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  1. A Musical Key

    Men don’t pole dance

    When his tight shorts begin to creep We get more than a peep As we realize He's not circumcised Don't get defensive About the pole dance You really are impressive With that circumference I have no shame I'm glad he's my dad I like this game Of a lad gone bad As his thigh grips tighter We realize he's got hose Like a firefighter When he loses his clothes
  2. A Musical Key

    Men don’t pole dance

    North Pole, South Pole We're all bipolar
  3. A Musical Key

    Men don’t pole dance

    You do realize that a pole is another term for penis? Gives the lyric a whole new perspective, don't it?
  4. A Musical Key

    Toys were us

    Since when are lyrics factually accurate? 🙂
  5. A Musical Key


    I like revision 4, it reads more like a complete vision than version 1. But that's the way i's supposed to work - you write, we suggest, you remodel and BAM! your lyric works. Now if you could only replace shitting with spawning, spewing, squatting or squeezing. But I can see why you'd want to keep shitting for street cred. Good one!
  6. A Musical Key

    Toys were us

    I like this. Maybe a spot for "thrown under our own bus" in the chorus?
  7. A Musical Key


    Freaks and empty souls Emerge from shadows Frothing to take control By knife gun or illness A choking death grip Ah, the violence of chaos The lawless don't give a rip
  8. A Musical Key


    Anarchy has been overused as a theme in metal. Calling it lawlessness is a step in the right direction. Would the lyric work if it was called Gathering Of The Lawless?
  9. A Musical Key

    Waitin' On You Blues

    Some style issues. This needs a bluesy feel. Make your lyric effortless to read. Ditch the key. Write out your chorus. "Waiting on you" is not a phrase used often. "Oh you" reads weak to me esp as a rhyme for "on you."
  10. A Musical Key

    Half-Baked Love

    Paul, this a blues shuffle if I ever heard one. Met her at a cookin' school (da duh Da duh) I'm fryin' fries (da duh Da duh) She's stewin' stew (Da duh da duh) We reached for the same oven glove (duh) I thought it fate (Duh da duh)
  11. A Musical Key

    May Lyric Contest

    Since you raised your hand, what would you have us do? This contest is a small blemish on the buttocks of the world and we can certainly wait a day for our fellow contestants. Longer than that would cause me to bellow "it's rigged, rigged I tell you!" You're right I have nothing else to do.
  12. A Musical Key


    Remember, these are just suggestions that we help but it's your lyric. You know what the vision/feel is for your song. It's good to see you're going to consider the ideas. I can never decide if the words I suggest are amazingly insightful or intrusive meant to make the song more like I would write. Or worse yet, it's just me showing off. I'll go with insightful. There is no good writing. There is only good rewriting. Harry Shaw, in Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them
  13. A Musical Key


    Welcome to the Muse! This is a worthy effort especially since you worked hard on those juxtapositions. But it did take a second read before I realized it was about a girl's jealousy of another girl. Maybe a bridge would help focus things. Actually, I liked your rhymes - different but different is good here. Bridge You're so bitter If he served you vinegar You'd call it champagne And relish the pain Oh, and SB's suggestion above about the chorus is a good one.
  14. A Musical Key

    Banjos Are Welcome

    Thanks Paul. Have at it. I think your idea is very promising. I play guitar and bass but am not that good. Your skills are much better suited for this. Your suggestion for the last line in the chorus is def decent. Thanks again for your interest.
  15. A Musical Key

    Banjos Are Welcome

    Andy! Thanks. Those suggestions put me back to the toe tapper I thought I had written.