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  1. It's funny, I heard him perform that song a couple of months ago on the Graham Norton show and really dug it! It sounded like a song that could cut through a lot of the music that's currently in play. I thought it was the type of song that would stay in your head after hearing it one time.
  2. This came to me today from a highly respected industry insider and blogger who is followed by lots and lots of music biz professionals. I thought you might enjoy this email exchange. _____________________________ From: Bob Lefsetz Subject: Hey Elton! To: Elton John Hope you’re good. I know you’re a big new music fan. Today’s music world is incomprehensible, we need curators who will make sense of it for us, and not just endless playlists on streaming services, so… Can you recommend ONE recent track (now, or from the previous two years) that you think is a stone cold one listen smash? I’m not asking you to be obscure, I’m not asking you to come up with one that burnishes your image. I’m asking you to put your programmer hat on. What’s the track you think would resonate with the most listeners? Any explanation as to why would be helpful but unnecessary. I was listening to the new stuff on Spotify and was overwhelmed, especially by the dreck. And then I was listening to some of my favorites on my iPhone and I got this idea of reaching out to experts and you were the first I thought of… Thanks! Bob ____________________________ From: Elton John Re: Hey Elton! To: Bob Lefsetz Dear Bob, nice to hear from you. I agree that the majority of songs on the charts are awful mass produced robotic drek. However,"Human" by Rag And Bone Man should have flown from day one. Although it is gradually rising up the radio charts it is taking its time. I am not sure what Sony are doing but this is a number one record in my opinion and has been all over the world. It has a great hook, beautiful production and his voice is wonderful. My theory is it is too sophisticated and too good a record. Therefore it does not fit in with the tinny, vapid crap constipating the top 100. I still think it will get there, but Why so long? All best wishes Elton x
  3. Joey, Not to confuse you, I know you've been working on this for a while and have received lots of good suggestions, but to me, the reference to texting and cell phones seems out of place in this lyric, as if it’s an attempt to “modernize” the lyric, which honestly is about as 1960’s a country ballad as can possibly be. I’m not saying this in a cynical way - your lyric style tends to resonate pretty strongly with standard old school Country. In keeping with that old school style I might suggest a chorus that refashions the lyric along these lines... just something to think about. I’m standing on the corner Down on Memory Lane Wishing you were here To ease this hurtin’ pain I walk these lonely streets But I know it’s all in vain Cause broken hearts never mend Down on Memory Lane
  4. Mississippi John Hurt, one of the absolute all time greats! I can hear this played and sung in his smooth and plaintive style.
  5. Chuck Berry's No Money Down and Johnny Cash's One Piece at a Time are two classic car songs that you would enjoy and that may generate some additional ideas. "A good songwriter should be able to write a song in any genre for virtually any purpose." Jimmy Webb btw - an interesting little piece about Jimmy Webb in this month's New Yorker
  6. Wonderfully expressed. Whether people use anger, insult or discounting humor, I think lots of us are guilty at one time or another in not taking the time to make a genuine effort to understand different points of view or at the very least if we don't understand them to be gracious enough to keep our thoughts to ourselves. A very valid point.
  7. For a first time write this has some good elements and a lot of ambition. As I read this it’s basically about a man who has turned his back on god and is now looking to reconnect, so it’s a song about faith. If that’s the case maybe that idea needs to be introduced earlier in the lyric. I might play around with the idea of making the chorus something along these lines and turn the drinking whiskey getting stoned one you have, with some changes, into verses. Lord, lift me of my burdens Lord, help me find my soul I feel a storm a brewing Lord, help me find my way home A couple of possible changes on this verse to consider Wake up lonely and hungover It’s a feeling I’ve come to know Can’t shake the fact something’s missing / I’m standing at the crossroads Like I don’t know which way to go / Wish I knew which way to go While I know what you’re aiming for in this verse it reads confusing. It’s hard to lose something inside you In fact it’s never really gone So for now I’ll keep on searching Hopefully heading my way home It’s like saying I lost my keys, but I know where they are, but I’ll keep searching for them. I would suggest you think about how to make your point in way that is a little clearer. Maybe something about the ache you feel inside or the emptiness you have rather than it “being never really gone.” Just some random thoughts.
  8. Thought some folks might find this of value. It's from the latest BMI newsletter. https://www.bmi.com/news/entry/nobody-writes-a-hit-song-by-accident-a-conversation-with-ross-golan?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Weekly 12&utm_content=Weekly 12+Version+A+CID_3c1059e8ff5bb9a976c3ddf623e7ed58&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=READ MORE
  9. Hey, I think this is brilliant idea! Country was mixed with hip -hop to get Hick-Hop and this is might just be the next new beverage = Country and Disco! = Cisco? I think it's a great idea and would lend itself to some really creative production, musically referencing all those classic beats. (would mean a huge list of co-writers - like ten feel long) Would like to see the entire Saturday Night Fever title used if possible and not crazy about the "like a junkie" line but all in all I think it's a really novel concept and I dig it.
  10. Fact checker required.
  11. I know there are a lot of Dylan fans on this site. Thought they might find this revealing and insightful interview to their liking. http://www.bobdylan.com/news/qa-with-bill-flanagan/
  12. Thanks Joey. Glad you enjoyed it. Kuya, thanks, man. Appreciate the very kind words.
  13. Some good writing and a strong idea but you buried the hook in a verse. How come?
  14. Hey Tee, Really strong and catchy lyric - no doubt about that. I personally think that the lyric calls out for something - maybe a new bridge - that talks about why she choose him, or how lucky he is, or something to give this a little tweak, depth wise. Doesn't have to be over the top. Maybe even a little something about she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I think if you can add this element it would really give the lyric a bigger dimension. Other than that this is a super lyric that could easily be a contemporary country song or, with a few minor lyric changes, a cool pop song. Good writing. Nice work.
  15. I think the important take-away from all of this is my buddy Tee's gonna be dancing with devil and I'm gonna be strolling with the saints.! Amen!