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  1. A Musical Key

    Let the heavens rain on me

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  2. A Musical Key

    Under the Bridge

    Won't you please go back? Feels too polite for an army of trolls swarming your bridge.
  3. A Musical Key

    Sorry, lover

    Images and wording are interesting. Lyrics don't need quotations and are seldom centered. The reader should know what this song is about in the first line or two. The reader has no clue until "And darling I'm so sorry..." There's too much apologizing and images. A chorus with the hook "Sorry Lover" and trimming would help focus this. Good start! Everyone reads lyrics differently. This is just my opinion. See what others have to offer,
  4. A Musical Key

    Let the heavens rain on me

    John - SO MUCH better! Effortless read and meaning. You learned some things, didn't ya? These things aren't cheap. Well done. Of course, we'll be looking at your next lyric...
  5. A Musical Key

    Goodnight Texas, Goodnight Carolina

    I just bought a Townes CD box set (well okay it is only 4 discs) and I do find this lyric in the same vein. Intentional or not, the lyric stands on it's own. A few touches recommended (Billy's are subtle but good and so are Andy's suggestions, hell they're all good!) Hope to see more.
  6. A Musical Key

    This Is Divorce

    This is divorce, my friend This is divorce Adding "my friend" makes this instantly more relatable -- like you're telling it to a confidante.
  7. A Musical Key

    Molly Brooker

    Simon - Very nice. I didn't realize you had so many songs out there. Very neat and impressive.
  8. A Musical Key

    Sydney in the summertime

    My bad. I was trying to be clever and missed.
  9. A Musical Key


    Carl, l like where this has ended up. It has a distinct cadence and a metal (not rock) voice I haven't heard from you before. The tone is consistent and it reads like every word has been carefully vetted. Solid effort. I hear Five Finger Death Punch doing this quite well. Gary
  10. A Musical Key

    Sydney in the summertime

    Manly Beach? I was confused for longer than I should have been. My mind is getting soggy. You've been quite prolific with your lyrics. Pretty good. Keep it up, quay?
  11. A Musical Key

    Today Is Everything

    This arrangement highlights the best lines in the lyric. Better than I imagined in my mind. Congrats to the team!
  12. A Musical Key

    Molly Brooker

    SW - I was confused by this story. The message in the closing "Life is not fair" does not match the story. You play with fire you will burn is closer to the lesson here.
  13. A Musical Key

    June Lyric Competition

    I was one of the 4.0 voters. I found many of the lyrics to be substandard. Either the story was poor, the word choice was poor, or the lyric was not executed well or not engaging as they have been in the previous months. It's no secret I am a hard grader given my comments in Lyric Feedback. It's probably time for me to relax after a year of voting and recalibrate. There is such a thing as too much honesty.
  14. A Musical Key

    June Lyric Competition

    I especially enjoyed God Ain't In Texas
  15. A Musical Key

    MP3 killed the CD

    I Want My MP3!