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  1. For those of you near Fort MacMurray, and all the fires, may you and your family be safe from harm's way.
  2. Uh-oh! Someone "forgot" to tell Oswlek, there is no antidote...
  3. Obviously, none you were women! And I don't say that because Prime Minister Trudeau is easy on our eyes... Trudeau has been/is a champion of women's rights, including nominating 15 women to his cabinet soon after his election so half would be women and half men.
  4. I don't play much guitar, just a couple of little classical ditties from a group class final! So, I don't know much about chord shapes. I know a little theory, though. Do you know the names of the notes in the chord shape, and also the note of the melody simultaneously sung? It could be, when you add them all together, it's a different chord than you expected.
  5. Ooo! Fresh blood! ;o)
  6. Playing around in there right now. Feel free to delete anything I'm doing that's causing you trouble... ;o)
  7. Thank you, Alistair!
  8. Sending them your way. It's scary; I know...
  9. Well, it's about time! Congrats, Neal!
  10. Most excellent!!
  11. Very well done! I have visions of it being "picked up" as the impetus for a film... The subject matter is timely, and done with respect (sound and lyrics). Good luck!
  12. Congratulations for winning Song of the Year, Zeek! I'm not surprised. Congrats to Bee3, Ironknee, and GaryHale for your Silver and Bronze placements! My fave was "Adrift", by Bee3, followed closely by the Scenes/Clemo collab, "I'm Leaving". Well done, all!
  13. Congrats, LyriCal, for your Golden lyric! Well done to the Silver and Bronze winners, also! My personal fave was "A New Heart of Steel". Well done to all the entrants for having winning lyrics to qualify for this contest.
  14. How about taking a break from the discussion for two or three weeks, or so. People can then vote according to the existing rules in the peace that comes without controversy. Then the attention can be on giving good wishes to whoever the winner will be. This discussion can wait until sometime later. It would be the selfless thing to do, yes?