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  1. My Valentine

    Good to see you back with a clever lyric. Clever as i it is, the lyric is based on the awkward rhyme valentine / concubine. Amber doesn't work until the end.
  2. Black and white rewrite

    Hey Clemo, a very thoughtful review from @Curtainjerker I absolutely loved her unintended lyric for this "I fear my own government more than any one fanatic." It may not fit but it's a great insight. My thoughts. Take a verse to set your audience up for what's coming. Something that gives us a quick intro to your world. (V1) Back in the day, the world seemed so sharp so clear Life was simpler, death was not something to fear Our decisions had weight to them, the world felt right Where we could sleep safely in our beds at night Also, consider your chorus without the black and white in the first line. Just keep it in the last line of each chorus. It seems to work better.
  3. Some day

    Some Day I liked the concept of this: A guy put in a tough spot by his junkie friend. I understand you're looking at it from the viewpoint of "I knew this would kick me in the ass some day!" but I think there's more here for a hard rock story especially the way V1 dives right in. Soft spots: Generic title, the line "knew it would kick some day" is an incomplete thought, Backpack/backtrack
  4. Peko, I like this. Two minor suggestions: The bridge could use a " Run Jane Run. OK, maybe not. But what if you could shoehorn "cowboy hat-itude" in there that might add a little sparkle to your shiny here. BTW, I tell my friends it's called walking money because you have it hidden in your shoe. Also referred to as emergency fund or my personal favorite screw you money in case someone says screw you or you have to say it first (Like take this job and shove it!) Or what if her man found it? A little late with that one. I digress. My vote is for the most recent version
  5. A Promise Made

    BB - Glad you took a look at the issue. You wrote this and all we can do is advise. My rule of thumb is if one or two reviewers have the same concern, by all means, go your own way, push back. But if three reviewers have the same concerned, as a writer you should check it out. Which you did. It's like if two friends tell you that you look sick, you might not pay any attention to them. But if a third friend says you look sick, it's time at least look in the mirror. Good luck with The Promise Made. A Musical Key
  6. Frostbite

    A song about getting frostbite from the proverbial ice princess without copyright infringements from Frosty, Jack Frost or Frozen! I liked it but felt the lines and rhymes were too easy. It needs some sculpting. How about giving the princess a name like Crystal Lynn? Might be some additional word play possibilities. Is the term get frost bit? Certainly an easy lyric to sing.
  7. On King William Island

    SW, It's a shame the composition has time limitations. The bridge has the entire story which seems a bit unusual. Good job. I like it when you share your projects with us. Living in Wisconsin near Lake Michigan The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot came mind when reading this. And of course this quote from the Titanic which I use since it fits loosely given the constraints. Thank you for that fine forensic analysis, Mr. Bodine. Of course, the experience of it was... somewhat different. Old Rose
  8. Crits needed please

    The black and white of it aren't clear and makes for a difficult read as we try to figure it out. You don't want people to hear your lyric and get a puzzled look on their face. Some interesting word play. I recommend a listen to Jamey Johnson's song "In Color" to see how we need to keep our images clear and clean.
  9. A Promise Made

    Needs a mood or emotion. Right now, the lyric is more of an outline of what happened then a reaction to the events. The guys kind of pathetic waiting 8 years before smacking his forehead with his hand and saying "that girl in Wyoming, of course!" Story and construction are okay just needs some emo to go with it. I hope this helps.
  10. Dark Cloud - updated 01/31/2018

    Hey Paul, It was a pleasure to read this. John Lee Hooker would be proud. I do think it needs bit more grit. My vote: Repeat that awesome hook like good old John used to do. Dark cloud, dark cloud Don't come here no more Dark cloud, dark cloud Don't you be here no more
  11. Winner of the 2017 Lyric of the Year Contest

    Well done guys! It's truly a challenge of winners. Paul, Donna and Peko were my songwriter's jealousy votes for top three. Paul you outshine us all. The rest of us did well. Congrats to everyone and LyriCal and voters.
  12. A Plea from Your Heart

    The heart is struggling. The chest is trying to shield the heart from further distress by singing let me be then shifts to what the universal desire is to let me be... loved. Or on a simpler note, it's a reveal. Sorry about the lack of explanation. Now that I've explained it, I don't know if it makes sense to anyone but me.
  13. A Plea from Your Heart

  14. Passengers

    Mike B. I remember this one. I liked the "Are we just passengers along for the ride." theme. Which does sound like a sermon I've heard on Sunday. But this doesn't sound too preachy' Minute suggestion. Don't be afraid Can't just go along for a ride It might sound better (to me) because"Don't be afraid' seems to be the more familiar phrase.
  15. Old Sitcoms

    Instead watching I Love Lucy, I was having something a bit more juicy. I like the title. I think it fits the intent of the lyric (to me) as a constant lamenting of all the shows he was missing due to his new lifestyle. Bitcoin was clever.