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  1. Eric Borgos

    June Song Contest

    The 1-5 scale is the reverse of the 1-10 scale, so it is different.
  2. Eric Borgos

    June Song Contest

    Here are my thoughts on each song: Sunday Christian - Pleasant. Nothing too exciting, but nothing wrong with it. Summertime Song - Catchy. The lyrics are well written, but don't really draw me in. Kind of like a list of summer things to identify with, but didn't make me feel anything. But as a party type song, that is fine. New School - Great rhyming scheme. Very catchy melody, and I like the music. Reminds me ever so slightly of Pure by The Lightning Seeds ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6myNbk15sMs ). The Truth Comes Stumbling In - Clever commentary on the current political situation. Dreaming of You - Your singing and music create a great atmospheric quality. Tomahawk - I like the visual imagery of the song. Bottle - The lyrics fit very well with the singing/music. Right There and Then - The harmonies are nice. Love and Joy - The music and singing are good. I didn't feel any connection to the lyrics though. New Life Around the Bend - The lyrics are really good. I’m Not Giving Up On Love - Lots of nice musical touches to keep it interesting and catchy. Star In This Town (Daydream Believer) - The music is very professional sounding but I think the vocals need to be louder in the mix, or mixed differently. I know you were sick, but so maybe louder vocals might not be a good thing, but it makes it sounds more amateur the way it is with faintish sounding vocals.
  3. Eric Borgos

    June Song Contest

    Forever Lyrics and Melody: Eric Borgos, Music: Kenny Gates, Vocals: Anlaik Verse 1: When you stare into my eyes This big world melts away All the colors of my mind No longer shades of grey Echo the pulse of life Hearts beating as I fall Hypnotized and wide awake From the beauty of it all Chorus: Like a bird on a wire Just waiting to fly Wrap yourself in my arms And dream into the sky Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Verse 2: When the sunset starts to fade And our weary breath goes cold As pages turn to dust Will our story still be told Will you reach out your hand And watch the ashes fall Was it better to have loved Than never loved at all Chorus: Like a bird on a wire Just waiting to fly Wrap yourself in my arms And dream into the sky Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Bridge: You're forever in my heart Forever in my bones Forever in my blood Swimming through my soul Chorus: Like a bird on a wire Just waiting to fly Wrap yourself in my arms And dream into the sky Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Till the day that I die Till the day that I die
  4. Eric Borgos

    May Song Contest

    Here are my thoughts about each song: The Real World - tunesmithth - The melody on the verses seems too much the same for each line. Not just the melody really, but how you sing it. Your voice is very nice, but you say every line almost exactly the same way. I like the guitar part at the end, it is a good change of pace instead of just fading out using the chorus. Bring Me Home - GocartMoz - I love the vocal pacing you do at the end of each verse, kind of a like a pre-chorus, like with: "But I’ve got, Hey I’ve got to know" The guitar solo fits into the song perfectly. Your vocals seem perfect also for this song. Funky Baby - RoadDog - I read the lyrics first while the song was starting, and thought I was going to hate it, but I actually liked it. One suggestion I have is that the music is nice and funky so maybe the vocals could be a little less loud in the mix. The Night Lingers On - ScenesFromPalacio - The bass helps makes the song very catchy. Reminds me a little like if the Beatles did a song with The Cars (their early years). Never Gonna Be My Girl - moptop/Peko - Good, catchy song. Wedding Bells Still Chime - Triffid/SongWolfe - It might sound good if in the end part, you added some soft slow harmony over the fade out music saying "ohh the Wedding Bells Chime" Sent to Win - abacusmc - Great rhyming, great rapping, and great lyrics/songwriting. The beat is nice and matches your flow well. Child of the Radio - Oswlek - I like how the production of the song is very creative acoustically. A lot of little audio touches to keep it interesting. Comic Girl Life - fabkebab - I like how the chorus is very "chorusy" (catchy and dynamic). The vocals and music all come together very well in this song. Love Triangle - Zeligovitch - Good lyrical flow. Hypnotic, dangerous, enchanting, and beautiful. All of the Trees - DonnaMarilyn/Billy Playle - The lyrics are pretty. I especially like the outro: Perfect singing, perfect pacing, perfect wistful tone to end it. The Way You Make Me Feel - Mutrins - This should be on the radio. Everything about it is great.
  5. Eric Borgos

    May Song Contest

    Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos Music/Vocals: Chris Davidson Verse 1: Shelly likes to feel the breeze as it rushes through her hair the evening sunlight on the lake smell of autumn in the air Used to dance with wolves climb those mountains high flowing water, beating hearts as the stars lit up the sky Chorus: Now it's gone, gone, gone Gone, gone, gone Verse 2: Ricky likes to feel the grease and dirt under his skin the purring of 400 horses as he takes her for a spin Used to race like lightning ready, set, explode holding steady at the wheel always king of every road Chorus: Now it's gone, gone, gone Gone, gone, gone Bridge: The days go rushing by and memories start to fade we're all just bits and pieces of the wondrous plans we made So savor every moment with all you got to give the clock it keeps on ticking for this precious life we live Chorus: Until it's gone, gone, gone 'till it's gone, gone, gone gone, gone, gone
  6. Eric Borgos

    March 2018 Song Contest

    Moso - I meant the whole song. It might not sound better, but I just mean you could try a version where you mix the vocals so they are louder, without re-recording anything.
  7. Eric Borgos

    March 2018 Song Contest

    Here are my thoughts for each song: Middle Class Blues - tunesmithth - Great guitar work. Old - Moso - You might want to try a version where the vocals are louder in the mix. They seem kind of faint. Bottle of Whiskey - roaddog - The song is romantic, but then the chorus seems not so romantic. It is not comparing her to a bottle of whisky that throws me, that is fine, I think it is that the chorus does not rhyme, and also that those 2 lines seem like an unfinished description to sum up your love for her. Maybe it would be better if the chorus was longer, something like: Ohhhh! You go to my head like a bottle of whiskey! Yeahhh! Then you knock me right off of my feet. I stumble into your arms just a man incomplete You Lift Me Up - Jason Kalman - Catchy melody, and great singing. I Got The Satellite - ScenesFromPalacio - I like the lyrics, and the hook is catchy. Islamorada - neuroron - Great beach pop. Very professional sounding. Your Life - Oswlek - Pretty, sweet, and meaningful. Not My Fault - Triffid & SongWolfe - I agree, real drums would be a nice addition to the song. The melody is catchy. Future Story Told - HoboSage - I like the epic quality of the song, and the dreamy/spacey/futuristic quality to the music. Even The Devil - DonnaMarilyn - I know you still need to finalize the mix, so I would suggest the vocals be louder. They need to sound more powerful, because the singer has a powerful voice, it is just too low in the mix. I like the singer a lot. Where do the Cold Winds Blow? - SlowD - I like your guitar playing and singing. You might want try a version with your vocals a little softer in the mix, or somehow mixed better with the guitar (I am bad at mixing so I can't give advice on how to actually do it). Walking Tall - Murphster & Kuya - I like the symphony sounds around halfway through, and the hook is catchy. In general though, the song gets a little boring after a while, I think maybe because the chorus has the same exact music as the verses (even though the melody is different).
  8. Eric Borgos

    March 2018 Song Contest

    Song Title: Getaway Plan Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos, Music/Vocals: Elliott Sheridan Verse 1: Everybody with their heads buried in their phones working working for a life made of bills and loans Take me to an island oh so far away settle down on the beach for permanent vacay Pre-Chorus: Live every minute like its happy hour plant little seeds of love and let them flower Chorus: Gotta find a way to run while we still can... my getaway plan Verse 2: I wanna get lost in the palm trees take a lazy nap feel the summer breeze Tradin' stress for a drink a pink umbrella fun n laughter in the air keep ya chill and mellow Pre-Chorus: Live every minute like its happy hour plant little seeds of love and let them flower Chorus: Gotta find a way to run while we still can... my getaway plan
  9. Eric Borgos

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Here are my comments for each song: Velvet Dream - ScenesFromPalacio - I am a little unclear as to the meaning of the lyrics, but they paint a nice picture, and the music is good. Good - RoadDog - The song is good. The Usual Suspects - tunesmithth - The lyrics, singing, and guitar are all great. And I like the harmonica. Something about the song seems plain/empty to me, like maybe it could use another instrument in some parts. Tables Turn - DanJames - Very catchy. I like everything about it. Fade - Jambrains - I like how the song progresses from few instruments to many then back to piano. It keeps it interesting. Ashes of Her Bridges - moptop - You might want to try slowing the song down (you should be able to easily adjust the speed in your audio program without having to re-record the song). The music is sad/romantic ballad, but when you sing it you are trying to pack a lot of word in each line, which makes it less emotional. Mountain - SOD - Your voice is very nice, but the vocals get somewhat boring, I think because of your live mix. It is more focused on the guitar than your voice, so your vocals are in the background. The lyrics are good. Because You Are - HoboSage - It is romantic, and the music is atmospheric and catchy. The chorus is memorable and soars. 4exo27 (Forever as you are) - ClintLeonard - It started off a little slow so I was hoping it would lead into a big chorus. The chorus was nice, but not exciting, although the 2nd half of the song moved along very well. It is romantic, which is what you were going for. Sounds a little like Oasis. 4our 5ive - Boy frevm - The beat is catchy, and your singing is somewhat hypnotic and calming. If I had not read the lyrics I would have no idea what the song is about though. Gone Away - Triffid - The rhymes seem a little cliche, but your singing it nice and the music is professional and catchy. If I heard this song on the radio, like after a Philip Philips song, I would think it was from a "real" singer (signed with a record label).
  10. Eric Borgos

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Song Title: I Am Broken Lyrics/Melody: Eric Borgos Vocals/Music: Chris Davidson Verse 1: Sometimes hearts are not made to last all alone in a universe so endlessly vast I feed on your energy you feed on mine trapped in a house of glass built under a shrine Chorus: Time, it can't erase all the words our lips have spoken I'm lost I'm dark I am broken I'm lost I'm dark I am broken I'm lost I'm dark I am broken Verse 2: Sometimes I cry but don't feel the pain no signs of life on such barren terrain What takes me higher is what brings me down I still feel your touch when you're not around Chorus: Love, takes one last breath as it shatters in slow motion I'm lost I'm dark I am broken I'm lost I'm dark I am broken Outro: I'm lost I'm dark and I'm broken I'm lost I'm dark and I'm broken I'm lost I'm dark and I am broken I'm lost I'm dark and I'm broken
  11. Eric Borgos

    Profit / Then It Comes

    I found the vocals very hard to understand once the Then It Comes part started. Other than that, it was nicely done.
  12. Eric Borgos

    Little Big Lies

    Very creative musically and melodically. I especially like how you changed up the last 20% of so of the song.
  13. Eric Borgos

    Where The Sun Keeps Shining Down

    I agree with ClintLeonard. I thought the prechorus was fine, but when I heard the first chorus, I had to check your lyrics to make sure that really was the chorus because it sounded like a prechorus or verse. But, then the amazing "real" chorus came in, and I was blown away, so you should really focus on that. It is killer! And, the whole second half of the song is very creative musically/melodically and takes it to even higher places.
  14. Eric Borgos

    Yard Sale

    Great concept for a song, and great execution. The "Punjabi sword" line stands out well. As far as possible lyrical changes the other listeners pointed out, I usually get nitpicky with lyrics, but I really didn't listen to them that closely because there was so much other amazing stuff going on musically and vocally.
  15. Eric Borgos

    White Lake Country Club

    I like the music and vocals, but the lyrics remind me somewhat of a jingle or commercial. Not something I will remember later, but the good performance made it enjoyable.