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  1. March Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Thanks again for running this. Don't worry about the scoring - I'm just grateful as ever to have the chance to share a song and to have people forced to listen to it Well done to the winners. I'm not surprised the scores were all so close together since I had a hard time differentiating, and in the end it was probably affected by how I felt on the final play through of each. And thanks for the votes - given the other songwriters involved I consider mid table to be a compliment. A few comments: Three - Seven - Oh - PaulCanuck - I must admit I felt a bit uncomfortable enjoying this as a song, because it felt like the story was essentially "a tragic thing happened". That's unfair and I tried to ignore it when scoring, as you clearly put a lot of time and care into both the music and the lyric. I appreciated the tune and the feeling put into the performance. Little Stones - Fabkebab - A strong tune and thoughtful lyric. I wasn't sure about the specific meaning, but the general idea was clear enough and I felt I had my own interpretation after a few listens. You always have a storytelling quality to your music. There You Are - ScenesFromPalacio - As ever, strong playing and an original feel to the song. I'm not sure what the lyrics mean, so they didn't add much for me, but they fit well and didn't detract from the song either. The Better Man - Ironknee - This got my top score in the end. I could listen to you play and sing all day, and I felt the lyrics had enough in them to rise above a generic protest song.
  2. March Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Hopefully this will be one of many late entries! Don't Doubt My Heart by David Butler http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13547664 You're the one who's on my mindWho makes me feel like I am blindTo anyone, and anything but youYou're the one who sets me rightWho makes me want to win this fightThere's nothing in this world I wouldn't doWell I knowYou're not so sureAbout my loveBut let me showYou that you're allI ever dreamed ofDon't doubt my heartIf you tell me I'm not dreamingIf you love me I'm not leavingDon't make this hardI only want to love youIt's all that I can doSo pick me up and put me straightI won't resist or hesitateI'd stay right here or run away with youYeah you're the one who's on my brainYou've tied me up I can't explainTo anyone just what I feel for youAnd I knowYou're not so sureThat I'm sincereBut let me showYou that I'm allYou need right hereDon't doubt...So what can I doTo persuade youThat I won't love youAnd betray youHow can I say any more?I've loved you from the startI love each and every partDon't doubt my heartDon't doubt...
  3. January 2017 Song Contest

    Agreed - there used to be one or two songs with that level of production, but now we have contests full of them. The songwriting and performance levels are pretty good too. That said, 6th place in this set of songs suggests you're not doing too badly, Andrew, and the lyric is as clever and thought provoking as ever. Congratulations to the winners. Man on the run is a great song and a worthy winner. I'll need to listen through the songs again to make full comments, but a few others that stood out: The High Tide - fabkebab - I've mentioned this already but I thought it was a brilliant lyric - I didn't see the bridge coming at all, which made it all the more powerful. Good song as well. Until It's Time To Part - Jambrains - I think this got my highest(/lowest?) score. The production isn't perfect - the drums were a bit busy for me in particular - but I love the vocal, and I thought the chorus was wonderful. It's a similar theme to my song, just better! Overthinking - daryl1968 - this was my other favourite - it's completely unique and wonderfully realised. She's In Love - Ironknee - another great performance - every time I listen to this I feel like I'm on the train with you. It feels made for a soundtrack. Big thanks to Paul again for running the contest, and thanks everyone for the scores - like Andrew, I'm delighted to be in the middle of this pack.
  4. January 2017 Song Contest

    Broken Hearted Boy by David Butler http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13521009 How'd you let your heart be taken?For goodness' sake, manWhat were you thinking?How'd you let those words be spokenWhen you're only seventeen?It's easier to cryThan look at love with open eyesBut carry on and soon you'll seeYou've got so much more to beThan a broken-hearted boyYou don't have to be a heroBut you can, thoughIf you want toYou don't have to do a whole lotBut why not give it a go?It's easier...And if life won't lend a handThere's always meI'll help you understandI'll always be aroundThough I can't make a soundSo you let your heart be takenWell you're a young manIt's gonna happenIt's easier... x2
  5. Collab Contest?

    I'd definitely be up for doing this as a musician. The collab contests (the "full" ones as Alistair set out as option 3) are my favourite experiences from this site, so I'd love it to follow that format. I think it works for both participants - the lyricist is guaranteed to see his or her lyric put to music, and the musician gets to work in a completely different way from usual (and, in my case, with a lyric far superior to anything I can write!). A theme or challenge is a good idea as well, I think. There have been a variety over the years - a list of song titles to choose from, a theme such as protest songs, or a particular challenge such as starting and finishing the song on the same "letter" but major/minor, eg starting in D major and ending in D minor (I'm sure there's a proper term for that!). All seemed limiting at first, but ultimately led to something outside of our comfort zones.
  6. You're in my seat

    I enjoyed this. The music is well put together (wish my rough tracks sounded like that!) and I thought the understated, slightly awkward vocals worked for the most part. There were a few places where they didn't quite fit for me - "the world is just a stage/everybody's miscast" felt rushed, for example - but that might just be the vocal take. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but they sounded good! I'm trying to think who it reminds me of. I'll come back if I remember! (Edit: I think I was thinking of Darwin Deez. Or maybe the Spinto Band. Anyway - I like it!)
  7. Hi Blazas I enjoyed this - I thought the "rough" (in a good way) vocals in particular took it away from being just another blues song, and reminded me of some 90s rock bands. Love the lead playing and harmonica as well. I wasn't convinced by the drums - there's nothing particularly wrong to them, but they just felt a bit forced in places (although I noticed it on the second listen when I was looking for things to comment on!). I'm certainly not a drummer, though, and if they're programmed they're done better than anything I could manage...
  8. October Song Contest

    Coming Home by David Butler (lyD) I've been working all night again I know you miss me so I miss you too; I wish you knew It's time I let you know I'm coming home I don't want to be The kind of man you see At forty-five, barely alive Wondering where the hell I've been I'm coming home It's not easy on your own Girl believe me, you're not alone I'm coming home I've been working all night again And now it's time to say I've had enough of treating love As something that's in the way I'm coming home It's not easy playing games Girl believe me, you're not a price I'll pay I'm coming home I've been working all night again I know you miss me so Well it's time I turned this whole thing around And made my way back home I'm coming home
  9. Welcome to Muse Songwriters!

    Alistair I've just managed to check in having received Jodi's email a few days ago, and you've already managed this. Yet again, thanks for giving up your time and taking charge! I'm not sure I would ever have recorded a song if I hadn't found this place. I stumbled upon the Muse while in an internet cafe in Brazil on a gap year, having developed a curiosity after passing the long bus journeys by writing songs in a notebook. At that time I had never picked up a guitar. I think having a potential audience like this gave me the motivation and confidence to put something out there, so I'm hugely grateful to Jodi for that. Now I'd better get back in the game! Dave
  10. yeah, its been awhile...I remembered you and just added you to my soundclick as well.

  11. Idea for a semi-collaboration contest

    Coming to this a bit late, but I think Ron's suggestion is a good one. Let everyone submit a lyric, and leave the musicians to decide which lyric they want to use. I suppose the down side of that is that we don't get to hear a variety of takes on the same lyric (although we might, if people pick the same lyric). So, erm, I don't know. But I like the idea of the contest whichever rules are used
  12. Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    I must admit, I read the discussion in a hurry and managed to make my earlier reply without even realising an argument had taken place!
  13. Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Funny you mention this. I generally try to avoid posting songs for feedback around the same time as a contest. This one was a bit different, as I actually recorded this song to put on a CD for my Dad for his Christmas present. I wanted to get some feedback before committing it to the CD, and at the same time it seemed a shame not to put it in the December song contest. I did make the conscious decision not to bump it up the board once the contest had started, although these days I'm not sure how many of the contest participants spend much time on the song feedback board. Personally I'll take all the feedback I can get, so I'm grateful for the feedback on the contest threads. As for this contest, I thought there were at least 5 or 6 songs which could have won it - daddio, Oswlek, Bee, Scenes, Ironknee in particular, but there were lots of really strong songs in there. Some of the songs at the bottom of the list were way too good to be down there, too. Interesting to see Just Drive getting rave reviews - it didn't click for me, but I tend to think everything Zeek touches turns to gold so I'm going to have to give that another go. Comanche Moon is wonderful and a deserving winner. Huge thanks to Mikey for running this again. You clearly put a lot of time into these contests, so thank you.
  14. December Song Contest

    Countdown to Christmas Lights on the Christmas tree Logs on the fire Family all on their way Pick up the turkey Bring out the wine Christmas gets closer each day Oh, when will it snow? What will I buy you? Oh, hang mistletoe Stand there beside you Kiss you right there Cos now for another year It's the countdown to Christmas Now they've sold out of turkey We didn't buy cheese And the lights on the tree won't turn on There's nothing on telly God I'm sick of John Cleese And who knows where the kids have gone? Oh, when will it snow? It's raining like crazy I just want to stay home Get drunk and be lazy There's so much to do God knows how we'll ever get through The countdown to Christmas Now it's nearly the time for Santa to come Bring out the carrots and pies Be sure not to open your eyes Tomorrow who knows what you'll find Christmas is here It's time for the stockings Let's see what's inside And now bring out that bottle of wine The kids can't contain themselves Neither can I Let's face it, we love Christmas time Oh, here comes the snow And I love what you bought me Oh, hang mistletoe Close your eyes for me Kiss me again We've made it another year The countdown to Christmas
  15. Tom, Dave, Mike, Thanks very much for the comments. You never know how this kind of thing is going to go down, so I'm pleased and relieved you like it (particularly since I know you all know how to write a tune!). Mike, I'll keep that suggestion in mind when I next pick up the guitar.