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  1. Loved your Lyric Lyrical Congrats, Thanks for sharing 2nd Donna, just don't push me off the podium Thanks for the votes all,
  2. Congrats to the Winners I had Lens and Fabs tied for 1st Excellent Lyric Len, extremely well written from start to finish.
  3. Thank you Theresa He was a great man.
  4. Hi all, been a long time since I posted here... Anyone willing to give this a shot, it would be much appreciated Doesn't have to be anything fancy lol I tribute to my grandpa who passed on yesterday. Grandma's Waiting At the Finish Line © Sharon Mark- 2012 Socan (vs1) Nearly a century's come and gone Since you woke up to your first dawn I wonder what you were like as a bright eye'd boy As life turned you into a man You'd ask for our Grandma's hand Young love starts a journey that only time would end (vs2) There's no way you could know Just how far this path would go Or the legacy you'd someday leave behind Now we owe it all to you Four generations say adeiu To a Dad and a Granddad we all came to love (ch) So goodbye Grandpa Grandma's waiting at the finish line She's been waiting for you to arrive As heaven welcomes you with open arms We'll be missing you from afar Yea Grandma's..waitin' at the finish line mmm mmm mmm Grandma's waiting at the finish line (vs3) Thank you Grandpa for the love That you and Grandma gave to us You both gave the best of what you had to give You were the rock the cornerstone On which you built a loving home There's no thank you in the world will ever be enough (Br) I'll remember you as strong I'll remember you as proud I'll remember you were always there for us
  5. Heya Jim :)

    Back? sorta I guess lol, been writing a bit here and there, no big projects at the moment unless my vocalist comes up with something :) how about you? writing anything? projects?

  6. I see your back....been writing lately? Projects?

  7. Testing the comments....

    So how are things???

    Bigger? Better? How would I know?


  8. So who get's to hold the hose? Or has Mike already bagged it? Ummm, last I heard.. most men came with their own... No need to share
  9. Congrats..and thank you to everyone who had a hand in putting this all together Another great job this year. Brina, SIB...and all the elves lol
  10. lol, No.. I'm escorting him off tonight Hands off Brina
  11. Congrats Bubbles you sexy lady you Next year we'll have to have a wet tshirt contest me thinks there's one I can't lose
  12. Oh MY!!! She's just trying to steal my "Dirrtiest Award" back... naughty naughty sharon... You'll have to do better than that! lol, check the back dearie, I had it engraved JUST for you soon as I got it last year, I knew where it belonged
  13. Congrats ClaireJeanne
  14. Polishing Sarah's apple you sure you didn't mean something about popping Sarahs..er..nm
  15. *Ponders what that extra credit was* Congrats teachers pet I mean..er.. Corinne