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  1. About Rick D:

    I'm curious, where did you find him ripping people? Could you provide links ? LOL...It's funny. About a month ago or so I received an email from someone I didn't know that said Rick was ripping him off too. The email just showed up out of the blue. He said he found this thread here and that's how he contacted me. He didn't share the details, but apparently he is losing his house over it. Of course, I have no proof of this. But the stories keep rolling in... Oh and howdy all! Long time no see!
  2. About Rick D:

    Well, It appears to me the proof is in the pudding. Looks like amends were never made and according to Russ he may be still pulling the same junk. Too bad. I've seen no evidence that supports his stories and there are still folks out money/demos/whatever. Case closed in my books. Sorry for bringing this up again guys. I twisted on whether I should or not. I guess I decided to to try to acheive some sense of closure on the issue. By the way Russ. Congrats on all you have going on. I don't post much or spend that much time on the internet but I have seen that you have been making some really good strides. Rock on man!!
  3. About Rick D:

    This subject just crossed my mind again today. I did an internet search on "producer Rick D" and "producer Rick Steinhoff" and got nothing but a couple little blubs from Russ's promo stuff and this thread. I didn't see any recent interntet presence of him. It looks like almost two years ago it was left hanging a bit where some folks were expecting to hear back from Rick and hadn't yet. Did anyone ever get made whole? Doesn't look like it from the posts, but I was just curious. Perhaps we can put a final "Case closed" on this one...
  4. Revised: Of roads bumps and peculiarities . . .

    Haven't been here for several weeks and this is what I peeked in at. This will teach anyone who wants to volunteer for anything a valuable lesson Hey Joe & Ulli. Long time. Joe...one of these days we'll chat. Sorry I had to ditch ya the last time so quickly. Been insanely busy. Hi Denise!!! Good work!!! Hi everyone else. Signing off for another several weeks!!! toodles
  5. UPDATE (both professional and personal)

    Hey buddy. Saw you IM'd me earlier today. Was busy with meetings. I was glad to get it and know you are ok!!! Keep healing bro!!
  6. UPDATE (both professional and personal)

    Hey Joe. Yikes!!!! Let us know when you are better OK? Prayin' for ya buddy.
  7. Rule and Submission Process

    Nice job guys. I do think a strict 4 minute rule is a bit harsh. A great ballad tipping the scales at slightly over 4 minutes still stands a chance of being cut or even being a hit single. One writer I know of recently got his first major label cut that clocks in at 5:09. Of course he wrote it with the artist and it is a GREAT song. But hey...I'm not the producer!!!
  8. Collaboration

    There is a different scale the studio musicians get for demo work and limited release work and master work (each progressively higher). If you pay the guitarist the proper scale if he is union or agree that the work can be used in a commercial release ahead of time if he is not union and work out the proper credits on the release, then there is no problem. Just a word to the wise, it's best to clear this up before hand including what credits the musician wants or doesn't want. Sometimes union musicians will work "off the clock" and don't want the exposure if you know what I mean . In the case of a studio, it's usually as easy as paying the demo rate and if you do release it later going back and making up the difference. At least that is what I am getting out of the studio I am communicating with right now. Hope that helps.
  9. Collaboration

    Actually it doesn't. The use of the demo is for demo puposes only and is not to be released commercially. Now you can pay a little more for a limited release (don't know the exact terminology) but that won't ususally include the vocalist. Just think of it this way. Buddy Jewell did A LOT of demos here in town before he got his break. I'm sure you could see the problem with peopld "releasing" Buddy Jewell recordings of demos he sang on. That's my limited understanding of it anyway. Hey Warren...why not bring issues up before the rules are set? I'm sure as beautiful and intelligent as all 4 of theme are, they may not always think of everything. I don't see a problem with that. I thought it was a good question. Unless they are going to come up with guidelines and open them up for final discussion. Then that would be the proper forum for the question.
  10. Collaboration

    Hi Denise. I was just addressing the original question which was whether songs with outside musicians would be accepted. I was just opining that they sure ought to be accepted. Some of us here may actually get songs professionally demoed and have that available for the CD. Now, if the singer is a demo singer (not the writer), there is a complication there with the "release" of the demo. Something to think about. But if someone hired studio musicians to record the backing tracks and performed the vocal, there would be much less of an issue. Just covering the bases!!
  11. Collaboration

    Just my $.02. This site is about songwriting right? If someone goes out and gets a song demoed professionally, why wouldn't that be allowed on the CD? Just curious.
  12. About Rick D:

    Maybe so. Like I said, the damage has already been done here. If I keep this up, I'll be up to 1000 posts in no time!!!
  13. About Rick D:

    Hi Juan, I got your message last night. Chances are you have the same phone number as I do. If you want to PM me or email me I will confirm that for you. I also had trouble getting a hold of him at that number for a long time. But he was there the other night. If that's not the one, I will certainly ask him if it's OK if I give it to you. I don't think it's appropriate to give out someone's # without permission. I wouldn't give out yours or anyone elses and I expect others wouldn't give out mine either. However, if you already have it anyway... email me.
  14. About Rick D:

    No, it would have come out right here. I wast communicating with Russ and some other folks when this story "broke". I was just trying to get some evidence (circumstantial as it may be) behind me before I made a comment.
  15. About Rick D:

    Roger, I realize that I have put myself in a precarious position. What I mean by not living up to his promise is the "making it right" process here at the Muse. I do understand he has not lived up to his obligation previously. I lost contact with Rick about the same time everyone else did until two nights ago. I asked someone else he has been working with (from my research) to ask him to give me a call and he did. So at this point I am not working with him other than this current process we are all going through. I am under no delusions here. Yes, I would like to see him make amends, both for his sake and the sake of the people who have been wronged. I also have not recommended that anyone work with him and understand how people here (including myself) have doubts about how this will end up. I just think we have a pretty good vehicle to judge if he does right for this community in the end by the results of this little excercise to see if he comes through. That doesn't mean people still shouldn't be wary after all that has happened. They should and that is understandable. The damage has already been done in this community. I'm sure he will get no more demo work from the Muse's Muse. The real question is will he at least try to do the right thing in the end. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps he is only doing this because it got brought up in a public forum. Maybe not. I guess I don't know the answer to that question. But making it right and aplogizing to those harmed at least points things back in the right direction. I have no business dealings or financial ties to Rick (other than a song that ended up being a co-write). The only thing that will really be hurt substantially here, for me personally, in the end, are my feelings if he doesn't come through. I am looking at myself as a mostly independent participant in this mess that is rooting for him to do the right thing. I was forthcoming early on about how I viewed Rick before all this happened to be fair to you guys. I am not naive or blind though. The chips will fall where they will fall and we can all go on from there. Yes, I am probably slightly biased. I also am hurt that all this happened. I want to see what is right be done in end. No matter what the result ends up being. Just trying to be as fair as I can to all involved. Did that help at all Roger? It does matter to me what you and other Muse's think of me. I value my reputation and do not want it besmearched. I will keep you all posted on any info I get as I get it.