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  1. THIS is the question . . .

    NIce. I was thinking of something along similar lines: "Muse vs Muse: The Muse's Muse Rap Battle" Now there's something we can all disagree on.
  2. Theme Discussion

    The truth is out there. It is tiny, cute and cuddly.
  3. Theme Discussion

    For what it's worth, the info you posted in Making It Big was about songwriters who intended to pitch their work for other performers. I agree with that standpoint, that 1+1 type demos are probably more suitable for that purpose... but you wouldn't expect the artists who opt on your songs to stick with a 1+1 format, would you? So, that poses another question... Is this a cd for pitching our songs to other artists, or to showcase our performances of our songs? I never got the impression that this cd was meant to sell our songs to artists, but if that is the case, my bad. But if, as I have believed all along, this cd was intended for general consumption, I think that full production (if done well) can only help.
  4. Theme Discussion

    Perhaps if only he could get it up. Sadly, that is not in either of his dimensions. Thank you, I'm here all night.
  5. Theme Discussion

    Hey, I'm a funny guy... what else is new? ...but I do have some Flat Stanley experience and I did actually think it was a good idea when I posted it, thankyouverymuch. Now, whether it'll get any more support than the hamster idea is yet to be determined...
  6. Theme Discussion

    How about a Kids' cd about Flat Stanley's Travels around the World, in which he visits Us and falls in Love.
  7. Theme Discussion

    The life, death, and partial pickling of Rasputin
  8. Theme Discussion

    Some competition in the hamster songs arena... I don't think the end of the world theme has to be jokey. In fact, I'm sure some submissions would be so heavy that the jokey ones would be needed just to keep things balanced and listenable. I still like the kids' music idea. I'd also be partial to any theme related to the Muse community at large... songs about songwriting, perhaps?
  9. THIS is the question . . .

    My truck left me, my beer got rabies, i drank all my dog, and my girl popped a flat.
  10. The Musesmuse CD Project

    count me in as pro-kid's cd. we can use my avatar as the cover art! seriously, i think it's a great idea... i think we'd all be better writers for having undertaken the exercise of writing for kids. what a thought there, eh, that this cd project could improve our skill, instead of just showing off things we've already done. besides which, the market is there and the musical styles can be diverse and ecclectic. it seems closest so far to satisfying all the issues that people have brought up, imho.
  11. To Artists On The CD

    Sgt. Krangle's Muse's Muse Club Band?

    I'm working on some material that I'd consider submitting. I'd also consider a collab.