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  1. PaulCanuck


    Excellent stuff kuya I can feel this guy's hardship A few suggs - kos: Great story-line - good ending - good work! Paul
  2. PaulCanuck

    This Girls Love Is Not For Sale

    Hi Mr. D I like this - good fresh hook! A few suggs: Great bridge IMHO Paul
  3. Summer starts today!! (in the northern hemisphere) https://soundcloud.com/paulcanuck/summer Summer Copyright 2017 Tennyson Road Music Scholarships are really hard to get But clever girls are added to the list So it's no surprise they offered one to you But did you have to start that school On the 21st of June? Summer My Summer Summer isn't summer without you I love to hear you "Parlez-vous Francais" But Paris seems so very far away It's a golden opportunity, I know If they'd only let you choose A better time to go Oh Summer My Summer The days are warm and long and skies are blue But Summer My sweet Summer Summer isn't summer without you Summer isn't summer, no Summer did you have to go? My sweet summer
  4. PaulCanuck

    What Kind Of Man

    Good one kuya - it's a strong hook and you stay true to it. Only two tiny nits - I would reverse hairgels and ointments so it matches pimples wrinkles and curls: I'm of two minds about "new piece of ass". I can see that you want it to reflect on how the man looks upon his women, but it also reflects on the singer/protagonist for repeating it - hence the conundrum. Like the ending Paul
  5. PaulCanuck

    President Trump

    Canada became the ninth-largest recipient of asylum seekers in 2017, more than doubling the number of claims in a single year at 47,800. I think that's pretty respectable if you work it out on a per capita basis. We have a decent background-checking system that doesn't separate families and we don't have a leader that calls them criminals, rapists or gang members without a fair trial to determine it. We're far from perfect, but we do our part. BTW - crime has gone down in Germany which has been the most generous in accepting refugees (over a million).
  6. PaulCanuck

    Just curious, what's Junes contest gonna be?

    Sorry guys - I'm too busy this month - one of the other moderators has offered - I'll ping to see if still available. But it doesn't have to be a moderator - anyone else willing and able?
  7. PaulCanuck

    President Trump

    You are answering a question with a question so I'll ask it again: Have you considered torturing them? I'm just curious how far down the slippery slope you are willing to slide.
  8. PaulCanuck

    President Trump

    Have you considered torturing them? Maybe that will dissuade their parents?
  9. PaulCanuck

    Just curious, what's Junes contest gonna be?

    please stand by...
  10. Interesting! They sure look like bot plays, likes and comments. If you follow the user links, most of them have the same song posted with only a few followers. I think I'd be notifying SC - cause it gives the appearance that you paid for these.. Paul
  11. PaulCanuck


    Good rock lyric IMO. I agree with kuya on the line above - needs another syllable.
  12. PaulCanuck

    The Truth Comes Stumbling In

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting I've now finished recording the song for this if anyone is interested. Barneyboy - cheers for the review - yeah I changed that word to "wandered" - decided I didn't need an "umbled" word there after all. DonnaMarilyn - thanks donna - hope wandered works OK kuya , lyrical - hehe by you wanting the courtroom/trial to be wrapped up with a bow faster - you have unwittingly proven the point of the song. Thank you! AndyLeF - thanks Andy! Hmm I'm probably wrong but using "Each side" makes it singular so "their case" would be correct if I had said "The sides" n'est pas? Snabbu - It reads like a limerick because it is a limerick!
  13. It's a quality recording and the vox are really good. The bridge melody could be more interesting - maybe move it out of the same range as the rest of the song? but... wow - 57K plays! ..and only 37 followers - how'd you manage that? Just curious - are you paying for plays? The comments seem to be suspiciously all bunched up at the front end too. Good luck with promoting the song! Paul
  14. PaulCanuck

    Diamond in the Rough

    Good hook/idea Mike. I think the chorus could be pared a bit, unless you need the syllables: Paul