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  1. on tour now with Crown Point.

  2. Sadly, I just got at email today from someone who is dealing with Rick. Almost the exact same situation. Rick even went on a trip with the guy from ON to BC to "meet with universal".. obviously, the meeting fell through. Whats up with this guy? Does he get off on doing this to people?
  3. That would be awesome. I'd love some feedback E
  4. I haven't heard from Rick in months.. I hope I never do.
  5. Well done everyone! This was really fun and I'm flattered to have been mentioned a couple of times I would stick around but I'm moving in 2 days and need to get to packing some stuff up! I'll see all of you round and thank everyone for a great year here on Muse
  6. Well done Simon and Neal! This place really wouldn't be the same without you guys here.. so thanks
  7. well done bellabella! A great, intelligent lyric that was really enjoyable
  8. Well done Roger! And I think a special mention should go to Milesman1971.. a great writer who I think is deserving of a shout out!
  9. For the record, I work at Clackamas town center! And hey.. I slang phones like it's no ones business! hehehe. Thanks again
  10. yes.. yes I would! Thanks girl And congrats to smile and the lip girl (just kidding.. I really do know your name samantha.. I mean, sarah).. I think i actually came off better in this situation as I was listed just below these 2 lovely ladies
  11. I'm flattered Without being to cliche, I really didn't expect it so I'm really h-a-p-p-y now! Thanks for the kind words funk and all! Thanks guys!!! Ya'yah!
  12. well done bubblesmania and sarah
  13. you dirty girl.. congrats HB!
  14. Well done smile Digging the tune right now weez.. me likey!
  15. Well done Stewart! You had my vote. You've really come a long way and it's been great to see it being recognized like this!