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    Muse Quirks V

    What's wrong with this place? MysteryMike We can't blame him for everything, can we? Oh all right then... ShaunMadrid
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    2007 Song of the Year Contests

    Sunning myself by the lake Lyrics by John Paragreen, Music by ShaunMadrid ©2007 Hi fi version Lo fi version for sloooow links ShaunMadrid
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    Don't want go all Gwyneth Paltrow or anything, but I was seriously bowled over by the "most improved" award and making the last 6 in the Song of the Year. There are some very talented people on this board, so to be considered in any kind of shortlist with them is a fantastic compliment. So ta very much! Sorry I couldn't attend but it was at 2am Madrid time and I had to get up for work at 6.30! I did read the whole thread the next day, so I felt like I was there! Congrats to all involved! To quote Simon: "I like it here". ShaunMadrid
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    2006 Song of the Year Contest

    Clueless Words & Music by ShaunMadrid Direct Link to Soundclick - Hi fi Version Direct to SoundClick - Lo Fi Version ShaunMadrid