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  1. Collaborator

    Hello Mylene. Thank you for using my request for self-marketing
  2. TED Talk

    By first reading this it was like "hmm.... "... I was like... not so good. Then I started "singing" it (in my head) to a Janson Mraz tune and came to the conclusion... Jason Mraz does write a similar Kind of conversational lyrics... which I don´t really like, but in a style like this, it might work. Altough the chorous would really Need some work - it is too technical/documentary...
  3. "Todays music vs. "classics"

    Yeah, I do listen to indie rock/indie pop. And you are right, they will not be played on the mainstream radio stations in Austria, therefore the country is too small. And "Fm4" - the only radio station in Austria to play only "Indie" and "Alternative" cannot cover it all ... so Apples own "Indie Radio Station" is good
  4. "Todays music vs. "classics"

    Yeah, you are right. There was a lot of crap in the 1960s ... even Dylan had an Album with no brilliant tunes.... But I´m not referring to "classics" only... I am well familiar with the albums of many artists of the 60 by owing their whole cataloge on vinyl and even some of the "not so familiar" songs strike my heart more then some songs that are played on the radio these days... and it´s not because I grew up in the 60th, I grew up in the 90th but somehow got "lost", musically. But when I think about the last ... two decades of music (gosh... I got old) there was not much that became a "hit" that got stuck in my head. I never got close to acts like "Rhianna" or Beyonce or anything like this. I cannot get close with this music. Coldplay was/is good. Green day is still doin fine, but I grew up with them in the 90th so ... it does not count. Katey Perry sold many records and became a big star... but will their songs be "classics" someone will listen to in 20 years? OK ... the "hughest" star in the last couple of years was Adele... she has a brilliant voice, her songs are personal and good. Many people like their music, that´s obviouse... so maybe she can become "classic"... (still, her music is not really my cup of tea) ... For me the "good music" played today are only some Indie-Groups.... but... for example...finding a folk singer or a Singer/Songwriter with something to say is difficult. Maybe there is someone out there and I havn´t found him or her yet
  5. The Sum of Smaller Stories

    Hi - well people mentioned... some lines are too long to get a rythem by only readig it, but IF you already have a melody for it - stick to the melody and it will be fine! What I like about this lyric is, that you are trying to paint pictures, tell a story and how you kept it simple. I like it when lyrics are told like you were talking to someone. OK, you might use other words when you write it down... but you should get the picture what I mean. So I really have to say: Not bad John :).
  6. friend zone

    Hi Dina, just a warm welcome - we know each other from the Songwriter-Facebook Group
  7. Hi, was just wondering if anyone can relate to my "experience". Well.. my Apple Music account is always trying to suggest musicians/groups to me I might like. The last couple of days I listened to a couple of suggestions - mostly were Singer/Songwriters... I have to admit... I don´t listen to the radio, am more or less stuck with music of the 50th, 60th, Folk, Irish Music, Irish Singer/Songwriters, Austrian Singer/Songwriters, Austrian Indie Rock, Beatles, Beach Boys - you name it.... Now, I gave "Apple" a fair chance... No, I´m not gonna say I was "shocked" but I was...devastated... :)... for one hour I listened to a couple of songs, released in the last couple of years... and they all sounded the same. All started off with just a guitar or piano, then they were "builded up" (some more instruments were added) ... most of the singers did not had any character or emotions in their voice... had nothing to say. Most of them used a Voxcoder and stuff like this... the only suggestion from Apple I was happy with was "Mumford & Sons" ... already knew then, attened a concert couple of years ago... AFter this experience I asked Apple to suggest me some "Folk music" upon my likes and dislikes.. huh.. Bob Dylan, Journeymen, Doc Watson.. .Simon & Garfunkel... so... Apple can do it If they want to... Even finding a "setlist" for a concert get´s more and more complicated. My Band is playing gigs every now and then, most of the times we do original songs... but we always include some cover songs as well. I´m always the guy saying... "hey, let´s play two unknown songs of the Beach Boys and the Beatles, a Chuck Berry tune, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Gershwin, one song by the Hollies... Neil Young.. ... " the "more" modern stuff I find worth playing is Damian Rice and Glen Hansard (Irish Singer/Songwriters)... and the closest stuff that could be heard on the radio or so was something like "I wish I was a punkrocker" by Sandi Thorm and "Read all about it" by Emeli Sande... at our last concert I was asked about 10 times "can you play something by Adele??"... I don´t really like her music... but she made a cover of a Dylan Song, so we played the Dylan-tune and told the audience, it´s by Adele... HA... audience was happy. I always think... there are soooo many great songs out there... I mean... "The weight" by "the Band", Dylan, Cash and so on... that´s something people recognice ... and I always ask myself... why should I waste my time on something that´s not good. I mean... if the folk asks for something mind-blowing: Play Good Vibrations. If they ask for something heart-melting... play "She´s leaving home"... if they ask for something to Dance.. play Twist and Shout, Roll over Beethoven... still most of the people know this tunes... well, they would not listen to it voluntarily, but they listen to it in concerts... no wait... there are always some people shouting "play adele "or "play Nothing else matters".... and so on... So - in my opinion music created today does not stand a chance against the "classics" ... what do you think about it?

    Music has always been a business of networking and relationships. Some musicians have the same problem that Emily mentioned above. "Wasting time with the wrong person..."... for a musician it´s even more painful. It´s not like pressing two buttons and the music is there. Working on the melody and chord progression can take several days/weeks... recording every instrument, doin the vocals (always need couple of takes and then it´s like a puzzle, cutting out the best parts - if it should sound at least semi-professional) ...the editing, the mixing takes hours of work... I used to write Lyrics for a couple of projects in my native language... I always "think" the lyric through when I´m in the shower, driving in my car, at work... write it down...edit it... if it is fast, it´s one hour of work (could be days though) ... but when the lyric is already finnished, the other part takes over... and then you simply have to decide, if you like it or not... at least, that´s my experience... On the other hand: I´m sharing a similar experience (Emily: "I don´t make music for my parents and their friends..."). Sometimes when a lyricist comes along, I always have the feeling that the words he or she writes are way too...nice... and too sweet. Something like: "I am married to my wife for 30 years now ... so I write something about her, to make her happy... what my parents would like. What my priest and my church-community would like... I mean, I know I should be happy with anyone who is willing to do something with me. My english is aweful and my lyrics can only get better... if someone else writes them... and I am not a great musician, neither producer nor singer.... still I am a liiiiiittttlllee bit picky :)...
  9. I Wanna Grow old with You

    my 2 cent, and it´s only a personal opinion based on my likes and dislikes. In the first line above you mentioned you hear it as a Pop Punk. So I assume you already have music for it. Ok, you said Pop Punk but even there the word "punk" is included. and with anything with "punk" included the lines seem to be a little...too nice. I assume you´d like to sing this for your wife for your 20th anniversery.. so therefore a Guitar and your voice should be enough ... and therefore the lyrics are sweet enough to do the trick...
  10. Hi guys, thank you all for your help. Very nice. OK, I have to think over a couple of lines but I don´t want to chance too much... also don´t want to lose the imagery BUT for sure, those things which are not logical or wrong, so almost everything that BUDDAH pointed out... should be fixed somewhen :)... Ahm...just a quick question to the natives here. Yeah, buddha pointed out that "in the street where I grew up was... " might be wrong and "on" would fit better. Sorry for that mistake. I was thinking "on the street" would literally mean that you are really ON the street, like a homeless person living ON THE STREET... .. and was thinking the line refers to the place where I grow up, and I did not grew up ON the street, I grew up IN it... but I think I misjudged the situation... happens all the time to me. My english is not so brilliant. Austrian School System with a combination with a lack of talent for language... So thank you very much... I would soooooooooo much need a co-writer...
  11. Outer Space Girl

    I think it´s good to read. Well, am not really good at lyrics myself, can only offer the "musician point of view" so I can tell you, what I already did. Good to read. But... you are using the same chords all over the whole song... could be good to have something else ... Indie Rock is mostly done only with a couple of chords... but because of the reason that they are "indie" they do something you don't hear on the radio most of the times... so like G-B-C-D ... so more or less the same chord progression that you use, only replace the A-Minor into a B-Major... makes the melody more intressting as well

    Hi Emily, yeah.. i think it´s a good one. near rhymes are well done...it´s good to read and has a good flow... anyway.. .first time that i read a lyric about menstrual cramps and I am not sure, if therefore a niche market is already established... but we will see...
  13. "Save the earth"

    @John: a nice little Tribute to Graz and Styria.... not the first one who tried it though... I just keep on singing: G-R-A.Z you´re the history G-R-A-Z you´re the mistery *sing* :)...just kidding @Layla: Hmm... if it were your song you would.... OK... then write something about peace and cooperation... and I´ll take my guitar and my Paul McCartney Höfner 500 Bass and do something with it

    Hi, I was trying to do it "the other way around"... I was looking for a Lyricist to write words ... well, I received about 120 Emails from people, everyone was telling me how brilliant and good they were... some actually send lyrics which were... well, let me try to say it in a polite way... no, there is no polite way, they were just BAD... ok, maybe they were not bad, they did not match what I define as a good lyric. So .. I think, it´s the same as always - composers and musician´s are outnumbered by lyricists a hundred of times...
  15. poems vs. lyrics

    My 2 cents/my point of view: A poem speaks for itself and stands on it´s own. A Song lyric works best in combination with music. But even "Poetry" on itself can be music - when you sound it out loud, there might be a rhythm, a metre and the sound of words... Myself I think, a poem needs to have a "higher standard" in words. Lyrics on the other hand have to be singable. So the choice of words is the most important thing. Every word delivers an own melody... so I still think, that people with a background as singer write way better lyrics ...