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    Songwriting, Guitar Playing, Bird Watching, Reading, Watching Classic Movies, Being in nature, Writing Poetry, Being with Friends, Watching Britcoms (AbFab, French & Saunders, Vicar of Dibley)

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    There are traces of many different kinds of music in my own. I seem to have absorbed a lot through the years - but main ones include The Beatles, Richard Thompson, Joni Mitchell, XTC, Pretenders, 60's music
  1. Imaginary Mermaids

    Congratulations Theresa! This is lovely
  2. Rhymes and Reams

    Bravo sir!
  3. You Poetry Reviewers

    That is what poetry is meant to do, isn't it? The poet writes of their experience, and hopefully, we say yes I know what you are saying is true, because I have seen it or felt it too. We share in the experience, because we are human, and our connection in the world is the same. When I read lyrics, they should "sing" on their own. They should sing without music - To me, that is what constitutes a really good lyric. That is what poetry should do as well. Yes, rhyming poetry is often frowned upon today. But there's the cadence of the words, the PROSODY should be considered as well. And one should not sacrifice the meaning of the poem, or the direction that you really want to go, just to come up with the perfect rhyme.
  4. From The Morning VIDEO

    A fun, and very well done video - And the song is molto groovy!
  5. You Poetry Reviewers

    I'm open to discussing poetry and its critics, reviewers, and writers. Is it truly a subjective thing when discussing what constitutes a good or bad poem? Who decides what's good or bad? The critic/reviewer? Readers? The writer herself? Since I've never submitted any of my poetry for publication, I don't know what sort of responses are rendered. Do they say the poem is not in a style their readers would be interested in? Do they merely say thanks but no thanks? Do they offer constructive criticism or suggest one actually study and take courses in poetry? As a writer, can you judge when you've written something really good, or if someone else has written something "good"? Do you believe it has merit and worth merely because you or someone else has put their heart and soul into the writing? Do you weigh your writing against that by others in a given publication, and see how your style, or your level, might not be on par with others? Of course it can be discouraging, and reviewers remarks hurtful. But they are look with a critical eye, and they may indeed only select work that is just like work that they've published before.
  6. Endless Parade

    Thanks for listening John and Joan
  7. Endless Parade

    Hi everyone I haven't been on the Muse for quite a while. Decided to pop in and see what's doin! Just wanted to share my latest song. Kinda Richard Thompson-ish. Don't really want a critique, which is why I posted it on this board. Thanks! Song Link on Soundcloud Endless Parade July 11, 2013 Corinne Curcio Sun pours down, hard rain pounds on one and all With no distinction made Will it be found, the common ground, when we fall Into this Endless Parade We lose hope, try to cope with the hand were dealt Play the cards or else we fold Pray to God, or on your guard looking for help And something real you can hold When youre filled with regret For so little time left When it seems the cards are stacked And you count the things you lack March to the beating drums Stumble and promenade March no matter what comes In this Endless Parade Lift your feet in time Full of doubt or unafraid Come on get in line In this Endless Parade Win or fail, heads or tails, with the flip of a coin In this random game of chance We trudge along, or step in time with the song as we join In this circular dance When the gold has lost its gleam And the dam stops the stream Bet it all as you watch the clock Knowing full well the hands will stop Flags and banners wave Enlist in this brigade Cowardly and brave Its an Endless Parade March to the beating drums This is your crusade March no matter what comes In this Endless Parade And we cry out in pain For the love we could not sustain With our hearts, empty and full We still feel the constant pull
  8. You Poetry Reviewers

    Those who can - do. Those who can't- criticize those who can.
  9. is popping into the Muse! Happy Holidays

  10. Mums the Word 13

    A: I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga's. I'd love to have dinner and talk with her. She's brilliant and funny and interesting. Q - What's an...idiocyncracy/eccentricity of yours?
  11. Mums the Word 13

    Who was your biggest influence, growing up? A: The Beatles - musically and otherwise Q: What famous person have you met?
  12. Roundabout 18

    For the same damn bastard that sunk your boat And couldn't bear to keep your hope afloat Stow the mizzenmast, batten down the hatches Make sure you're fully armed and secure the latches
  13. The Person Below Me 5

    Oooh - sorry - you couldn't be more wrong However, the person below me is stuffed after yesterday's meal, and plans to start a diet soon
  14. Word Challenge

    Nicely done, everyone
  15. Inspired by Songs

    Clever, Ms. F!