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  1. After a few minutes there are some guys playing drums in an ruin of an old monastary. I was out filming and suddenly I hear hand drums playing. You could hear them for miles.
  2. It is just that I am frustrated over that everything computer or internet or phone/tablet related gets changed and updated all the time. Sooner or later that means you will have to upgrade your hardware. I personally have a bunch of very good computers that wont work on the internet today cause they cannot use the latest required software of all the sorts you need for it. They still work (and very good) for multichanell pro audio recording mixing and mastering even som light video work. As a user here I could not see any problems what so ever with the old look and the only new feature I have seen so far is that it actually works to broadcast live to the threads now. But I take your word for it that this is easier to keep rolling.
  3. I am doing a live stream test to youtube to check out sound and video quality when you paste the stream in to posts on internet forums. If you happen to watch make sure you go for the highest settings you can and preferably 1080. Its not a show at all just a test, I will test to play some guitar to test how it sounds live. The stream gets recorded to youtube so I can watch and listen afterwords how it worked and experiment till I get it as good as it can.
  4. G
  5. Specially on an Ipad it looks really strange and I see no new features that make anything different to the better. Im sorry but I do not apreciate change if it does not mean things get better. The old look worked just fine and have been working very good over the years (Ive been around here for years not sure but I think close to 10 years (been a muses muse two times but been backed down when the site crashed etc etc so I had to start over)) and I am sure any new software would offer ways to keep that look. So I really hope this is just some beta testing. thanks
  6. I am sorry to say I liked the old look of muses much better than this.
  7. To get feedback give too
  8. Its hard on your eyes with that lamp hitting you everytime the Singer moves but besides that its a cool dong
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  10. I like this, To me over here in Sweden its a little confusing though how such a big nation got only two political parties. I believe we have at least 7 and we are a very small country with only 9 million people. Whats more is that the cirkus round the elections looks at least this time as a Hollywood movie to fantastic to be true but I guess it is.
  11. I like this its a beautiful piece of music. I realized I actually had listen to a few of your songs before and I like them. Keep up the good work
  12. A

    Thanks you are very kind Im gonna check out your songs
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  14. About ABBA not being popular only in english speaking countrys is not so strange since they are swedish and won the the swedish qualificayions of the Eurovison songcontest and represented us in the big finals where they did good too think they won actually. In Europe and throughout the world english speaking nations are not very many Im afraid, many of us can speak english though.
  15. It really is very strange I am swedish and never liked their music even though they had elite musicians and recording technicians promotion everything. The music is and was way to plastic and comercial for at lot of us here back then and now. Over time it seems you forget that but now when I saw this thread it came back lol. So back to the question there just cannot be anything special its just people go see it as people often do when many enough have seen something. It almost never have anything to do with quality.