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  1. Roundabout 18

    And stagger back on shore to you though it's been awhile I know you've been true I cannot wait to see your face We're tried and true Our love's sealed by fate
  2. Rhymes 8

    Having lost my flexibility at a very young age it's a wonder and a miracle that chiropractic saved the day! I move to the right I move to the left I move up and down Never knowing that my lovely toes Were feeling quite bereft. Next topic: That Old Dress
  3. Roundabout 18

    It'll match my shirt thats out of whack But it won't prevent me from coming back From the depths despair with sandpits of doom Great Scott! I forgot my magic broom! Whatever, my dear, my feet still work I'll walk there alone, no matter how it hurts
  4. Rhymes 8

    The branches touch They intertwine It's quite the wonder, you will find as you walk into the woods you're really walking into an ancient brotherhood Next Topic: Holding Hands
  5. Roundabout 18

    Though others of you think the worst I have to say, you're not the first I do believe that I am cursed To walk this earth in just one shirt Never fear, it doesn't hurt Tho it doesn't match my just one skirt
  6. Unsafe Passage (Hymn)

    The Z-Man Returns! The simplicity of this piece is deceiving, it reaches into the soul! Glad you shared it
  7. Untitled

    This is beautiful! Just a few spelling corrections: Line 4: Through, not threw (unless you meant to throw the sky?) Line 8: Breath, not breathe Line 13: Don't, not doesn't Love reading your stuff
  8. Let Go

    This is very intense! I'm glad you're back here, too!
  9. Shredded

    Thanks everyone, it definitely felt good to write something from the heart... the idea came to me as I was looking back at some of my older work here on the Muse. I came across something Owl Moonbright wrote, I think also entitled "Shredded" and then I was outside in the garden and saw that gorgeous sunset and the words just flowed out of me!
  10. Life Runs Away

    I enjoyed this poem. I'm not sure if you're looking for suggestions, so disregard if needed. I'm not a huge fan of repeating words, so the repetition of "watch/watching" was distracting to me in the 2nd and 3rd verses. What if you replaced some of them with synonyms or similar-meaning phrases? Something like: But I say someone knows out there, Someone hidden from us all. Someone watching every step we take, Someone ready if we fall. So take care with every moment Today you were here when the sun shone down. Don't take today for granted, Tomorrow you could be gone.
  11. Glasses Off

    Thanks everyone. I want to write more, but with work and classes, it's hard to relax and focus on something I enjoy.
  12. Glasses Off

    This one's a little rough around the edges... been working on it for a few days, not completely satisfied with it yet -- not sure if it needs work or just time to settle. Appreciate thoughts and suggestions.
  13. Phantom Fears

    I think it takes just as much guts (if not more) to put your feelings into words as it does to say the words to an offender. To be honest, I prefer the former and have written many similar rants and retorts... mostly for my own benefit. It is raw and I love the intensity. My heart hurts after reading this. Sarah
  14. "Wild Tuna"

    I do not understand the title, but that does not detract from the deep emotions and tragedy of this poem. I was hooked from the first line! It is a very thought-provoking perspective of domestic abuse (at least that's how I interpreted it).
  15. Shredded

    This is my first poem in, well, in a very long time. It's amazing what some down time in the country can do for the soul!