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  1. For those of you near Fort MacMurray, and all the fires, may you and your family be safe from harm's way.
  2. Salley Gardens

    The Poisoned Chalice

    Uh-oh! Someone "forgot" to tell Oswlek, there is no antidote...
  3. Salley Gardens

    Three new moderators

  4. Salley Gardens

    A question about guitar composition

    I don't play much guitar, just a couple of little classical ditties from a group class final! So, I don't know much about chord shapes. I know a little theory, though. Do you know the names of the notes in the chord shape, and also the note of the melody simultaneously sung? It could be, when you add them all together, it's a different chord than you expected.
  5. Salley Gardens

    Three new moderators

    Ooo! Fresh blood! ;o)
  6. Salley Gardens

    Test forum available for your feedback

    Playing around in there right now. Feel free to delete anything I'm doing that's causing you trouble... ;o)
  7. Salley Gardens

    Welcome to Muse Songwriters!

    Thank you, Alistair!
  8. Salley Gardens

    2015 Song of the Year (1+1)

    Well, it's about time! Congrats, Neal!
  9. Salley Gardens

    WINNER in SongDoor Songwriting Contest

    Most excellent!!
  10. Salley Gardens

    WINNER in SongDoor Songwriting Contest

    Very well done! I have visions of it being "picked up" as the impetus for a film... The subject matter is timely, and done with respect (sound and lyrics). Good luck!
  11. Salley Gardens

    2015 Song of the Year Contest (Open Format)

    Congratulations for winning Song of the Year, Zeek! I'm not surprised. Congrats to Bee3, Ironknee, and GaryHale for your Silver and Bronze placements! My fave was "Adrift", by Bee3, followed closely by the Scenes/Clemo collab, "I'm Leaving". Well done, all!
  12. Salley Gardens

    2015 Don Martin Lyric of the Year Contest

    Congrats, LyriCal, for your Golden lyric! Well done to the Silver and Bronze winners, also! My personal fave was "A New Heart of Steel". Well done to all the entrants for having winning lyrics to qualify for this contest.
  13. Salley Gardens

    How do you feel about the 2015 SOTY

    How about taking a break from the discussion for two or three weeks, or so. People can then vote according to the existing rules in the peace that comes without controversy. Then the attention can be on giving good wishes to whoever the winner will be. This discussion can wait until sometime later. It would be the selfless thing to do, yes?
  14. Salley Gardens

    How do you feel about the 2015 SOTY

    I thought this, too! I'm listening to the entries right now. Besides opening the discussion as you say, before the scoring begins or after it finishes, this discussion should probably be taking place in the thread already created for it: Song Comp Discussion 2012 - present
  15. Salley Gardens

    How do you feel about the 2015 SOTY

    Sounds like the definition of a solution in search of a problem. ;)/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/ I'm am asking a simple question concerning a benign problem.....my question doesn't hurt anyone. Why are you, Salley Gardens, making this into something more than it is??? It's important to me, because I think it's ridicules to cast a vote for myself.....if others feel the same, then I'd like to discuss changing the rule. With one whole week before the deadline, I think it is pertinent and more than fair to discuss this now. And that's all there is to it. And Salley.......although I know a punch when I see one, try speaking in plain language...your poetic jab makes no real sense to me at all. -T Punch? I simply disagree with you that this is a problem (and you did ask...). As you say, it's benign. This scoring system allows the entrants the complete liberty to vote their conscience. Entrants have an opportunity to include a vote for one of their own songs if they feel it deserves it. Or not. There are just as many reasons why an entrant would or wouldn't vote for their song as there are for voting or not voting on other songs. If you think it's ridiculous to vote for yourself, you have complete liberty not to. The rules don't say you have to vote for yourself. Salley....you have already voiced your opinion. To expand, and in the manner in which you have, only shows a willingness to fight. I heard your voice............and thank you for your trouble. Again, you asked me to speak more plainly to you, and then seem to take offense and dismiss my thoughts for doing so. I have no intentions of picking any fight, and your accusations of such don't make them true. I'm participating in the discussion you asked for. The entrants have three votes to give, and are allowed to use one of them for one of their own songs (if they see fit). This is one out of a gazillion ways to vote. I don't see it as better or worse than how you would prefer the voting to go, just different. You're talking about how people should feel and what personal value system they should be using when they score. Are we supposed to evaluate what's in people's hearts before accepting their scores? What if someone is a pathological narcissist, and they vote for themselves because they *have* to win? If using 1/3 of their voting options for their own song is enough to tip the results for a winning song, that song would have been good regardless of the songwriter's soul.