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  1. Theme Discussion

    ...what's Filk song?...is it similar to a Silk song? ... just messing with'ya ST
  2. Theme Discussion

    How about......."ME" SilkyPestTofuMaker
  3. THIS is the question . . .

    ...hmmm...did I? - I don't recall - are you sure? If I had - I would most certainly have gone for the genre thing - that'a way we can get more mainstream radio flavors on the CD. ST
  4. THIS is the question . . .

    I've sort'a been swayed by the unofficial tally - are you sure that a PM is the only valid response?...and btw, can I have by 12:01 a.m. (CST), Thursday, December 29th, 2005 to respond? Can I please have a hall pass?...(on account of having to make up my mind, and the dog ate my homework)? SilkyTroubleMakerTofu
  5. Structure

    I've always thought of songwriting as sort'a like building a house. Now you can build many types of houses...some square ones, some dome-shaped ones, some perhaps triangular. But, most homes or buildings have the basics - four walls a ceiling and a floor. Even with those simple things, there are almost infinite variations. One could build a cathedral, a craftsman style home - victorian - new england bungalow - contemporary - all types really. I think it comes down to what type of home do you want to build. If it just for you - then the sky is really the limit - one could build a doughnut shaped house. If, however you want to build a home that others can live or want to live in, you might make some design compromises....maybe a doughnut shaped kitchen, but a bungalow exterior, with a victorian wrap around pourch. ...so, I think, it really depends on a person's goals. SilkyTofu
  6. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    ...congrats to all the winners and entrants...and thanks all for voting for my Avatar. A big special thanks to David and all who contributed and participated to make this a grand event. I hope we can do something like this every year...and that next year I'll be able to stay for the whole show. When I have a chance, I must go back to the music links and hear everyones' great compositions. SilkyTofu
  7. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    Thanks to all my Muse Friends...that's you... ...I want to stay longer but have to drop off ... ...everyone have a great time...x-mas and new year!!!
  8. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    8:12 SONG PERFORMANCE SILKYTOFU - "FRIENDS WE HAVEN'T MET" Listen to audio Lo-fi | Hi-fi or http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/silkytofumusic.htm Friends We Haven't Met ? 2003 SilkyTofu Verse 1 Come in and out of the rain Sorrow's on the run It caught an east-bound freight train Outruns the setting sun So you've guessed, I'm headed west Please pull up a chair I'll tell you 'bout my best friends Waiting for me there Chorus Best friends, are friends we haven't met They're the ones we won't forget I believe we'll get along forever You don't recognize them yet Friends, are friends you haven't met Friends like us should always stay together Verse 2 Sue Anne in Texarkana Wrote a song for me And, crossing Arizona Picked up some harmonies A hobo, Rio Lobo Named his dog Rusty Said Rio?"Rusty loco" "But he stills sings in key" Chorus Bridge Me, Sue Anne, Rio, and Rusty Have a million dreams unplanned There's room for you in our blue Chevy Van Chorus ["EVERYBODY SING!!!"]
  9. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    Wow Simon...great song, and performance...still listening...powerful...I love it!
  10. The 2003 Muse's Muse Forum Awards

    Congrats Hobes & Yukon (Eric)...well deserved indeed!!!