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  1. NigeQ

    Where Were You?

    Where Were You - 'After the Storm'? - Under The Boardwalk Where Were You when Video Killed The Radio Star?
  2. NigeQ

    Roundabout 18

    You might not end up dead But be careful where you tread Because I’ve heard that every hour They take someone to the tower
  3. Easy listening country, very nice song - good work
  4. NigeQ

    2016 1+1 Song of the Year Contest

    I really enjoyed listening to these songs - and particularly loved the winner - well done everyone.
  5. NigeQ

    Stairway to Heaven

    I think this is the positive side, it’s just a shame that the original sources weren’t acknowledged more freely and sooner. However, the old saying goes ‘where there’s a hit, there’s a writ’ and it’s LZ’s interpretations of these songs that made them commercially successful. So on another positive, LZ were good, that’s why the songs made the money they did.
  6. NigeQ

    Stairway to Heaven

    They were due one
  7. NigeQ

    Who is "The Listener"

    As someone who uses the term listener quite a bit I’ll chip in. In simple terms it’s anyone who hears the song. However, the listener may hear the song on radio, in a shop, elevator, live audience, commercial, song competition!, the list goes on. So in a critique sense the listener usually refers to target or expected audience. You are quite right though, the listener is a mysterious character. I’m not convinced that they are always listening, sometimes they just tap their feet, and other times they stick their fingers in their ears.
  8. Well done Alistair, that is quick and good work. As far as the name goes MuseSongwriters.com seems as good as any. I'll keep watching for developments and let us know if you need any help. Cheers Nige
  9. NigeQ

    Videos of you playing live 2

    It's been a while, but this is from last Saturday How Long Will I Love You
  10. NigeQ

    Roundabout 18

    Popular among the London nannies Are artists that win lots of Grammys So unless you have more than one You will miss out on the fun
  11. NigeQ

    Roundabout 18

    Never one to rest upon his laurels He decided to try something new So no more fights and quarrels Just a nice day out at the zoo
  12. NigeQ

    Fall 1976

    Well in that case it gives me great pleasure to offer you.... or more seriously this, it was a fairly big hit at the time but I never hear it on the radio these days:
  13. NigeQ

    Whats the story behind your Muse name ?

    I'm going to be even less creative and steal Neal's answer Brilliant!
  14. NigeQ

    Song Contest Rules

    SONG CONTEST RULES (OPEN FORMAT): 1. One song entry per Muse member, per month. You must have or share the writing credit for the song. This must be for either the lyric or the music. 2. Place your song in the contest topic thread by clicking the "ADD REPLY" button at the bottom of the page. Include the song name, the lyrics and a functioning link to the audio file where the song may be heard. If it is a collaboration with other Musers, give the exact Muser IDs of all involved in the collaboration. If any professional musicians, writers, producers or arrangers were used, please indicate this in the song credits. 3. When the contest entry deadline passes the Moderator will post a list of all the songs entered into the contest. Simply copy and paste the list of the songs, place your scores next to each song and send that list to the Moderator running the contest for that month via private message(PM). Non-contestant Musers are encouraged to score the songs and contestants must score all the other songs in the contest. Collaborators on song entries may also send in scores. Contestant scorers and collaborator scorers are given an average plug-in score of 3.0 for their own song for purposes of anonymity. 4. Do not rank or compare the songs in the contest when scoring but rather use the following table to give each song a meaningful numerical rating based on it's own merits: 1.0-Excellent-should be included on an album of the best songs from The Muse and is worth a $1 download fee. 1.5-Almost Excellent 2.0-Very Good 2.5-Good 3.0-Above Average 3.5-Average - like that song you heard at the open mic that was "just okay". 4.0-Below Average 4.5-Poor 5.0-Very Poor - Obvious that very little effort was expended to make the song work. 5. The Moderator running the contest will post the full result after the scoring period for each contest is over. The order of songs is determined by the lowest total points. The top two songs (and ties) with the lowest total points qualify for the Song of the Year contest held each January. 6. The monthly song contests are "just for fun" with no real prizes but in order for the contest to provide worthwhile feedback to the artists, Musers are asked to give honest ratings to each song and try not to let personal feelings towards the artists or personal music preferences affect their scores. All contestants and non-contestants are encouraged to be active (at least 5 posts a month) on the other boards on the site (giving feedback, asking questions, posting on other Muser's threads, etc). If a moderator suspects dishonesty in the scoring, cheating or feels a contestant has not been an active member on the site, the moderator will ask the site administrator (Alistair Sutherland) for a final determination on the matter. SONG CONTEST RULES (1+1 FORMAT): The rules posted above all apply with the following additions: 1. You are not allowed to enter your song if you have received paid help with the recording, mixing, mastering, writing, arrangement, or performance of either the lyric or music. The person who enters must have written either the lyrics or the music. 2. The philosophy of the 1+1 comp is that it is a barebones showcase of the song itself. One instrument, one voice. Simple effects may be used but keep it stripped down to the bare minimum. Vocally, in addition to singing, you may hum, la-la-la, oo-ooh, or whistle. Instrument use can be typical or creative, but keep it to just one instrument only. Period. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR POTENTIAL SUBMISSION, PLEASE CONTACT THE CONTEST COORDINATOR AND ASK AHEAD OF TIME! 3. Once the competition opens for scoring, send the Moderator running the competition your choices for the top entries. The Moderator will announce how many songs you are to pick as your favorites; this number will depend on how many entries there are. The number will approximate one-third the number of total entries. All your picks will receive equal weight in the competition. 4. The Moderator running the competition will post only the top-third high-scoring entries, in order of the number of total votes received. If your entry is not among those listed and you'd like to know how your song ranked, pm the Moderator running the competition and that information will be provided to you. 5. Post-results discussion: This competition is basically a feedback-free zone. Discussion is to focus on what you liked best about the songs that received your votes. You can also write about what you liked best about the songs the came came closest to receiving your votes. Entrants who want constructive criticism for their entries are encouraged to post them for critique in the Songs Feedback section of MuseSongwriters.
  15. NigeQ

    March 1+1 Scoring Discussion

    I agree the current rules do look a little like a legal document. Most of those non-obvious rules have come about through either frequently asked questions (e.g. Can I enter a song that already been on the critique boards? What happens if I don’t vote? ) or various attempts in the past by people trying to buck the system, hence the minimum posts and member since rule. Yes, we did have people sign up and/or have friends sign up under more than one ID and vote for their own song. Also songs and song versions changed mid-comp. Anyway, whoever is moderating the comp can make what rules they like