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  1. Hi Gang. It's been a while since visiting last. My creative mojo hasn't had time nor the fortitude to come out of hiding. But I had to get this project completed before I kick the bucket altogether. I'll try to keep it as short as possible: This arrangement was created back in 1978 when I was part of a northern NJ cocktail lounge band called "Twilight Zone". I have always enjoyed arranging as much as I do songwriting. The Medley was created with our then female lead singer in mind for doing the vocals. The piece wasn't recorded until 2003, when the software was sophisticated enough and there were decent quality virtual instruments to do the job. Since yours truly had to do the singing back in 2003, you will hear some instrumental parts filling in for the lead vocals because my vocal range was and still is lacking. I waited until now to record what I was hearing in my head back in 1978, because there is now technology available which helped me to create some harmony parts. Hope you enjoy the listen. Peace. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13544089 idblm-051895 - Licensed Content - http://www.idblm.org/Pages/Album.aspx?q=51895
  2. Hi Tammy, Have you put this to music yet? It flows really well. The only thing I sense is that it's a bit short for a song right now... Maybe a bridge after the second verse? If you haven't already, you should really work this one up into a song. Very thought provoking and although I was worried for a while, I did like the happy ending. Good one. Peace.
  3. Hi Dylan, Nicely arranged, performed and produced. After listening to a few of your tracks I'm reminded of a sort of modern day Savage Garden. I like the way you use silence in Walk These Tracks. I don't think we hear enough of it today nor do we understand just how important it can be. It allows our already overloaded minds to really listen to what's being said. Good luck to you and by all means have fun. Peace.
  4. Performance, Intensity and more Practice. Not having a sample of your actual singing, it is difficult to tell how one might help you. We all want to be able to sing like our favorite artists but sometimes we just don't have the hardware (vocal chords) to be able to sing some of those high notes. Have you ever had any singing lessons? Certain techniques might be able to help you. Assuming that none of the above is applicable, HoboSage gives some excellent advice. Other than that, assuming it is a USB mic, I'm also assuming that you are hooking it up to your computer. Are you using an Audio Interface or just using the computer's built-in audio device? Having a proper AI might go a long way into solving your problems since the Analog/Digital converters are not very good in off the shelf computers. Good luck.
  5. DannyDep

    A Melody

    Yes (sort of). Ask Oscar Hammerstein II, or Bernie Taupin or Hal David. While I don't know whether any of these gentlemen played an instrument, I do believe that the lyrics they wrote had melodies already built into them. Remember that a melody is not just built on notes but also on the spaces in between them and lots of times those spaces are more important than the notes themselves. Their are so many ways of writing lyrics and/or music that one should not concern oneself with how others do it. Find what style(s) you like and write away.
  6. DannyDep

    What I learned ...

    And, to the professor's point, I think passion will not be aroused in the listener if the artist has no passion in the performance. Good post! Didn't realize that I should have given the name of that professor whom I was lucky enough to have for that course back in 1965. His name is Herbert Deutsch. You may not recognize that name but you will, I'm sure, recognize the name of Bob Moog. Herbert Deutsch There are also a couple of Youtube Interviews where he answers questions about music: past, present and future. You may get a sense for his teaching skills. Have fun.
  7. DannyDep

    How do you write your lyrics?

    Not as well as my music. Lyrics are my weakest part of songwriting. But that doesn't stop me from at least trying. There are a few guidelines that I, at least, try to adhere to. 1) I try to remember what one of my favorite songwriters, Sting, said about this subject. "We are telling stories..." Paraphrasing... there should be a beginning, middle and an end. 2) Since I'm writing from a musical point of view, I try to sense the melodic flow of a song in my lyrics. Some might call this the Paul McCartney style of writing when he, "... woke up with “Yesterday” in his head…and hammered out the rest of it on the piano very quickly…but for several weeks after that, Paul was still working on the lyrics. The whole time he was calling it “Ham and Eggs”!..." 3) I try to allow the first thing that comes into my head as to what is written down on paper. In other words, don't allow reality or your experiences to dissuade yourself from saying, "that will never work", until you allow some time to pass. 4) I never write any lyrics on an electronic device. That's probably just because that's the way I'm used to doing it. But I don't like distracting the right side of my brain with any interaction or filtering from left. The only other thing is that I can't count how many times I've thought of a phrase or concept while in bed and didn't bother to get out and write it down. Then in the morning when I awoke, it was gone. The times where I did get my lazy butt out of bed and write them down, I felt was well worth the effort. Have fun.
  8. aa... thanks, I think?Do you work for Rolling Stone? That is certainly an ..... eclectic mix of the Bard's English. Appreciate your listen. Hi Alistair,Yeah, I'm still breathing. Thanks for listening. I've been channeling Burt probably since I heard Dionne Warwick singing "Anyone Who Had A Heart" in Vegas back in 1974. Goose bumps baby. Any of their songs they did together were superb.
  9. Nicely done. I'm glad the mic didn't have a cold. I enjoy songs with internal rhyme schemes. have fun.
  10. Hey there my friendy :-) These are absolute "Words of wisdom". If everyone just took this advice, the world would be a better place.... Love it! Hi Gwyneth, Thanks. I often have to remind myself to practice what I preach. Thanks Neal, Yes, Mama was able to make her own kinda music. And she did it damn well too.
  11. DannyDep

    Supporting Music/Accompaniment

    Yes. The short answer: Practice.The long answer: The only way you're going to be able to move from what's going on in your head to what's going on through your fingers (e.g. guitar or keyboard) is to reinforce your muscle memory. This will only help broaden your musical palate. Here is another point of view. Mastering creativity through repetition I can't tell you how many 45s I've worn out in my attempts to find out the answer to, "how did they do that?". My personal example is that if I would hear a song by a favorite artist of mine, I would buy the 45 and pick it apart, note by note, line by line and try to recreate it myself. I must have a few dozen transcriptions that I have created over the years to do just that. Also, I know that we don't like to practice scales, etc. But you shouldn't dismiss them completely. All of this muscle memory will help you get your music from you mind to an mp3. There really is no shortcut and this applies to any discipline that one may take up in their lifetime. But by all means, have fun.
  12. DannyDep

    Hi all

    Hi carsen, Welcome to the Muse. Hope we are able to help you in your endeavors. Have fun. ciao, Dan
  13. DannyDep

    Waves Tune

    Just checked and it looks like Logic Pro 10.0.7 - 10.1 is required. There is a Tech Specs button on that link --> Supported Hosts. Sorry about that. But it doesn't cost anything to sign up as a member and get their emails on Specials and to also try their plugins out (full versions) for 14 days.
  14. DannyDep

    Waves Tune

    Waves Tune is on Sale today for $99 (reg $250). Waves Tune Neal, you might be interested in this product. Ignore the Youtube video's part for interfacing with your DAW. The video is for ProTools. I just checked with my musician friend who uses Logic X and you just insert the plugin into your audio track. A few things to know about Waves. 1. There is no iLok needed. 2. You can use any USB Flash Drive to store your licenses. You just have to have the Flash Drive attached to your DAW when using. I keep my DAW offline and use another PC for interfacing with the Waves website. They have a piece of software (Waves License Center) that I have installed on the PC where I connect and download the licenses to the USB Flash Drive. I then move the Flash Drive to my DAW and away we go. 3. You can try any of their plugins for 14 days, no charge. 4. There plugins are really good. Any of my songs that show (Remix) next to their title are using Waves plugins. have fun.
  15. DannyDep

    Introduction from Ilya

    Welcome Ilya. Have fun.