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  1. The Muse

    I think it went when Facebook appeared. I used to come here a lot about 10yrs ago because I was excited about writing songs and was too shy to go out and perform or get to know musicians in real life. I guess that I was never really looking for critique, more a chance to 'perform' in front of people who'd get it and not be overly harsh. Like Neal says I was more into the 'look what I can do' than the 'how can I improve this.' Back then if I'd an hour free to go on the computer the Muse suited me best. I dabbled in MySpace but it didn't seem to demand all my attention. When Facebook came along if I'd a free hour on the internet I'd interact with friends and family I'd grown up with, new friends on Facebook. And I guess that Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, whatever all seem/ed a lot more dynamic and vibrant. But on the flip side it means that you're less inclined to engage with strangers and make the effort to write something about a song they've written. You've also got the ability to listen to pretty much any song that has ever been recorded. If you have 30 mins to listen to music and you've the choice of listening to some Springsteen or John Prine album that you've never heard or taking the time to really listen to some Nebraskan kids first attempt at a song it's going to take a lot of effort to choose the kids song. Especially when all hope of making it with music seems to have disappeared.
  2. President Trump

    America, it's bad enough you elect Donald Trump as 'Leader of the free world' but on top of that you're been faffing around with the shape and size of Toblerone bars. I don't want to give Trump a chance. I'm most worried about climate change and he's clearly going going to do the opposite to what needs to be done. So just at the point when urgent action needs doing from the biggest fish the pond in comes a man with no political experience and questionable morals. I'm used to come on here a lot back in day and defend evangelical Christians. I'm still a Christian (just about) but I'll never call myself an evangelical Christian if someone asks me in the pub. I'm ashamed that they voted in force for this guy. If they're voting for pro-life then they need implement it in all areas of their lives. Oppose the death penalty, knock the military worship on it's head, do something about climate change.
  3. Who is "The Listener"

    'He says he has one Ideal Reader and he writes for that one person.' I used to try and write music I thought someone in particular would appreciate. But after nearly 10 years of reading his thoughts about new albums or the music he loves on Facebook I've realised that he is a bit of a spoofer when it comes to music. Sometimes he writes lyrics for songs and I don't think they're great. I've a bit of regret that I was trying to please him so much when I was a bit younger and had a lot more enthusiastic about it all. Maybe having an ideal listener mightn't be helpful if we make a bad choice for an ideal listener.
  4. Who is "The Listener"

    Maybe you're The Listener when it comes to writing your own songs? (Actually when it comes to some songs I've made I'm literally the only listener!) Maybe we've got to write songs that we'd love to listen too ourselves?
  5. President Trump

    I would ban Trump and Trump supporters from entering Ireland. I've had enough of him being foisted on me day in, day out by the media as if it's some reality TV show. It's not some reality TV show where you say something controversial to get more viewers tuning in.It's to be President of the most powerful country in the world. Which film has the line 'With great power comes great responsibility'? You're telling me that this man is one of the best candidates to be president of the most powerful country in the world? The best man to be in charge of nuclear weapons or to send young men to war? To not do something crazy to the world economy? I know it's pointless to argue though.
  6. The Pop Star & The Prophet

    Cheers for this. It's interesting as I wouldn't have tried recording music myself if it hadn't been for advances in technology that allowed me to record and share it. But at the same time lots of other people where doing the same thing so we're now all drowning in music.
  7. Inishtooskert (The Sleeping Giant)

    Thanks for having a listen, I appreciate it. My accent can be a little difficult to decipher even for people who know me (sure my wife doesn't understand me half the time) so it probably comes out a bit in singing as well. I hear what you're saying about separating the guitar. It's been a while since I was recording stuff so I think I forgot! I might try re recording this later in the week with a couple of mics. cheers, Dave
  8. Hi there :)/>/> I started a project about 10yrs ago to write a song inspired by each type of bird I've seen. I hadn't really thought much about it since then but this week I thought I'd give it another blast and wrote a few tunes around birds. This is about chough (a type of crow) and an island of the coast of Kerry called Inishtooskert. the sleeping giant is on his back the chough are flying red and black and I'm happy and laid back until the blues attack the Wild Atlantic keeps rolling in my hair gets tousled in the wind and I'm happy like I haven't been and then the blues begin the sleeping giant. Or is he dead? is he too tired to get outta bed? no man's an island or so they say well I wish they'd go away!
  9. Goin' Up, Goin' Down

    There is something cool about this song. I like the sound of the guitars and the bass line. What if your voice went 'up' each time you sang the line 'going up?' Or went 'down' when you sang 'going down'? When I think of Japanese music the first thought that comes into my head is Super Mario and Nintendo. Maybe that sort of piano/synth sound might work?
  10. cool...the start of this reminded me a little of 'Copperhead Road' by Steve Earle. How many songs are there with bagpipes in them? The only one I can think off is 'The Voice' by John Farnham (?) Glad the Wilbur Family don't live beside me, there would be some racket when they're all practising!
  11. Half Life

    hi there I like this tune, you've a nice voice and melody going on there (like the bit when you go high in 'secretary'). Maybe adding a 'that' in between 'not lazy' i.e 'not that lazy'? I found the synth and drum beat distracted me a little though, but you're maybe just experimenting.
  12. Not a lot of action

    Yeah mate, that's me:) .But we've moved down south and out west to Galway now so I would have missed you in Belfast.If anyone you or anyone else are ever passing down the west coast of Ireland I'm usually somewhere about the place!
  13. Not a lot of action

    I used to post on here a lot about 10 years ago but then it dried up over the years for a few different reasons. I guess that the main reason was Facebook happened and I started to get linked in with people I knew in real life and friends and that ate up my online time more and more instead of here. I never really used to post much in the way of songwriting (well I did at the start) but used to get involved in a lot of religious 'discussions' with people as I worked for a church and was interested in that sort of thing. I I got married and got depressed (not linked and I never really posted here much again...but I do still pop in from time to time and have a look around. There is some kind of connection that is hard to shake Perhaps another thing is that technology for going online has gotten smaller and smaller. I'm on the laptop now but if I was on the phone or tablet I probably wouldn't be writing this message as it would take too long. Things like the sort of feedback a person might be looking for a song might be more of an effort now that we're typing stuff on mobile phones and that sort of thing.
  14. Tone & Resonance

    I tried making a few of these a while back and it was good craic. I tried it with a and Penguin , a and a . I always meant to get back and try making them again, so I will now I've cleared the garage.Perhaps they'll sound better (which wouldn't be hard!)
  15. Going to jail for Dancing

    hi there my friend, I'm sorry that you're don't feel free to sing or express yourself and hope that one day soon and very soon things will change and that people won't have to be happy underground, but can be themselves, Happy and Dancing on the streets all the best Dave