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  1. Very cool! thanks for the update!
  2. Oh I would love to buy one cd, but not really sure I can! oh well... thanks for the update Ulli.
  3. Thanks for the news! I can't wait for the cd!
  4. 4 so... it's a shame I'm so far away
  5. omg this is awesome! whoa "Body Language" is so cooool, "Bring the Jubilee" is so sweet, "Get the picture"... you know i love rock chicks! "Let you down" is cool too, not really my type tho. "Light Me Up" is a great track to hear alone with a girl... haha wonder when I'll use that. "Love Undercover" haha this one is so cool. I can't stop... "Lullaby for the Innocent" A really good track... but people we are getting too quiet. "Momma Cry" this is some deep country, not my coup of tea but I can hear some quality here. "My Princess" I know this one, I know this one... I love it! "Never Want to Kiss You Goodbye" oh rainy night, rainy night... don't u feel the x-mas?? "Silent Battles" I love the instrumental on this one, I see the video... jungle? beach? that's right!!! "The Best Days" what can I say?? it's ANTI, everybody loves his stuff and I'm included! "Thinking of You" haha who did this? It's funny, great voice! "Too Much Crying" This song remindes me of the sea, am I crazy for seeing some Sting here??? "Trick or Treat" great instrumental, whoa and great voice haha i love the witch voice! "Where I Belong" oh this finishes it up, great ending very cool song, I see myself doing a roadtrip! So here it is! I'm loving this cd.... and my father would like it too I think! This project is amazing! I love to be part of the muses!! Who is doing the tracklisting? If anyone wants help with that just pm me, I would be happy to help!!!!
  6. I had to ask that because I love when European cds have more songs I get angry when japenese have more tho!
  7. Can we have a bonus track for the European version???
  8. I WANT THE CD I WANT THE CD! LOL Congratz all!
  9. Great job people! thank You
  10. Can't wait to know!
  11. The science of running a museum? Can't seem to find the correlation... oops, sorry
  12. Museyology... please correct my spealing...
  13. Dreaming with "Let Me Dream" song
  14. I'm still waiting... fot that thing, you know! Any progress?
  15. Ram here The Survey I guess this is what you are looking for.