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  1. Nice job to the winners!
  2. Currently back with a muse again.

  3. Neither, I hate Twilight. Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood?
  4. I gotta log off guys... I'm beat up, tired, sick with strep throat, and I have to drive back to Albany... Great job everybody, and it was great to be a part of it all. Can't wait to read everything when I get back in town tomorrow!
  5. 7:25 - Award Presentation What is humor? Any kind of action that could possibly make a person laugh? You could tell a joke, perhaps, do some crazy body movements, really, there are no bounds. It appears, here, on MM, we have one hell of a raucous group of comedians and comediennes. But with so many funny people on the Muse, it's so hard to choose who just might be the funniest one... See, I like funny people. Funny people make me giggle, like a little girl. I have no soundbits, so I can't show you, but those of you who have actually spoke to me on the phone can agree that I giggle like a little girl... Some have even said a chipmonk... I can even laugh like Barney Rubble... REALLY!!! Anyways, enough about me... I guess I gotta tell you the winner! The winner is!!! FUNKDADDY - MM's Funniest Poster! *subtle golf clap* Continue being funny Mark, we love ya! P.S. Kudos to MysteryMike and Joussh as well as being runners-up!
  6. Hobes is the bomb!
  7. Damn Bubbles, you got one hell of a voice girl!
  8. Stew Ball, you're irreplaceable my friend. Keep it going man! Congratulations, and carry on...
  9. yeah, i got the cloud of smoke thing going on too...
  10. Great job guys!
  11. congrads Hobes!!! Well-deserved bro!
  12. we don't want any details when you return, ok?
  13. I have the football game on in the background... football is cool...
  14. do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight...
  15. The CD cover is really cool... Great job guys!