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  1. Hi Daniel, good first song attempt. What struck me was the lack of consistent rhythm between lines in the various stanzas - for example line 4 in verse 1 stanza 1 is 7 syllables, in verse 2 that same line is 10 syllables. Many times this can be easy to do, but it depends on the music. Do you also play an instrument?
  2. I used to use my Line 6 PodFarm tuner, and the one in my Line 6 amp, but frankly, the reliability of clip-on tuners for guitars makes them the best option. I have a very small Korg tuner that pretty much disappears when I fold it down on my Taylor headstock. I also have a Korg PitchBlack pedal tuner on my pedal board. But your best deal is one of these: https://reverb.com/item/204704-reverb-clip-on-tuner?gclid=CLWXx5Wr6NICFQ0zaQodKMgCxA&pla=1 Yes, $4 and it includes the battery! ANd they often have them on sale for $3. I have 3 of them!
  3. Yes, he said: "and tuned my three guitars using the Garageband Tuner"
  4. I would not tune to the GB tuner (I don't use GB, though), instead use a standard guitar tuner - the clip kind or a pedal. They're all pretty reliable/close to true pitch.
  5. If you click on a forum member's name and go to their profile you can see all their forum posts and 'likes'.
  6. You can submit to online blogs. But truthfully, most people aren't buying music any longer. Even those of us who do, don't buy the volume we did in the pre-internet days. I buy from artists that are favorites, I'll buy a CD from a band or solo player who I see ply live somewhere. I've never paid for a 'download only', only downloads I've ever got are given away with a hard copy release. Otherwise, I can just listen to the music on Spotify or youtube.
  7. Well, see, it's always worth waiting for a woman's viewpoint!
  8. This song started with the guitar part (as is), hence its dominance in the mix sound. Lyrics (and melody - and its been changed since first conception) came after, which is not my usual songwriting method, and obviously did not work well.
  9. Hi Emily, I think the chorus is very powerful as is. The verses are ok, I like Bob's ideas of getting rid of the possessives. The bridge (When there’s no one around/You do what you must/So you won’t drown) is the weak point in this whole lyric - I think because the verses are all the singer speaking about his/herself, and this comes off as 'third person'-preachy.
  10. Hi Joey - there are a lot of clichés in this (ray of sunshine, stars in the Milky Way ...), but don't let that stop you. My wife always picks at my lyrics when I use clichés! Should be 'doesn't' the moon ....
  11. Brought this one to the songwriter circle last month, and got some suggestions on the lyrics, did a few changes, but they're not 'set in stone' yet, if anyone has some better ideas, specially for verse 2 and the bridge. I'll have to re-track the bass, only did one take, and there were some note changes that I don't like. Valentines Day V1 Broken promises, broken hearts Shattered dreams, everything comes apart Lost innocence, lost youth Lost so many years seeking out the truth Chorus (You said) you can grow old But don’t you ever grow up We could have a million years But it won't be enough I wish every day could be this way Like Valentines Day V2 Love hurts, but love can heal Finally found a love that’s real Time wears down, time takes its toll We won’t let time steal our souls Chorus Bridge Another morning sunrise Another long day One more evening sunset Together we know the way Chorus
  12. Hi Chris, as others have said - super strong performance and vocal sound. Only thing I could say to change would be the 'bridge' - after the 2nd verse, I wanted a stronger lyric rather than the repeated ' What's this all about, watch my back ' (which makes a good outro).
  13. Hi Salvo, it takes some participation for a time to get comments, so don't be discouraged. I understand that English is not your primary language, because of that I think your phrasing is not well done. Also the language/translation is not natural, for example, we would say 'Believe in yourself again, my friend". The drum beat is very strange, and seems "off" many times with the instruments - it's like the snare is hitting on the wrong accent notes.
  14. Hey Rich, welcome to the Muse. It helps to post the lyrics when you want comments on a song. The vocal effect in the verse makes it hard to hear all of the words. During the chorus ("when will they learn...") the music gets more intense but actually less-full, so it robs the chorus of the impact it should have. Maybe adding a heavy guitar during that part would help. On the overall mix, the bass/low end is pretty boomy.
  15. Hi Real (or should I call you Rush?) Two things that struck me (BTW, many of my recent songs have waxed nostalgic, too, and they don't always appeal to others because of it): Verse 2 - rhymed 'understood' and 'stood' - basically the same word. There doesn't seem to be any real 'development' in the lyrics - all 3 verses say the same thing, just a little differently. Maybe think about restructuring, so verse 1 is the past, verse 2 the present, verse 3 the future. KOS