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  1. Discuss Mariah Carey's songwriting.

    That about covers it right there. Everyone has a right to their likes and dislikes, and music is no less. There are a few genres I don't delve into if I can help it and there are genres that I like, and artists I don't like in all of them. Ok, take Michael Jackson. There's a controversy for you. Brilliant artist - most would agree. But was it true what he was said to have done? Some people love him for his talent, some people can't stand him because of certain names that will stick with him when it comes to kids. Nonetheless, sick back accounts.
  2. loves all kinds of music

  3. Discuss Mariah Carey's songwriting.

    When Mariah first hit the airwaves in about 1988 - 1990 or so with "Vision of Love" it was mainly because of her pure vocal range AND her good looks. I remember guys saying have you SEEN this new singer named Mariah Carey? Then you heard that impressive vocal range, wow. Found this from IMDB and the Guinness Book of World Records: March 2003: The Guinness Book of World Records awarded her the record for the highest note hit by a human, after she hit the G7# note during a live performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner". She also held the record for possessing the largest vocal range A2-G7#. Not many can boast that.
  4. Publicity

    Publicity - get it anywhere and everywhere...but for the DIY'r with limited time, it may be easier to manage a few good sites, then to spread yourself too thin. Compo10 http://compo10.com/MusicHosts.htm features Online Music Distributors, Music Hosting Services and Web Sites listings which has a very good list of the feature details on many of the sites listed below. All of the following have both free and pay options http://www.artistopia.com http://www.bandmix.com http://www.bandspace.com http://www.betarecords.com http://www.broadjam.com http://www.download.com http://www.homemademusic.com http://www.idnmusic.com http://www.indie911.com http://www.indieonestop.com http://www.isound.com http://www.jukeboxalive.com http://www.myspace.com http://www.mp3lizard.com http://www.mp3.com http://www.mp3unsigned.com http://www.musicianmp3.com http://www.music.dmusic.com http://www.podsafeaudio.com http://www.purevolume.com http://www.radioindy.com http://www.road-noise.net http://www.soundclick.com http://www.soundlift.com http://www.talentmatch.com http://www.tunevault.com http://www.ubl.com http://www.unitedbands.com http://www.unsignedbandweb.com http://www.unsignedtalents.com http://www.zebox.com Have fun browsing!