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  1. A Musical Key

    Backyards of Australia

    I like it, Mick, better. You caught the mood a la kuya. The last two lines beg to rhyme with outback. Something like this perhaps? Up to you. It's good as is. We Aussies love our homes, our shacks Just not the critters in our yard out back OR It's tough to be on constant guard Against the critters in your back yard
  2. A Musical Key

    Backyards of Australia

    Way to go Mick. Not bad. It's more of a repetition of the creatures that have already been featured. A little twist is needed to make it stand out. Maybe a local witticism about your yard? Bridges are tough. Fair dinkum.
  3. A Musical Key

    Burns victim

    Just out if curiosity -- has your daughter seen this? Might be interesting...
  4. A Musical Key

    Put On Your Dancing Shoes

    It's predictable yet delectable.
  5. A Musical Key

    Burns victim

    Not up to the Australian backyard or Manley Beach. Needs a little something. @Kuya suggestion may what it needs, It's nice to see you using a bridge.
  6. A Musical Key

    I Could Have Been A Democrat

    The programs were slanted towards the Democratic ideal that I thought it was strange to say "I could've been a Democrat" when he was already enjoying the democrat classic programs. it's funnier if he's a Republican grudgingly accepting the handouts. I can see your point of view. Just churning up the water on a slow afternoon.
  7. A Musical Key

    I Could Have Been A Democrat

    Would this be more ironic if the title was "I Could've Been A Republican"?
  8. A Musical Key

    Dear “mOM”

    Rambling. Could be tightened up. I can appreciate the story but hate seldom makes a memorable lyric.
  9. A Musical Key

    Backyards of Australia

    Hey Mick, good to see your work again. Another piece of Australia. Perhaps a bridge would help tie it together. Just a suggestion. Love my backyard Have to be on guard For nasty creatures Bloody galahs Juvenile cockatoos And hungry roos But wouldn't give it up For a dingo pup
  10. A Musical Key

    One Hand On The Bible One Foot In The Grave

    I'm confused as to what you mean by "one foot in the grave and my hand on the Bible." Do you mean the singer is dying but he's hanging on to the Good Book cause he doesn't quite believe in salvation? Or is the singer being dragged down to Hell and he's taking the Book with him to fight? Or is he afraid of leaving this life? Doesn't mean I didn't like, I it just had a question regarding the title. Other than that, you've hit all the key points in a devil gonna get you song though maybe a little long. Acapella is best done sparingly. Mirror the first two verses as the last two verses only He is walking by your side.
  11. A Musical Key

    The Crappiest B-Day I Ever Had

    @JMichaels Thank you for joining me on the lunatic fringe. Yes, a chorus would help and your suggestion is perfect.
  12. A Musical Key

    Hurry Up And Wait

    Racing towards a red light, waiting on a red, going on a green, no cop no stop are phrases I've heard before.
  13. A Musical Key

    The Crappiest B-Day I Ever Had

    @kuya The stain never came out 😂 The story is fictional based on my brother and I going to the movie on his birthday. We burst through the door at home spouting lines from the movie, Unknown to us, our grandmother was in the other room. She shot our moment all to hell "I don't see what's so funny about throwing cows off a castle!: My mom saved us further skewering by escorting her out to the kitchen for birthday cake. That's the seed that became the bean stalk. My grandfather was never there.
  14. A Musical Key

    The Crappiest B-Day I Ever Had

    Thanks @PaulCanuckfor doing more than a drive by of this humorous epic. I like it. As you noted, the rhymes are good. I worked hard on that for the last several weeks. But I didn't work on the rhythm and that's a major mistake, I guess I just hoped that would happen. One thing I've found, is that I can not write a lyric without humor. I have a tell. If a lyric ends with a bon mot (It's French for good word as in appropriate) or a reversal, there's a good chance it's mine. I just can't help myself. Thanks @Jimpate for the vote from a Grand Pappy who js so happy.
  15. A Musical Key

    The Crappiest B-Day I Ever Had

    I wrote this as a sort of "The Night Before Christmas" based on my brother's birthday years ago. Definitely a limited audience. Hope you get a chuckle out of it even if you aren't familiar with the movie. THE CRAPPIEST B-DAY I EVER HAD My birthday at the movies with my Granddad Was by far the crappiest B-day I ever had We saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail See Granddad was British or so he tells the tale He couldn't stop laughing at those coconuts Or the knights who say Nee like they were nuts African or European drove him to a frenzy That reached a crescendo with killer bunnies But when those French dudes were rude I thought he reached a new altitude We came home after the movie with Granddad See that's what got Grandma so mad He was so happy my Grand pappy Summed the plot up so snappy I smiled because he forgot to mention The French farting in our general direction Knowing now what was to transpire It's cranky old grandma I have to admire See, Granddad was getting ready to fart But then he looked up with a start And said with a half-broken grin Honey, I just soiled the pants I'm in She glared for a minute maybe more Then turned on her heel and out the door Saying these famous last words Loud enough so everyone heard Your grandson can clean your pants See I can be rude like those dudes from France And remember while you're in the loo I would have gone to the movie too That birthday at the movies with old Granddad Was by far the crappiest B-day I ever had © 2018 Gary Rademan