shattered dreams, everything comes apart Lost innocence, lost youth Lost so many years seeking out the truth Chorus You said you can grow old But don’t you ever grow up We could have a million years But it won’t be enough I wish every day could be this way Like Valentines Day V2 Love hurts, but love can heal Finally found a love that’s real Time wears down, time takes its toll We won’t let time steal our souls Chorus Bridge Another morning sunrise Another long day One more evening sunset Together we know the way Chorus
  6. My Valentine

    It would be easy for people to miss that 'tell' in the final choruses, or mis-hear it. I'm not liking 'plight' in verse 1 - is that word even used in modern language?
  7. HI Patty, what occurred to me is that in the verses the singer is telling us she's getting ready to leave NOW, but then the chorus and bridge are the singer 'preaching' to other women that they should be prepared. I think this 'message' might work for a final outro (or maybe its ok for the bridge, which is very short), but not for the chorus, which should be about the singer (and the walking money, of course!) Edited to add: Just looking back, I see I suggested the verses be changed to first person - my fault, didn't think the choruses wold come off as preachy when left as they were.
  8. Cockamamie Tart rewrite

    'Cockamamie' is pronounced cock-a-MAY-me. Otherwise, very clever. Shouldn't it be 'I've got to do a stretch in old Sing Sing'?
  9. They Sold Their Souls

    I got stuck with "Devils fiery fishbowl" - fishbowl and hell/the devil don't really mesh.
  10. Crashing Down

    I had the same thoughts as Patty: 'Turning' is used twice in the chorus - change one of them. 'Crashing Down' makes a better title/hook.
  11. I think there is a museum for these words in Walla Walla.
  12. A Promise Made

    Sorry you are subjected to bad romance-channel tv. "She sent my letter back" would be much clearer than the ambiguous "But my letter came back", which to me means it got marked 'no such person' or 'NSA' (no such address) or 'moved' or 'undeliverable'.
  13. A Promise Made

    " My letter came back" to me doesn't point out that the girl refused the letter, it was that it was undeliverable. Its not realistic that she would see a letter from a guy she knew 8 years before (and who had promised, but never written) and not even look at it. Feel free to ignore my comments.
  14. FYI - Streaming News

    Spotify's streaming payouts are supposed to increase 40% over the next 5 years - still miniscule. I use CDBaby for album distribution, so my songs get on both Apple and Spotify.
  15. A Promise Made

    In the 2nd verse, all of a sudden it's 8 years later - why did the guy wait that long, what happened in between? Then he writes a letter that gets returned and says he'll deliver the letter? To where? It's kind of a 'movie with a bad ending' at this point.