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  1. Burnin_Sven

    Oh my...

    Övergår till engelska så dom inte flippar ut hehe. Nice to see more swedish guys here. Yeah it looks and sounds cool think I am gonna have to get one too. You got som really cool songs on your soundcloud.
  2. Burnin_Sven

    Oh my...

    Ser fin ut minsan
  3. Burnin_Sven

    Acousitic guitar recording

    Cakewalk is free but it is PC only I believe but maybe you can run it using bootcamp on your mac.
  4. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Did you ever check that it actually can run the program? My old hackmac with a 3770k i7 cpu (it is like 5 years old or so) and a gtx 960 4 gig (I belive it is) graphicscard can. But with heavy lifting tasks I have to go down to work with optimized media instead of the original files. And yes the time it takes to make full hd 1080p with other programs are usually so much longer than with Resolve even the free version. But you need a computer that can handle it. But then again most modern computers can at least handle hd with it. So I am sorry I do not know why your computers cannot, it is indeed a little strange.
  5. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    You posted before me so I did not read what you wrote before I posted my replay lol. Whats the specs of your two computers? Will the video play in the media tab and color tab and just not in the edit tab? If you remove the photos and only keep the video will it play back then? What file format is it, Mp4, mov ....?
  6. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Ok. I think before version 14 you got nowhere without a good video card like at least a 4 gig gti 960 card or something for the calculations inside the program and if you could afford it it worked better with two. One for the programs calculations and one for the graphical interface. With version 14 they made the program more efficient so it is not that critical with two videocards no more to avoid lag but of course the better card the better the program works so if you wanna work with 4k files even mp4 you need a good one. I have a gti 1080 8 gig card in my machine. But like I said before you can use the optimized media function and do all the work on lower resolution files and when youre done and render/bounce out your video instead of the optimized media you bring in the original/real files and go to sleep or something and let the computer work. I guess one have to remember that Resolve is targeted for the pro market so it wants some juice to be able to do all the cool stuff you can do with it. I probably never will use more that 25 % of its ability but who cares its free lol. I know guys like us here probably wont need a fancy program like this even if its fre but it renders out the videos so much quicker than any other program I tried before. You got presets in it for the best youtube settings when you upload files. You can mix file types like mov mp4 and raw etc etc on the same timeline. With version 15 I believe it is the worlds only program where you can color correct and edit video, work with sound and special effects all in the same program.
  7. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Yes you need a graphicscard that can "take it" but download Resolve 14 it is there too and you can download it. Scroll to about 1:41 I did not want to record and upload so I just streamed it and it takes some time to set it up. Go to the page click support then davinci resolve fusion and go for 14.3.1 under the same version of the studio which is the paid for version. Sorry bout the wrong headline on the videoclip I forgot to change it on youtube before I started the live stream.
  8. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Ok hopefully it goes away then lol lol. I know people have been having problems with win 10 and some permission thingys on PC, I took for granted that was for BM designs hardware though but who knows. My Lenovo laptop run on Win 10 and I believe it is a pretty recent year model. Anyway PM maybe I can help you over skype but I am no expert though.
  9. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    There is a free version and a paid for version so you must have downloaded the paid for version I think its called studio or you miss understod something in the installationprocess. I have been using the free version for years so I know for real you do not need a control surface for it. The free version is super good so you do not really need the paid for in my opinion. I run it on both Mac and PC. I use it on some pretty powerfull machines even for 4k resolution video. Its one Hackmac with an i7 cpu and a 1080 graphics card and a blackmagic design mini monitor (the thunderbolt version) hooked up to a 32 inch Samsung flatscreen tv I use as my monitor and a Y720 Lenovo PC laptop with a 4k display. But with 720p and also 1080p a slower computer works since you can lower the resolution on the files you work with to make it easier on the computer and replace them with the real stuff when you are done editing and you bounce/render out the finished video. The lenovo laptop is avesome it has thunderbolt (I use tb for one of my cams) and ofcourse usb3 (so I can hook up my gopro via a elgato Camlink hdmi to usb3 capture card). So with the mics and the cheap Subzero mixer I am also mobile/portable and get a pretty ok quality (with OBS as my broadcasting software) even when I broadcast live.
  10. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Nope you do not the only thing you need to operate this program is your computer. @ tunesmith what is so funny?
  11. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Sorry I disapointed you but I belive you must have overlooked something. I use only my computers got no extra hardware/control surfade running the free version of Davinci Resolve and it works great. Check this out! I like eko friendly stuff so I bought this for my mother and filmed while we tested it. From a couple of days ago. Davince Resolve 14 point something
  12. Burnin_Sven

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    Blackmagic Design have a free version of Davinci Resolve that is supergood. Davinci Resolve is and have been used for Hollywood movies as I understand so this is good stuff for sure. The free version is so good I do not think I ever will need the paid for version. You got normal editing like cut and paste, multiple video and audio tracks, you can adjust colors, correct colors, stabilize footage, there is an audio mixing section in it and in version 15 they implemented Fusion the "special effects" program also used in Hollywood movies. So it is well worth to check out. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/ I made this freaked out video of our magnolia tree with Resolve
  13. Burnin_Sven

    Studio performance skills

    It is scary the first few times but that is just how it is but it will go good no worries just go for it. I would practice recording video with a mobilephone to get used to how I sound and look while playing and singing. Good luck
  14. Thanks for the reply, I used a lens that cannot produce a brighter picture but you are right it should be a lot brighter. I streamed it live to youtube but it also gets saved there to watch later. I wanted to test the gear4music mixer how it performs since it is a really cheap mixer. The only thing I noticed so far is that I have to set the volume pretty high to get a good signal compared to my two cheap Behringer mixers. It sounds good though which surpriced me to be honest lol. It is possible to do live broadcasts to a thread here on the forums. The quality will depend on what gear you use but even with a webcam it should work out pretty ok. The easiest way for the audio is to use one of these cheap mixers with USB connectivity. The software for the broadcast I used here is OBS. It is a free software for both mac and pc and works very good.