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  1. Don't have a title suggestion except maybe "Heaven's Creed" (or is that too obvious) but just want to say I love this line: I may be homeless, but the world, is still my home.-
  2. Been awhile. Poetry anyone? "Awakenings" a life not yet focused only the hunger for sweets and new experience are clear yet every waking morning this little nose sniffs out all that is good in the world a world that wants nothing more than the sweet for this child who rests their heart at the steps of neighbor with the family pet the ride to school the father a thirst for books story imagination lie dormant inside waiting for that spark of awakening to be thrust upon them from hands that have sifted through the same mire
  3. Excellent. Word pictures abound in this touching paean to the great Poe. Thanks for sharing.....................................peace!
  4. oxe57

    Chuck Berry Dies at 90

    Well said Scotto. Can you imagine being a super star who is black in the 1950's? You sell out concerts but can't eat in the same restaurant as the folks who bought the tickets to your show. You live in the shadow of the Emmitt Till incident. You write the lyric, melody and arrangement to a song, you sing the hell out of it and then watch as friends and business partners of the guy whose studio you recorded in get writing credits on your song. This is the world that Chuck Berry lived in. In spite of this he still created great works of art. Yes Chuck Berry had his demons but when I look at the world he lived in I might have had them too...
  5. oxe57

    Chuck Berry Dies at 90

    No Particular Place to Go is about as universal as a song can get. I had no particular place to go a million times in my life. Chuck Berry lives in his music. I am so thankful he is heavily recorded and filmed. He left his mark upon the earth and on a skinny little kid from Los Angeles. RIP Johnny B. Goode...
  6. Wow one of the fathers of modern music has passed. This a good time to bring up one of my fav' topics. Greatest guitarist in Rock and Roll history. I've always felt it was a tie between Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. If you look at originality, classic rock songs and influence these two cats are second to none. They have their influences but this thing called Rock and Roll guitar was heavily shaped by them. I strongly recommend a film entitled "Hail Hail Rock and Roll" by director Taylor Hackford. It tells the story of Chuck Berry about as well as humanly possible.
  7. Such a lovely allegory. Really like this one T#4. Thanks for sharing...........................peace!
  8. Lovely verse and oh so aesthetic. I like the line "the wind begged the leaves to dance". Thanks for sharing T#4 and do keep 'em coming.
  9. T#4 what is up? Such a lovely allegory you have here one that any writer can attest to. "It leaped for joy across white pages" is a moment I yearn for every time I write. Thanks for sharing. All the best................................peace!
  10. Thank you everyone. This poem is a snapshot of the day after my father passed away. When the plane passed overhead a family member said that lone bright star was my dad letting us know he was at peace in heaven. I broke down and cried but I also wrote this poem. Thanks again for stopping bye................peace!
  11. oxe57

    Just getting started

    Originality is located in the heart. Keep the faith and don't ever stop writing..................peace!
  12. oxe57

    An inspiring duet (blues guitar)

    Holy crap. This is amazing..................
  13. A re-write of an older poem blended with today's headlines. Thanks in advance..........................peace! "Let Us Pray" power in hand hatred in the heart sending us out into the street for justification a fellow man a child freedom to bear load aim fire for sport for dwelling for self my right my constitution my God this castle of all knowing dimly lit corridors shallow moat prevents the truth blood stained hands fear of losing control lack of prayer from becoming our focus
  14. Beautiful and from the heart which is what a poem or in this case a venting poem should be. Thanks for sharing.................peace!
  15. Today one of the best keyboardist ever passed away today. His name is Bernie Worrell. For those who don't know this cat is one of the father's of funk music. He was one of the cornerstones of the 70's funk band Parliament/Funkadelic. If you want a good starting point into his mastery of the synthesizer checkout songs like "Make My Funk the P-Funk", "Flashlight" or "Aqua Boogie". I'm talking classics bro'. Long live Bernie Worrel and long live funk music......................peace!