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  1. I Don’t Want a Goodbye Kiss

    Yes, I like this too. The content is the usual love be damned sentiment but you phrased it so it was interesting. As an alternate title I kind of like TIME TO GO.
  2. Girl, Don't Do It

    How about chopping the friend out of it? POV fixed. Might be easier for the singer / listener to understand.
  3. Judging Lyrics

    Don't sweat it BB. It'll happen for you. Embarrassment doesn't exist on the Internet.
  4. The War revised 9-10

    Infighting and backbiting Scrambling for the choice piece Many fear our legacy The war will never cease
  5. Jekyll and Hyde

    Hey =Bob= ! I like the "I'm seeing red" line and think it could benefit the lyrics if sparingly repeated. The J&H lines could flow better. Not sure how. Just a feeling. Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing Dr and Mr.
  6. The War revised 9-10

    Right. Something something isn't helpful. Here's some stray thoughts as to what I meant to add those sharp observations. They may not fit for your lyric but hey they may spark other ideas. War is in our DNA Kids play army Blood from conflicts has soaked the earth many times over Warriors/hunters for thousands of years Each tribe looks out for number 1 If a religion supports war, is it really a religion? Number 1 is always feeling the dog sniffing behind As far as specific comments, the opening verse doesn't pull me in.
  7. The War revised 9-10

    I can hear the Pink Floyd sound on this but I what I don't hear are the sharp observations so often in their writing. Your lyrics are sturdy. They just need a little something something.
  8. SHe's Back

    Thanks @=Bob= got it.
  9. SHe's Back

    Hey Bob. What did you mean by this? Something along the lines of "the bitch is back?"
  10. Love is beautiful

    Message received. Nicely done. For some reason, V3 reads better as "a larger step is taken/ still the world is not shaken" to me. Hey at least we're moving forward.
  11. SHe's Back

    Mike, Killer hook, really liked the reversal at the end of the bridge. This next line caused a momentary bittersweet reaction on my part which may provide absolutely no insight to your lyric. Seen her walking down the street A guy usually freaks out a little when this happens esp if she doesn't see you. Men dread the things that she might say: The vacuous "Hey. you look great, how you doing?" The equally meaningless "I hope we can be friends" or "Yeah we can do that. Let me call you." "Asshole!" Pick one from above or use your own. Then use it as the epitaph for the gravestone of your relationship.
  12. Your Barking Up the Right Tree

    Paul said it so much clearer than I did.
  13. Your Barking Up the Right Tree

    Your in the title instead of You're. Not sure an unsigned good luck card (Hallmark has one for this?) is the into best way into this. Shakespeare? I get that you mean the quality of writing of the card isn't that good but I'm still not sure if you weren't referring toa passage from one of his plays. Rang off I get. My biggest concern is that :barking up the right tree doesn't seem to be an integrated part of the song. Reads like an early draft.
  14. I'm Just A Poor Boy

    I -- like the others -- found the finished product -- the sum of the lyrics music and voice -- to be greater than its parts. Well done. I thought it had a Billy Joel vibe to it. The only two points I'll make: One - Poor Boy was repeated a tad too many times but I know choruses are supposed to do that. Two - What doesn't he have that makes him poor? Truth and meaning? Kudos.
  15. "The Lady"

    This is a story song and has many aspects to it - she's praying, her sons have all died in the war, her best friend dies, she wins the lottery, her brother is a heavy smoker, etc. The ending is not clear to me. The song appears to be about The Lady's suffering and her disappointment in the world. That I get. If you want to make this more accessible to the listener, I'd boil it down to a smaller version. If you're looking to keep close to the original, I'd trim it up a bit so each verse is clear and has a similar structure. A chorus would be a big help in focusing this.