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  1. Profit / Then It Comes

    I found the vocals very hard to understand once the Then It Comes part started. Other than that, it was nicely done.
  2. Little Big Lies

    Very creative musically and melodically. I especially like how you changed up the last 20% of so of the song.
  3. Where The Sun Keeps Shining Down

    I agree with ClintLeonard. I thought the prechorus was fine, but when I heard the first chorus, I had to check your lyrics to make sure that really was the chorus because it sounded like a prechorus or verse. But, then the amazing "real" chorus came in, and I was blown away, so you should really focus on that. It is killer! And, the whole second half of the song is very creative musically/melodically and takes it to even higher places.
  4. Yard Sale

    Great concept for a song, and great execution. The "Punjabi sword" line stands out well. As far as possible lyrical changes the other listeners pointed out, I usually get nitpicky with lyrics, but I really didn't listen to them that closely because there was so much other amazing stuff going on musically and vocally.
  5. White Lake Country Club

    I like the music and vocals, but the lyrics remind me somewhat of a jingle or commercial. Not something I will remember later, but the good performance made it enjoyable.
  6. Seerz

    Catchy music. Reminds me a little of Dave Edmunds. I didn't like the lyrics that much when I read them before the song started, but somehow you pulled it off!
  7. My Avalon

    I read the lyrics and instantly thought this must be a hard rock type power ballad. And I love power ballads, and much of the song was exactly what I liked, but the problem is I think it sounded too "easy listening" up until 1:15 in the song, so it might lose the listener if they are expecting something more hard rocking.
  8. Seasons of Life

    Great music and production. Very professional sounding. I agree with msza, that maybe something different could be done with the poem part, in terms of how it sounds. But the fact that is was spoken did not bother me at all, and having the song long is not a problem, because the song never gets boring for me. And the harmonies in the last 10%-20% of the song are a perfect touch.
  9. See About A Girl

    I like the piano, and I like the overall acoustic feel of the song. I also like how the music and vocals get more intense for a while around 2/3 of the way through the song, and then it quiets down again at the end.
  10. Flotsam & Jetsam

    Everything about it is good, other than I agree with some of the others, that it could have ended earlier (like around 3:00).
  11. Rock 'n' Roll Citizen

  12. The Nearly Man

    Great production and singing. Very catchy.
  13. Distortion

    Yes, I was originally going for a more punk rockish type feel to the song, but I don't work with any musicians who do that type of music.
  14. Distortion

    Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos Music/Vocals: Chris Davidson Verse 1: They say live life from day to day just try to smile and be on your way Pre-Chorus: When will I break free cast shadows aside jump off the edge feel the thrill of the ride Chorus: Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up) I need a spiritual abortion world, here I am burn me down give me distortion Verse 2: We scurry around just sniffing for cheese in cubicle mazes of thank you and please Pre-Chorus: Where can I run escape mankind reach higher planes explore my mind Ride monster waves of shimmering light into my dreams as they take flight Chorus: Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up) I need a spiritual abortion world, here I am burn me down give me distortion Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up) I need a spiritual abortion world, here I am burn me down give me distortion World, here I am burn me down give me distortion
  15. My Secret Life

    Yes, I agree, in my demo (the one where I sang it) I had the pre-chorus use a different melody, but this singer didn't do that.