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  1. Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos Piano: Frankie Simon Vocals: Jenni Monday Verse 1: Each day I wake to feel the sunkiss on my cheek a spinning world so alive feeds power to the weak The rush of day to day it passes in a blur the well laid plans of future fade into what once were Pre-Chorus: Everybody copes and everybody prays when we hide behind a bottle these are our judgment days Chorus: You think you see right through me just a mother and a wife my secret life my secret life my secret life Verse 2: I stumble and I falter there's nothing left inside I smile to the camera and take it for a ride Escape for just a moment to watch my sorrows drown another shot of courage shuts all the demons down Pre-Chorus: These beds are all well made our dishes clean and dry the envy of the neighborhood to any passerby Chorus: You think you see right through me just a mother and a wife my secret life my secret life my secret life Outro: In the cloud of smoke and mirrors lies a mother and a wife ...my secret life
  2. You Found Me

    I am not religious, but I am a fan of Christian music and I like this a lot. Your voice is a great fit for this type of song, and the guitar is very pretty. One small change I might make is that you have a lot of "you"s already in the song, so in verse 3 you start it with "You have salvaged my life". I would change it to "salvaged my life" and elongate the "salvaged" when you sing it to make up for the 2 words that were cut out.
  3. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan

    The tin whistle is a great touch. Very entertaining song.
  4. The Other Summer

    Great harmonies.
  5. Begin Again

    I loved everything about it. You are a really good singer, and the lyrics were great. One of the guitar riffs, and the overall spirit of the song, reminded me a little bit of this song which I think you might like:
  6. All About the Rims

    The chorus is catchy and well sung. The song was too long for me though, because I really don't care much about rims (which is what it was all about).
  7. Bag of Anger

    I like the song title and lyrics. The music sounds very professional, but vocals are a little bit of a let down for me. There is nothing bad about them, but "a bag of anger" is a very emotional title but it is sung very unemotionally. Not just the lead vocals, but all the backup vocals also. I think if the lead vocals were more emotional, then the backup vocals would contrast with it better, which would be good.
  8. Wasting My Time

    I like the overall sound of the song, and the "stop wasting my time" is very memorable/catchy.
  9. Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos Vocals/Music: Chris Davidson Verse 1: The whirling twirling energy it pulses through your veins when eyes are all wide open a boundless freedom reigns Feel colors of a summer as they dance upon the wind and everything is possible just waiting to begin Chorus: The world it keeps on spinning through the laughter and the tears you blink and it's gone these are the wonder years Verse 2: You look to the heavens dream on every star and sing along to the radio from the backseat of a car Oh, to be an astronaut a fireman or spy a superhero brave and strong soaring endless skies Chorus: The world it keeps on spinning through the laughter and the tears you blink and it's gone these are the wonder years You blink and it's gone these are the wonder years
  10. I See Angels (When I'm Falling)

    Great melody, great singing, great music. An all around great song.
  11. It has a demo quality to it, like everything is far away, which is a shame because the song has a lot of good stuff going for it. Overall I like it. Edit: I took a 2nd listen using my headphones instead of my computer speakers, and it sounds much better. For most songs it does not matter that much, but for some reason for your song it did.
  12. Fly High Butterfly

    Great guitar playing. I think the song might be better if it were a little shorter, at least for an acoustic version.
  13. I like the distorted vocals a lot. It makes the song interesting, and the guitar playing and melody are great.I am not a big classic rock fan, but I actually like this.
  14. Cross of Gold

    I get the out-of-sync vibe you are going for, but I think you could reduce that a little to make it a little more catchy and understandable. The song gets a little boring because I don't really understand the words and can't predict the melody very easily. I like the undistorted melody and music (like closer to the end where the singing stops), so I think this song has a lot of potential.
  15. The Dry

    I love the music up until the singing starts. It has great opening momentum, but the timing/cadence of the singing loses that, so the melody becomes not very catchy. But, I still like the song, it is just let down a little from what it could have been.