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  1. Gypsy Rose

    I don't like the loaded gun because it brings me to modern times, and the rest of the song has a nice ancient folk almost celtic ambiguous and not related to time quality that I like, but I found the rest just fine, and I even preferred the original to some of the suggestions for change
  2. Ethereal

    Thanks so much for your indepth review. I actually nourished from film music, and at the beginning when I was compared with Kate Bush I didn't know her work but I take is as a huge compliment. Vocally I was influenced by Tears for Fears(really). The song is rather long and very quiet and we hoped it wouldn't feel too long. I am very fond of long reverb (despite some arguments sometimes with my partner) because I do believe it suits my style, try to become not distant with the use of it but I like the wet sound as a concept of the imagery. I compose and sing but my partner Héctor is the responsible of mixing and mastering. This will be in our third CD and we might make a few changes here and there, any advice on the engineering side. I don't like to treat vocals (except for reverb) but advice regarding this is welcome because we may include this song in the album, and we try to think of our cds not as demos XD even if we release from our humble small label, so it's also our responsability to sound as tight as possible. Our new years determination is that next year will make our third full CD see the light. I also illustrate so they are often release in digibook format and it's a mix of illustration/art/music which I hope compensates our productino deficiencies as small humble acts. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. On The Sea

    enjoyed the lyrics, couldn't listen becuase it says the video is private
  4. Ethereal

    thanks so much for checking That´s one of the reasons I left the encoded subtitles, even without any effect on them it was hard to understand them at some points because they don't echo but entirely overlap entire sentences, so sometimes it's like two different conversations and it might not be the smartest thing to do but I wanted to give it a try. I recorded the replying answer like three times and that's the doubling effect they have. Thanks so also for your comment about the video. I will be coming later cos I need to check some songs around and be useful myself
  5. Other sites/professional reviews

    Was it worth? I've always felt inclined to taxi for placement but somehow it seems to be very focused for USA opportunities somehow. Would you say it was worth the money? I've seen sites also as sonicbids and musicklout, they offer opportunities but they pay per submission. I used sonicbids a little while and my results and feeling were very mixed.
  6. Sharing a song that will be included in my third album (hopefully this next 2015). I don't know if this "single" version will change and when included in the album will be slightly different or maybe shorter but here it is and I'd be grateful of some feedback. The lyrics are encoded in the video that I also made myself. I also made my own dress and all. It's rather blue and wintry so guess suitable for the date. Here some frames of the video and the song and lyrics are fully in it. And link to the video in youtube
  7. I am a female vocalist but not trained, some years back I had some nodules (not because of singing but because of speaking unproperly) and I went to a local vocal coach. Though I recovered I became conscious that I need to take care of my voice and due to my job and abusing of the speech sometimes I struggle and I get sore, I was surfing in youtube and found this channel randomly, I'm not affiliated with it in any way, but I subscribed and ended up watching all of the 70 lessons in two days, made my own warm up schedule with information based on it, and I'm starting to sense and real objective improvement. it is free and in youtube so I thought about sharing it here https://www.youtube.com/user/NewYorkVocalCoaching
  8. I think that being honest is never bad thing but being discouraging and harmful could be. We are all on a learning process as musicians too, and despite being good or bad, we must never tforget how subjective music really is. Of course there are some music that is simply bad, but sometimes it is also someone who is beginning, or starting to cope with the resources they have in an amateur way, critique should be constructive and give wings, not cut them.
  9. Vocal Recording course

    wrong side of the pond for taht but i'm following a vocal training in youtube that is working wonders in my already stressed vocal chords, they have like seventy lessons online and good warm ups, will come back later with the link I found it extremely useful.
  10. Me yesterday with my pet Taika It's been ages I hadn't logged but still creating, after some big changes in my life :)/>/> there goes some very recent ones I guess I'm older and wiser Another of Taika and me (this is actually in a contest to win a guitar so if you want to like us in pinterest we won't complaint and we may win a guitar) You can vote for us in http://www.pinterest.com/pin/481814860108719583/
  11. It´s been quite a while I've not been in the music but it's always sweet to find my way back :)

  12. I made it, I gathered a few other links online, need to surf in my favourite folders and come back here also as a practise there are plenty of youtube videos showing how atually bring life into a midi orchestration in a visual way which also helps
  13. Jim Henson's memorial "if onely one people" this makes me smile, also makes me cry, and also makes me stand up when i start to doubt in myself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwPQyxz5Rfw
  14. If you could give just one

    now that i have a little more experience ENJOY! HAVE FUN!
  15. thanks sweetheart it was in Cornwall i'll be back there to the Fairy ball in October