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    I live in East Texas where I own a recording studio and operate a small independent record label. I produce and engineer all styles of music from Country to R&B to Rap.<br>I write songs in several styles also, mainly Country, R&B, Gospel, and my own style of Rock. I believe that all genres of music have something worthwhile and relevant to add to our lives, and that there is no such thing as a good or bad style - only good and bad songs.<br>I play guitar, sax, keys, and harmonica, and I am by no means a virtuoso on any of them. I play decent enough to get it right eventually, but when I have the choice I prefer to let someone else do in an hour what would take me 3 hours to get it good enough to go on an album.<br>My real talents are songwriting, producing, and engineering. they are also my passion. <br>I also do freelance acoustical consulting for individuals building their own studios, schools, nightclubs, businesses, and churches who need help with their sound issues.<br>I truly enjoy doing my job because not many other jobs provide the opportunity to combine both technical expertise and artistic creativity at the same time.<br>I look forward to the discussions on this board, and getting to know you.

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    Hank Williams to Michael Jackson and just about eveything in between.
  1. About Rick D:

    Some might say you bought an illegal copy... you can't copy software and sell it to people...that's illegal... This just gets better and better... RLD What does this mean, who said this? Did someone erase a post or something? I can't find where this was said.
  2. About Rick D:

    Yeah, and a bear don't sh** in the woods.
  3. About Rick D:

    I think it's just a matter of trying to be smart about business. Before we get involved in a deal with someone, we have to be diligent and make sure we trust the people we're dealing with. It's not really an issue of being innocent until proven guilty, just making people earn our trust. But even when we do that, as in ANTI's case, we still have no guarantee that we won't get burned. Twice I have entered into business partnerships with people that seemed honest, and then took me to the cleaners. It happens. But if we let these kinds of things stop us from persuing our goals, then we will never be happy. I say we should protect ourselves as best we can, and then go all out to make something happen. It's kind of like some writers who are so paranoid that they won't send anyone a demo of their songs because they fear someone will steal them. Sure, it's a valid concern, but you will never do anything with your music if you keep it locked up in a drawer. We will all be disappointed at some point, but the biggest diappointment I can think of would be that we never even try to achieve our goals because we are afraid. That would be the disappointment that we would die with.
  4. About Rick D:

    There is no reason for you to feel bad about this Jodi. Nothing any of us can do will prevent things like this from happening occassionally. The only protection we have are threads like these where we can let each other know about bad business practices. One thing I would suggest is a musesmuse BBB where a list of companies with questionable records can be kept, and members can post questions BEFORE they deal with a company or individual that they aren't sure about.
  5. About Rick D:

    Hey ANTI, It sounds like you guys just recorded the basic tracks and didn't get to mixing them. If so, see if the guy will send you the tracks. He has no use for them anyway, so he shouldn't object. Then you can go somewhere else to mix and master the rest.