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  1. Hi Ho Motel

    Thanks Dan Im glad you like it
  2. Hi Ho Motel

    This is an old song I recorded I believe almost 10 years ago
  3. A new forum section about sound design

    Ok got it lol it is like an image looking like something else. I guess moss would work too or rust in the chip
  4. A new forum section about sound design

    I will have to google translate resemble I only speak two languages but that word slipped totally lol
  5. A new forum section about sound design

    My experience throughout the years here (I have reached being a muses muse twice) trying to enthusiast people with thoughts about new stuff is I am sad to say not very good. This place seem to be a steam engine place but I really hope maybe this could change that and wish you good luck.
  6. New family picture

    Love that picture you got a nice collection. I only have 9 lol
  7. The best Christmas song ever...

    My daughter already wrote it so there is no need for more and its simply called merry christmas lol https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11272140
  8. Greetings from Bali, Indonesia

    Hello and welcome
  9. guitars

    I sold them
  10. Free Online Conference for Songwriters

    Writing a song is that even possible? Some so called songwriters wont even bother with the music but buy it from someone. If a song doesnt come to you more or less by itself its not a song its a product.
  11. Pro or homemade both can be good or bad it is the song itself that is important. If it is a good song it does not need many tracks and instruments. I also think the aproach playing and recording it live is the best way to go. You probably can use your laptops builtin soundcard cause almost every modern computer have ok soundcards these days. Then you need something like a small cheap Behringer mixer and hook it up to your computers audio input. Those mixers sound pretty ok and do have mic preamps, almoast always at least two per unit. There are lots of good recordingsoftware out there but choose one that works and looks as close as possible to a real mixer. This will make it easier and probably speed things up in the beginning when you start out with this. Its also the cheapest best quality setup and still very usefull when you get more advanced. Condencer mics that work ok and sometimes even very good doesnt have to be so exspensive either. place your mic as close to your instrument as possible and try to figure out so that it covers the "space" of the sound you wanna capture and start playing or singing. Watch the meeter on the mixer and slowly increase the gain knob till it is the closest you can to 0 db without clipping. Hit rec in your daw and youre recording, easy peasy. If you have access to a mac and Logic 9 and filmed it with your phone just drag the video in to Logic. Logic at least Logic 9 can separate audio from video so you can synch up your reording with help from the audio from the video. Then you would eport your song out of Logic with the audio track you recorded in Logic instead of the track from the cam/phone. Or you could buy a soundcard that works with your mobile phone or ipad etc etc. They do produce avesome video and sound today but the mics are often not so good and the built in compression is nothing you normally want in a music recording. Behringer also have the Istudio, its a recording unit for an Ipad? I got one and I demoed it on youtube but in Swedish.
  12. Collaborator

    Sorry but there is no way to be sure an amatuer could not do it just as good. You see making music it is nothing like going to the doctor at all. And the concept quality is not cut in stone when it comes to music it varies a lot depending on who is listening to the piece. In my case I am a professional carmechanic and lots and lots of amateur carmechanics throughout the world beat me in fixing cars so... Mostly cause they have the time they need at hand but still.... when a pro carmechanic works against the clock so the customer gets it in time as promised. When I go shopping for food I hear pro music in the speakers over the frozen meat counters and to be honest with you even if it is recorded and processed proffessionally all the way through to a finnished product it sucks so bad. You can get to hear lots of different genres there but its the same it becomes some kind of wallpaper or something at the best and I do not think about it as music at all. I do not want to be rude or anything but the pro concept is just not my thing, it does not really say much besides that there is money involved. And I like amatuer music even the music I make myself Music should be fun not comercial. Check out this Chinese music video