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  1. Joan

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Ron and I have a pretty advanced draft at this point. The song is all but completely written and the rest is Ron working his arrangement magic. I think my voice will be on the final providing harmony, and I’m working on a solo version for performing. Ron is Aces!
  2. I played here a couple of nights ago. A friend did a video tape of the performance, but the video or camera crapped out just before the very last song. So here’s five songs out of the six, Plus the patter that was supposed to lead up right into the sixth one:
  3. Joan

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Dave, it sounded terrific.
  4. Joan

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Big congratulations to Tom, Paul and David! I had all your songs down as winners this month. I really appreciate everyone who posted such in-depth and generous feedback on the entries. I’m trying to pull my own thoughts together and might have something to post in the next couple of days. I don’t do critiques much anymore, because for some reason they never land where I aim them. Over and over, something that feels like a flaw or annoying stylistic tic turns out to be pretty central to how that person creates. One thing I can say is that I was absolutely blown away by the high level of instrumental work across the board this month. Really beautiful guitar and piano work.
  5. Joan

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Down from the Trees words and music by Joan Kennedy Playing in the garden, the boy and the girl The snake that burned our brand-new world We were fully grown and we were one day old I was the temptress; so you've been told Yes, I guess I was a brat, like that was such a sin I chased that boy 'til he just gave in He was not the burly mate my granny had in mind His fur was thin, his head was huge; his smile struck me blind Ch: And we ran from where we were born Up from our hands and our knees When you mean to be human you need to be warned It's a long way down from the trees Our wobble-headed young, they'd scream like birds Their brains were bursting with brand-new words And they grew so crafty, strong and tall Our clan was afraid we'd soon be ruling them all Banished by our dimwit tribe, we left them far behind You could say we rolled the dice for all humankind You can blame me for your troubles, but not the way they said I'm just the girl who got the boy with the big, round head Ch: And we ran from where we were born Rafting clear across the seas When you mean to be human you need to be warned It's a long way down from the trees When I was an ocean cell, I pulled my self in two We swam and learned to crawl and stood up tall like babies do And all we've known forever, all we staggered through All the dreams we've ever dreamed have recombined in you Ch: And we ran from where we were born To scavenge, to starve, and to freeze When you mean to be human you need to be warned It's a long way down from the trees
  6. Joan

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Can we consider streamlining the scoring system? It seems to me a song is more effective for evoking strong emotions in the listener, than for getting the listener to correctly guess what emotions the song writer was trying to evoke. If you’re writing from shame and a scorer marks it down as guilt, it’s not the songs fault and it might still be an incredibly moving song lyric.
  7. Joan

    Virtual song-swap-open-mic?

    Hope this thread is still alive, it sounds like a wonderful idea and I’d like to join in if we do this.
  8. Special congratulations go to our February 1+1 top scorers: The S, Sweeter Side of Somber Paul Canuck, The Trouble Is.... And a tie for third place between Murphster, Only Love Will Rescue Me And Ironknee, Starry Eyed Every song entered made it into someone’s top four. Bare-bones announcement here, can’t do colors and font sizes on my phone. This would be a month to do it up big, though, with such a terrific crop of sparsely arranged beauties. And several voters commented that they’d like to have voted for more than four entries. If that’s you, it would be great to mention the ones here in this thread, that you liked, and why. The more entries we have, the more top scorers I can announce. The top third plus one. Many thanks to our non-contestant judges: Mose, DonnaMarilyn, tunesmith, Art1108, and Short Order Kook, for taking the time and trouble of listening, picking your top four, and sending those picks to me. Good on you, guys!
  9. One more day to vote! I’m taking votes til midnight tomorrow, and I’ve heard from all but 2 of our entrants. I’ll be on the road tomorrow and for the rest of the week but will post the winners from my cell phone. What could possibly go wrong????
  10. The scoring phase of the February 1+1 competition has commenced. Between now and midnight (Pacific Time) March 6, each contestant needs to send me your four favorite entries: the songs that impressed or inspired or moved you the most in this competition. The order of your four picks doesn’t matter. For scoring purposes, they’ll all be weighted the same. On March 7, I’ll post the names of the four songs that received the highest number of votes. As always, noncontestant voters will be very welcome. Not that it's happened, but don't vote for your own entry even though it's probably one of your four favorites. Good luck, everyone!
  11. Joan

    Collaboration Contest

    Maybe instead of cutting the numbers, you could have as many teams as there are musicians. Maybe each team could have two or three lyricists, depending on how the eventual numbers shake out.
  12. Take your time, I’m taking entries through next Tuesday night.
  13. Joan

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Tom, we have a 1+1 under way now. If any or all of you could work up entries, that would be wonderful.
  14. I meant to let the messages die down from the January comp before beginning the February comp, but that comp is enjoying a lively post contest conversation. And that is always a good thing. But if I wait much longer we will be running out of February days, so I hereby decree that the February 1+1 song comp is now open for entries. Good luck, everybody!