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  1. Hey, I remember you. I've been away for a long while as well. Had a listen to your album over at bandcamp. Really great stuff, congrats on the release.
  2. Anybody know the stats on sales at this point?
  3. Wait a minute... what happened to Volumes 2-10???
  4. Hehe... I'm not sure the same folks would want to deal with this all over again So soon... haha. Then again if it's to be an annual thing... probably... Took nearly as year for this one.
  5. My impression of the conversation had been that they were wanting to know if you wanted help with stuff, not necessary relinquishing you of your duties... with all you've gotten started already and the nature of the tasks I wonder how effective it would be to relinquish any these duties at this point. That said, I'd like to help but at this point am unable. Thanks for all you do Ulli, and others.
  6. Man, I knew I should have said screw getting the wifey a Christmas gift... I missed all the fun...
  7. Wow? People are going to get the impression that we Musers don?t like rock? I expected to hear at least one rock song.
  8. The thing is, from what I could tell? Recording and Performance were grouped into one by most of the judges? The correlation between these two sections was astounding in that if performance maybe was a little rough, the recording got marked down due to a lackluster performance. Thus creating an evenly matched weighting, Songwriting 50% Recording/Performance 50% Had I not noticed that people obviously tied the recording and performance into each other, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. Oh well, there's always next year.
  9. This is very true... Take the majority of Punk. Punk itself is about the emotion, not how pretty you can make it sound. Anywho, I didn't mean to make a big deal out of it... Just my initial thoughts on the matter. Carry on.
  10. Yeah, I totally understand the reasons why The recording quality would have to be ?up to snuff? It?s just somewhat disheartening to see a song score quite well On the Songwriting section, But not stand a chance due to a less than commercial quality recording. Mainly due to the fact that this is a songwriting website. I trust that the judges made the right decisions though, And that the final product will be well worth the efforts?
  11. All I have to say is that I am glad I didn?t submit on of my band?s songs. It appeared to me that Recording Quality standards were fairly high? My band doesn?t have great sounding recordings (though they fit the genre) I feel that it would have been more effective To rate the Songwriting section on a 1-10 scale And the recording/performance issues on a 1-5 scale? This would have placed more weight on the songwriting, Leading to a more accurate depiction of what this site is really about. I?m not saying that the recording issues should not have been a criteria? Just that MM is a songwriting website much more so than a recording website. I do really appreciate the score sheets though, They helped me see that while the song may be great Some folks NEED the recording quality. This was shown by most of the score sheets I received, The songwriting section was scored quite well on most of the sheets, But almost all of them got heavily weighed down by the recording section... Oh well, back to the mixing board.
  12. I found them helpful... to an extent. I really appreciate all the judges Taking the time to review and offer their opinions. I'm not sure it will change much in the way of the song, But it was really nice to know what they thought.
  13. Congrats folks? I hope these songs are worth my $10 submission fee? haha. Looking forward to the release.
  14. Man, I didn't get an email... Does that mean that mine wasn't submitted??? I don't remember if I repeated my email address in the body of the Submission. I hope that wouldn't keep my submission from going through?