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  1. About Rick D:

    Thatll be a NO then? lol I'm not sure I understand the question, but did you sign any rights over? If you haven't, then you retain all rights to your creative works. Clarify the question a bit, and I will do my best to answer. Sorry, I only check in here every know and then - I have been very busy lately. I will do my best to answer any questions you have though. Sandra Bonadonna
  2. About Rick D:

    Yes, John that is exactly what I meant. If a publisher wants to publish your song - they pay for the demo. Be very wary of promises to help you make it big when it's on your dime. I only offer a bit of advice, I've heard terrible stories about unscrupulous people taking advantage of creative people. We all want the next big hit, or to become the next big star, and the truth is there is simply no easy road to get there, and if someone tries to sell you the easy road, look twice - better yet let an attorney do the looking for you. Sandra
  3. About Rick D:

    Hi John: (and all) I haven't been able to get back to these boards in a long time, and when I read the posting about Rick my stomach hit the floor. I mentioned to John many months ago, that I knew him. I have never been in the business of bad-mouthing anyone without proof, so I kept my personal dealings and that of my clients to myself. If you recall there was a posting asking for information on a song shark company in Nashville, and I danced my way around saying "Stay Away" by pointing out that anytime anyone asks you for money in regard to your music, run. Anyway, several people I represent have stated that they had been ripped off by Rick in the past. However, he is some-what well known, and a small company like myself cannot stay in business by making unfounded allegations. I want to point out "unfounded", most of the time you will get an oral contract or a very loose open-ended contract which in the end promises you nothing. I cannot say strongly enough - Get an attorney, preferably an entertainment attorney who will be familliar with most scams, and knows how to read the fine print. Most importantly you should never pay to have a producer, artist or publisher demo your songs. Further be very careful about contests where you send in lyrics and they send you a contract in which you pay to have music written for your song. Most of the time the music is the same for several hundred people, and they will own 1/2 the copyright on your dime. I have met Rick at various functions, but I do not know him personally, so I cannot speak to his guilt or innoncence - simply that I have been told by my clients that he ripped them off. My clients came to me shortly after they claim they were ripped off. In this case the only thing it cost you was your time and hope, but if you ask me that can be more precious than any dollar amount. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Sorry to hear about all of this, Sandra Bonadonna BOND Music Publishing