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  1. fabkebab

    Best Movies Related to Music

    As I watched it, I wasnt quite sure if it was a "mockumentary" or a real story - I was pleased to find out it was a real person!
  2. fabkebab

    Best Movies Related to Music

    I had some time free and had literally browsed the movie last night - so I took a chance and watched it - thanks for the recommendation!
  3. fabkebab

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    We have been having fun - We are already have our first song, but given the deadline being so far in the future, we are working on at least one more. Its been a good prod to get some new music made!
  4. fabkebab

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Well done to the winners! It was one of those months when I quickly resigned myself to a low placement, and just enjoyed what I was hearing. Here is my "field report" after going through all of the entries a couple of times each and then scoring: Overall what a great set of songs - there were several times I was blown away by the songs on the first listen. By comparison my own song felt very weak, long and unfocused - well done everyone The S - A Burden On Me You have such an incredible voice, perfect for this genre and it already gives everything you do a great multiplying effect - I hope nobody else here takes offence but I think you could be Pro compared to most of us hobbyists. That said, this song didnt really wow me as much as some of your other songs. Looking at the lyrics I think it might be because the structure is a series of verses (no chorus or bridge) and maybe the song felt like it ran on one level Donnie - When Daddy’s Drinking I think there were some word choices which could be improved in this song (some lines felt a bit rushed) but I thought the song was from the heart. I have heard so many times that its hard for children of alcoholics to understand what is going on - why their parent will switch between extremes of freindliness and anger. I am not sure I have got to have that feeling since my parents were never drank, but this song connected me with those things I have read - so well done for touching on a truth. Moso - Say You Wanna Be With Me I am not sure if I am really hearig one guitar in the background or if there is a bass going on there too? If this is simple guitar playing it is very impressive. I really enjoyed the stumbling mumbling, casual feel of the lyrical delivery. I think this song won a lot of points for "style". Good song as is, but if I was collaborating with you I would be asking for a change - I wonder if you couldnt consider making the chorus a slightly different pacing - something which clearly distinguishes it from the verses rhythmically. ScenesFromPalacio - Swimming Your last 1+1 seemed like it was quickly put together - this one has a lot of crafstmanship in it compared to last time! I really enjoyed it- Very atmospheric. I think its power comes from the root chord that you return to between the sung sections. As soon as I heard it I thought "we have our winner" (but when I started going through the other songs I kept thinking "wow what a good song"!) - I like this one a lot. As always I have trouble with the lyrics and never really understand the song, I think if you are trying to improve your craft, that is the area - even if it means collaborating Boy frevm - Runnin A neat little piece of music, but not even quite a song for me because it was so short (nor could it be called a 1+1 because of the layered vocals). It represented a kind of modern sound. An interesting soundscape but not something I could get my teeth into RoadDog - Bombs Away You are going to hate me but my favorite bit was the intricate instrumental at the beginning - I thought it was a nice piece of musicianship and I was curious about how it would build - but it immediately went into strumming mode. Not bad but not as good as your electric songs for me discatticus - The Price I Pay The standout part for me was some of the lyrical ideas - It was a nicely delivered, pretty straightforward melody - but the use of "roosevelts", "bindle-stiff", the expansion of the theme in the 2nd verse - great stuff. The last verse wasnt quite so strong for me but lyrically this was my perhaps favorite of the competition- You obviously have this part of your craft down! GocartMoz - The Dream Thanks for beig the one entrant with a song longer than mine! It was also a better song than mine. I like the choice of a piano. Very nice vocal. I think this felt a bit long without the lyrics, but reading through the lyrics I think the song worked really well (if that mekes sense). I was a bit confused by the blast of air verse - it was like this guy is in a hospice and suddenly he his hoping for a nuclear blast to go off - it was a great image, but it didnt seem to fit anything. It did make me think and I enjoyed it! Joan - Down from the Trees I thought this had a hypnotic quality, not in a completely positive way - I felt like the music was a simple vehicle for the lyrics you were delivering, but because you had so much to say, I feel a bit more musical complexity might sweeten the pot for your listeners- a good example from this competition is Ironknee's song with many changes in a short length of time. Lyrically I thought it was interesting - there was room for interpretation, but I feel I got a good idea of the topic. I must admit my favorite, most vivid part was of the first couple of lines about the banishment from Eden but I enjoyed the lyrics. lyD - Always You Wow! I have been listening to your song craft develop for probably 10 years on this site, on and off - but this song is way above anything I have heard you write before - I loved it - the pacing, the delivery. The way you return to that "thinking about someone in the dark" in the first verse, and the second - Like the best songs, there is a naked truth in this track - not much more to say but "awesome job"! PaulCanuck - Uber Love As a song, this was brilliantly done. It had a campy / silly vibe to it, but the choice of chords is complex, interesting. The lyrics are catchy. The performance is tight.The chord choice is so good in the chorus that it felt like there was more than one voice singing. It is almost like I could imagine tom jones singing this in his prime - it has a 1960s whimsy to it. I feel like you could have sold this song to someone if the music industry hadnt changed dramatically in the last decade or two Ironknee - His Eyes Fantastic little riff with those harmonics. Nice jaunty intro. I thought the theatrical changes in how you sang the song made the very best of the 1+1 format - nothing was given any time to be predictable - it just kept switching up, and the whole song was really short just to compound the tightness of what you have done - really good, although I have to say the next song which played from your soundclick site was the beautiful "she's in love with someone else", reminding me of what a 10/10 song sounds like, and forcing me to recalibrate my scoring of this competition!
  5. fabkebab

    August Lyrics Contest

    I was robbed - surely my lyric wasnt so bad - I have been getting quite a few laughs (and hard stares) when I play this in my Texas open mic venue!! Well done to the winners I voted my top songs as "Another stop, another road" and "You got the wheel but I got the keys"
  6. fabkebab

    Sell my songs

    Can someone help me with a legal question? I "borrowed" Raydza's lyrics and made several million dollars selling them on to be sung by Ariana Grande. I am super rich. The trouble is, after hearing the song Ariana just wanted to use the basic track and lip sync ,making my homemade acapella track familiar to a worldwide audience. All good so far (thanks for the advice everyone) - My problem is this - Today I learned there is some guy coming after me because the now-famous songs still have his beats in the background. I was thinking of paying someone to rough him up a bit. Any advice?
  7. fabkebab

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    I am up for the competition in whatever form it takes - I could have a song in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month - its all good! Building on your idea - this is a bit byzantine but it could be fun!! When you do the competition you share a list of emotions words. You, as judge, get to choose what the words are (you could even leave sadness out if you want). Get some obvious ones but also obscure ones like "puzzlement" or "cold bloodedness". Each team then secretly picks three emotion words and works them into their song. The teams write their songs, and in submitting songs to the scoring thread, they also share their (secret) three emotion words with you, the judge, who publishes an anonymous list of all the selected emotions before scoring begins. During the scoring phase, the scorer tries to associate three emotion words with each song they are hearing, and submits that to the scorer. The scorer can then give each song a point for a correctly identified emotion - so obviously one song can score up to three points per score submitted we might want to do some weighting on the emotions, so teams score more if they use a rarer emotion in their song (and it is correctly identified by a scorer) For example, worth 1 point you might have Sadness Lust Wonder For 3 points you might have Fear puzzlement cold-bloodedness that way a team can be daring and try to wring frightened, cold-blooded puzzlement in their song (for 9 points if correctly identified), vs someone else using more standard emotions. Ok - keep it or sweep it - I evidently drank too much coffee this morning
  8. fabkebab

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    I have an idea about writing a song with emotional impact - how about picking a well known movie - perhaps something we can watch easily on youtube or similar. Then pick a number of emotional moments in the movie (happy, sad, nostalgic, bittersweet) and assign them randomly to teams. Each team then has to write a song which represents that moment in the movie. The judging should mostly be about the song, but also how well the song conveys the emotion of the movie moment. As a side, we also have made a kind of "muse musical" where we can enjoy the movie with the individual song elements. Obviously as a particifpant I cannot pick the movie or the emotional moments (otherwise I would!!)
  9. fabkebab

    Chord Progressions

    I did read your post, and to be honest I realized I had misunderstood your original post (the one that made me ask the question) so I sort of slunk away since I had nothing else to say I think one of the perils of social media is the lack of replies or validation; it honestly didnt occur to me
  10. fabkebab

    Songwriting Legal Question

    Now the concern must switch to how awful melanie must be to have got this much attention!
  11. fabkebab

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Doings And Beings song and performance by fabkebab All we work hard to achieve No more than streets of scattered leaves Driven to material dreams Gears turn like small machines Wary of our fellow man We hide our hopes where we can Only give the surface things away dont you see there’s another way What do you do? I dont care If you’ll share With me how you are feeling What do you do? surface skin Let me in To what you are seeing Dont be a human doing Be a human being When do we define ourselves like books all neatly lined on shelves Tinker tailor, rich or poor Open them and there's a little more Drink the deeper rivers of the earth Drop the myth of measuring your worth Doctors, bakers, beggars and thieves Same branch, just different leaves What do you do? I dont care If you’ll share With me how you are feeling What do you do? surface skin Let me in To what you are seeing Dont be a human doing Be a human being
  12. fabkebab

    Virtual song-swap-open-mic?

    Hi @Joan Somehow I didnt realize anyone was posting to it!! Let me gather a list of names so far.... we have @fabkebab @Alistair S (maybe) @Oswlek @Scotto @Murphster @Joan thats enough to at least try it and see if we like it! I know Alistair is in UK time zone - is anyone else outside the US/Canada time zone?
  13. fabkebab

    Man Bun

    please let me know when you put this to music! I have a friend who posts secretly taken pictures to a kind of facebook blog "man buns of australia" and I want to post a link to your song!
  14. fabkebab

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    Shouldnt we get a random pairing?
  15. fabkebab

    So what's new on the horizon for August?

    Hoping someone does - this competition is completely voluntary, kind of a unique thing about the muse, and incredibly easy to host. How about someone new from our "regulars" does the honors so we can keep the lights on?