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    Singing, writing, music, art, photography, animal care, literature, video games...just your typical kid.<br /><br />Currently (sort of) in a band called Underachiever. Search for 'em on Myspace.

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    Look at my username., What do you think I am?
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  1. Stew! I have no idea how these comments things work...so much has changed ..


    we are getting old !!


  2. Stew! I have no idea how these comments things work...so much has changed >_<

  3. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Beorn, you're too new. That's why. Don't be sad... Maybe next year. CONGRATS TO ALL! Great show! Thanks Sarah for the opportunity to worship all the deserving winners!
  4. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Congrats, y'all! Omg, Simon, that song is friggin awesome!!!
  5. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Awesome! Yay for RLD!!! And A.N.T.I., too! Well-deserved! (I think Milesman shoulda got on there... ) But the winners are most certainly the best!
  6. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Hey! I'm not sexy, Stew?! Yeah, I think Mariah shoulda been in along with the winners, too.
  7. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Congrats to everyone! Stew, Smile, SIB, Ross...ah, the people... I can't remember them all... Well anyways, congrats!!!!! All well-deserving.
  8. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    OoOoOoooOo, congrats, Stew!!!!!! You deserve it! <3
  9. 2004 Muse's Muse Award Show

    Congrats, Hobes!!!!! That's the guy I voted for! Also a big congrats to Simon and SilkyTofu!!!! I was late...because I, uh, forgot... I'm wearing all black and Underachiever and another dude are messing around on a drumset in the background... :rolleyes"
  10. Name The CD

    I love... I seriously think that'd be a great title!
  11. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    Simon, that's wonderful and wise advice, and I will think on it...but it's kind of hard to take you seriously with that goofy @$$ avatar! Just playin, y'know I <3 ya. --Emily.
  12. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    Hopes for 2004? Lol, shouldn'ta asked... 1) I hope for World Peace 2) I hope that a talent scout will Discover me 3) I hope to get rid of these horrible blemishes 4) I hope Stewart and smile and Rustic Bucket n' all them will be ensured eternal happiness 5) I hope my boyfriend will propose to me lol 6) I hope I'll be able to stop talking about myself for two minutes 7) I hope a magic genie will appear and grant me three wishes: to be Discovered, to rid of problems in my (and my family and friends') lives, and to convince my mom that it's all right to have fourteen cats so I can go out and adopt the whole kitty pound. Now, what do you guys hope for?? --Emily.
  13. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    I feel bad. Oh, I'm really happy for the winners, of course, they are the best and deserve the award...maybe I was too new to even get nominated? Oh, well, I hate my selfish self. Congrats to all who were winners! (Sorry I wasn't here...my boyfriend was over, I was spendin time with him.) I'm honestly happy for each and every one of you. The awards show was a great success. I enjoyed it. --Emily.
  14. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    8:30 presentation award (a little bit early) Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I?ve been part of this board for about a month. Some of you know me as A_Lyricist, but that?s only my nickname. (Imagine my mother holding me in her arms for the first time...saying, ?Oh, what shall we name her? Sally? Lydia? Oh! I know! Let?s be original and call her A_Lyricist!? Even though I was just born, I prolly would?ve looked up at her for a moment and slapped her in the face. Goo goo.) Maybe I should have chosen a more unique name...? Like, FreakOfLipstick, or Krueger_Baby. Oh, well, too late now...my originality betrayed me. Other people, however, were smarter than I and chose for themselves very funny and interesting names. (And I can?t steal ?em, either. ) There?s even an award for it! Oh, how I long to be a FreakOfLipstick and win at least one award! *Sigh* I must live with what choices I make...?tis a far, far better thing than I have done before. I must get to the point, or else you all will be bored to tears. The award for most original screename is.............................................................. "My Name Is" Award - for Most Original Screen Name Toonyfish_Sandwich Congratulations, Toonyfish! You succeeded in winning an award, and making me hungry! (A sandwich sounds real good right now...) And, moreover, the award for most original avatar! The winner is....................................... "Look At Me, I'm The Bomb" Award - for Best Avatar SilkyTofu Good job, SilkyTofu! Now I?m not hungry anymore! (Tofu...ewwie.) But the avatar is great, dude, really. Congratulations!!!!!! Good job, and good luck to everyone. I hope all of you win an award! Even if I don?t. Hehe, break a leg! --Emily.