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  1. About Rick D:

    Hey Russ, John, This is up again huh? If you recall I too had an 'experience' with Rick, demo's were supposed to be done etc etc. Yes way back he did contact me, as the thread points out, all apologetic and was going ot complete demo's but...yup, nothing after that. Its a little different for me as I never actually met him, it was all through the net , our dealings that is. Rick blamed all on his ex partner Rob I think his name was, and Rob did the same by blaming Rick. Some say they were the 'same' person, Rick claimed that Rob would impersonate him online to make mischief. I dont know its all hear say, from one or maybe two compulsive liars. I now consider it an experience, and to an extent, a compliment that he (and he was/is a talented a knowledgable guy whatever his intentions) showed interest in my music. I know its no solace to you Russ as you poured a whole lot more in but, its a little something. I also hold no grudge, in fact I would love to know the truth, im so curious as to the motives and thoughts behind the 'jackal' Rick, Rob or whoever. I reckon he still reads and is around, mail me 'R' and put the records (forgive the pun) straight. Martin
  2. THIS is the question . . .

    C'mon dude, your one of the vets around here, you've dealt with worse. Re think that decision huh, dont let the negativity win the day. ..besides i wont let you, and im probably bigger than you Incidently...i recall in the other thread lots of mentions of "vanity project" and the original CD being a "silly" idea. Well (hands up) i kind of pushed the idea, so I guess im the silly one, but it was just a fun project, not meant to be commercial or a vanity project. That was where my idea came from anyway. More like a virtual "jam Session". So all this talk of it not being worth it etc as a vanity case, really is not relevant. Unless of course this time around the goals are different? I havent heard anyone formally state that they are. The slip up, if i have to admit any, was that the basic amount of pressed CDs didnt all sell, leaving people out of pocket. Back to the subject at hand.
  3. THIS is the question . . .

    Oh, now this is entertainment. Can we just have "The Musers Guide to Insults" on CD instead???? LOS, you truly have me in fits of laughter, bless you. Now that just could cut a profit. Seriously though, i guess we need to stamp a few things down, I undestand when people get frustraited, when they dont feel heard. There is a downside to the alternative though, I guess if it was done your way LOS there would be a daily vote on every detail and we might get the thing cut this side of my new 3 bedroom semi being built on the moon. Someone has to lead, and one cant please everyone as we all know. QUOTE "Bubbles, not only are you a right wing republican religious reich fanatic, you are exceedingly boring. Get over yourself. You can do a good job, as you did before, bringing the project to fruition. But try a bit of humility and humanity why don't you". Ummm, as in the humility that is displayed there? Humiliation more like. Two wrongs and making a wrong there. the way is forward.
  4. Muse CD Project #1 - CD SALE!

    Hey sweet stuff, mine arrived today, thank you. Now i can sort that wobbly table. M
  5. Theme Discussion

    Who said it would sound like A HOME RECORDING?// You can till have a 1+1 proffessionally produced you know.
  6. Theme Discussion

    That is such a powerfull and true point its amazing it hasnt been pushed already, we are a "songwriting " community and we should show it in a "naked" fashion. I know this idea wont fare well with the "Production rules" brigade but its so much more honest and true to what we are (or should IMHO) be about. Its can still be collabs, etc, no-one will miss an oppertunity with this either. Its the RIGHT thing to do. Theme "US", title "Naked Muse" and its all 1+1 beautifull songs, that can, if you wish be dedicated to a cause of our choosing. There simple, end of chat. (note a thread I started in "making it big" the info I got there was straight from a horses mouth).
  7. Theme Discussion

    HONESTY SESSION. Who has suggested something on the basis that they already have a song/s in mind that would fit the idea? mmm i bet a few did.... lol
  8. Theme Discussion

    Another into the wind How about......."Us" Each individual writes deeply personal song that represents them or thier life experience in a true way. This brings a little realism to the audience, after all its all about bringing attention to the community. So if your life is your Kids, your pet Hampster,global issues,protest or anything as long as it truly depicts you and your ecperiences, maybe it will even demonstrate the passions that pushed you in the direction of writing/composing. ???
  9. Theme Discussion

    Im gonna throw a handful to the wind, some mentioned before...some not. Love Kids War Poverty Absence Earth Hamsters
  10. The Musesmuse CD Project

    OK, if im pushed for a preference i guess i would concur with gpeddino as he puts it above. A generic love CD, with varying styles and perspectives. Everybody can relate to love, in one way or another, I have a son, so I can relate to that, but many here dont have children, yes we were all one once but that isnt enough for some. I guess I could be a little biased as my song on the last CD was a childrens song, so I would like to do something different. Im pretty easy though when it comes to the theme/genre, and therefore should i end up submitting, I would enjoy the challenge i guess. Ram, you are correct, i am in the folk/acoustic rock area i think? and maybe that isnt a million miles away from country, but i dont "feel" country, i dont understand the way of life would need to get "into" the genre. Id probably write some dumb stuff about a cowboy with no similartity to real life at all. My writing style is to make my thoughts or feelings into a lyrical and musical example of just that, so i depend fully on my own experiences and knowledge of a given subject. I know nothing about anything country. I do know what a pick up truck is however, i hear a lot about those in country music.
  11. The Musesmuse CD Project

    If you are going for commercial appeal which I personally fee is a MUST if the CD is inteneded to sell outside the forums, you simply need to find the most popular genre in the Marketplace that the CD is aimed at. Its called market research. What I mean is, its not worth producing a Brit Pop cd, or Brit Folk CD for example if the bulk of the discs are to be sold stateside which i think they will. Also, one has to consider the STRENGTHS of the team submitting the songs. I mean dont go asking someone like me for instance, to write a Country track, it just isnt in my field, yes I take on Board what RLD noted but some Genres ar just a litte too far away for comfort. Besides, asking a community to write outside thier comfort zones for practice is one thing, but in competition for a track place, i dont think we all have time to hone the skills for that. We want to go to church in our sunday best, not just something we threw on last minute under pressure. The tracks HAVE to be top quality, so we need to be at our best, and that best, will always come from our key skills, not skills we are learning last minute. The one genre idea, is a good one, but one im not sure is going to be easy to put to use. Unless you swing with the majority, which I think may just about be country, but, you will exclude an awfull lot of good Muse talent by the restriction. This means if we dont harness the best talent, we have a poorer quality CD, and we will know we could have produced better. A Multi genre CD isnt great either, people rarely buy an entire album for a couple tracks, and even more rarely when the rest of the CD may contain a genre they despise. This is a real TOUGH business decision guys, really tough. You have to either lose a whole chunk of talent, or risk a CD that is going to flop. So, my thoughts are, steer away from genre, but steer toward a THEME instead. Simon, touchedon it, maybe KIDS, maybe CHRISTMAS, maybe a specific CHARITY (Cancer?) maybe an international APPEAL, i could go on, the list is endless. Maybe it could be as simple as "LOVE SONGS" YOU NEED A THEME THAT CAN TIE ALL GENRES TOGETHER, SO YOU MARKET THE CD ON THE THEME, NOT THE GENRES IT CONTAINS. In fact a selling point could be the collective of genre and culture all focusing on the same goal. This makes it a truly global project that captures global intitiatives and perspectives on one common theme. Me
  12. The Musesmuse CD Project

    Denise, give me to the new year, andI will take a box full off your hands, i will move them on over here in the UK. I didnt realise you were out of pocket and as a responsible person in this venture, i feel i ought to share the burden, its only fair. I will take a 3rd of those off you as promised, give me a couple weeks to organise a sale. marty
  13. Congratulations to everyone!

    My thoughts are with you Ulli, be sure to let me know how things go...OK??????????? <<< holding Ullis vertual hand and givin it a squeeze.
  14. Speedy Delivery

    I have recieved mine, thank you so much guys for all the work, the CD looks and sounds great. Thank you especially to Denise and Ulli for the Card you sent me too, meant a great deal to me. When im over (which i am planning) theres a couple beers I have to buy. Thank you again Martin
  15. Feedback on your mixes

    Sure im interested...Lullaby?? Thanks