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  1. September Song Contest

    Welcome to the September Song Contest – an open format contest. For any newcomers, open format means the entry can be at any production level - from just you and your guitar to a fully orchestrated masterpiece PLEASE NOTE: This month we will continue the format used last month. To enter this month's contest, you must post your song in the Songs (Inc Instrumentals) feedback forum. This contest thread will be used to show a list of links to those threads rather than the songs themselves. So to enter a song - create a new Topic in the Songs (Inc Instrumentals) forum and send me the link to it by Private Message. I will add your link to the list of entries in this thread. If you have any questions please PM me. The timeline is as follows: • Entries will be accepted now through Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) Saturday, Sept 30th, 2017. • Voting (scorecards) will take place Sunday Oct. 1st through Midnight EST Sunday Oct 8th, 2017. • Don’t start voting until I officially post the scoring instructions on Sunday Oct. 1st. • You must score all other entries or your entry will be disqualified from the contest. • I'll post the results shortly after scoring is completed. If you plan to enter, please review the revised rules, pinned in this forum. When posting your song to the Songs Feedback Forum, please include: •song title •writer credits (If it’s a collab with another Muser please make that clear by including their M/M id) •audio link Please include the lyrics on your post. Videos are permitted. (Voters are encouraged to refrain from watching any video until after they've scored the song.) All Musers are welcome to submit songs as contestants or score the songs as non-contestants. Any questions or problems should be sent to me (paulcanuck) via private message (PM).
  2. By the Time the Rumour Got to Me

    Thanks all for your helpful comments I've re-written the second verse to make the singer more love-struck. Hope that's better. Now, pernickety, hmmm.. I like the percussive elements of that but it is a bit OTT - will rethink. Paul
  3. Angler Merkel

    So Barney and Spanish - why don't you just come out and say it: REFUGEE = TERRORIST ..sad
  4. OK this one has a old-fashioned jazzy melody - subject to change of course. Feedback is welcome By the Time the Rumour Got to Me Copyright © 2017 Tennyson Road Music {vs} The rumour mill's been spinning its gears And gossipers are happy to feed it But the mumble that goes into their ears Gets more jumbled every time it's repeated I've loved you from the moment we met Thought we could be a couple who make it But after hearing what I did from your friend Honey, I could never ask you to fake it Because.. {ch} You told a friend Who told a friend Who told, a, friend <- there is a pause where the commas are That you had met the man of your dreams But the rumour said you didn't love me By the time the rumour got to me Well, love is a pernickety thing Only takes a little lie to defeat it And that rumour made my heart really sting I should have known enough to never believe it You told a friend Who told a friend Who told a friend That you had met the man of your dreams But the rumour said you didn't love me By the time the rumour got to me Instr.. You told a friend Who told a friend.. Who told a friend... Who told me..... But the rumour said you didn't love me By the time the rumour got to me, oh yeah By the time the rumour got to me, uh-huh By the time the rumour got to me.
  5. Hi Dale - I'm not saying the bass is wrong or isn't well played. I used to play in a band with a guitar player who sometimes played bass like this. Our real bass player used to make fun and say - why are you playing so busily? No harm meant - I'm impressed you can do all that Paul
  6. Continuing decline of radio

    Yes I believe that's how it's calculated in Canada as well - I just lucked out that time because they sampled my local radio station But they didn't mention that in the article - it sounded like no-one got anything in the US.
  7. Continuing decline of radio

    Huh? There are no royalties paid for radio play in the US? Or did I read that wrong? I think they're still paid in Canada - I remember the thrill of getting a $10 cheque for radio play (on a local station) many years ago. I was too poor to frame it - I needed that $10 Paul
  8. Stringin' Her Along

    Hi Joey Well I always like a three banger (3 chords) and this one has an honesty vibe woven through it. Great vocals and the instrumentation is nice too. It would be nice if you could make room for a guitar solo - but I guess you'd have to cut sth to get it in. I just think it could change it up a bit to keep it interesting. Not that it isn't interesting! Good stuff - more please! Paul
  9. Ah - there it is - welcome! Yep 60's bluesy rock - nice. Needs a lyric and vocal I think and the bass player is playing like a guitar player in sheep's clothing - I like a bass that plays with the drummer, not with the lead. The lead guitar has some interesting out-of-chord notes that give it a nice unstable twist. All in all a fun listen Paul
  10. I don't see a link - did you take it down or is it my browser acting up:
  11. One Day Is Enough

    I like the vibe and the guitar provides a lot of nice rhythmic and chordal elements. I would like to hear maybe light tapping of drums in the second half to keep it fresh and lighten the guitar's load. And when the guitar is played percussively like this, a sustaining instrument would be a nice way to glue everything together - maybe a cello or an organ. Or even some "oooo" harmonies would do it. Great vox and melody lines BTW. Paul
  12. Melinda

    I enjoyed that - sort of an old-fashioned marimba song. Lovely beat, nice lift in the chorus and the lead vocals are solid. I found the vox in the chorus a bit too loud, and, how to put this diplomatically, the harmonies in the chorus are quite out of tune in places. I hope that can be fixed because the song is a good one Paul
  13. Mrs. Rainbow

    It's a cool song IMO I can't think of any advice on the song or arrangement - good stuff. Production wise I think it needs more polish. The lead vox are pitchy in places and pretty dry. The bg vocals are way too dry and too loud IMO - maybe push them left and right in the mix and smother them with reverb so they don't compete with the lead vox. Not sure the outro really fits lyrically - maybe sth with Mrs Rainbow in it would hammer the hook home better. Nice work Paul
  14. Too much too little too late

    I liked this lyric great hook - almost sings itself! Perfectly positioned too. (Assume you repeat the chorus at the end) One minor suggestion above keep or sweep Paul