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  1. It's scary how much this resembles US current states' rights/local rule political movements.
  2. That's Loki, an eight year old female Australian Sheperd we rescued.
  3. surfer


    You haven't dropped a beat despite the long absence from the craft.
  4. Gwyneth, Stewart, Great Thread! You are both extremely talented. I'd give Gwyneth the edge in the looks department though.
  5. Hi, Sarah! Wonderful to read you again.
  6. Thank you Sarah! BTW I am a fan of spaghetti westerns and took that as a compliment. Probably the slowish 100 BPM. Backing vowel chorus, and dripping reverb is what gives it that effect. iPad music apps are cheap. Cubasis is 50 vs 500 for the desktop version. The Alchemy Choir is a 5 dollar add on to a 20 app at least a hundred on the desktop 700 for the full desktop. The Drums are Drum Perfect, 10 on sale and better, more human, than anything I've ever personally used or heard of on a desktop. A utility app called AudioBus is used to link them all together. The guitar amp simulator is an equally inexpensive one call Flying Haggis. The shimmer reverb is from Chrystaline. Each app is deceptively cheap but they can add up. For a first app. I recommend Thumbjam. One of the best at showing what an iOS touch instrument can be. Runs on both phones and pads.
  7. Spaghetti Western? Hmm...yeah I can hear that.
  8. Cubasis, the iPad version of Cubase. And some synths and effects
  9. Your journeys in poetry are a joy to follow.
  10. Thought I'd share where I'm at with making music on the iPad. A real guitar is used. https://soundcloud.com/ted-barrett/4ccontest
  11. The son of a good friend served in the Arlington Honor Guard. An Oklahoma farm kid who grew up with horses he was responsible for the equine contingent. Your poem does does him justice. Thank you.
  12. Are you after Wizard of Oz or 50 Shades of Grey?
  13. Add my applause to that of the lucky to see you crowd. Most impressive!