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  1. About Rick D:

    Wow, for some reason this crossed my mind today and, just like John a year ago, I did a search for Rick. Apparently nothing’s changed, he’s still ripping people off out there! Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know I have never heard of the guy ever since…. Like John mentioned, I’m glad to see Russ got his CD out eventually, it must feel good after all the heartache he went through. Peace out!
  2. About Rick D:

    No news and no money! I'm starting to think I need to get with my lawyer about this. I thought I'd wait and give Rick a second chance but I'm getting tired of this. I happen to need the money he took away from me and I'm ready to get it back. Rick, if you read this, please contact me asap and send me the money. Juan
  3. About Rick D:

    Yeah, it looks he's gone again!..... I don't what he's deal is and what was the point of him calling everybody if he was gonna disappear again......I'm started to get real upset about this!
  4. About Rick D:

    He told me there was one person left for him to contact and that he'd do it soon. What I did was calling him and leaving a message with my # and letting him know I was gonna be at home for a while. He called 20 minutes later. He's always sent me an e-mail with some more explanations about the issue. I think he's trying hard to fix things and it looks like the guy could use another chance. Juan
  5. About Rick D:

    Just wanted to let you all know that Rick called me today. He gave a somewhat reasonable explanation of why this whole mess happened. A lot of things still aren't clear to me but I told him I didn't really need the details so we didn't talk a lot about what happened between Rob, Ted and him. To me the most important thing is that he told me that next week he would send me my money and that he would do the 3 songs we agreed for free. I told him he didn't really need to but he insisted so I guess he'll end up doing something for me anyway. As I said, to me the important thing is he sends me the money and it seems like he is going to do that. Besides, I have to admit it must've been hard to pick up the phone and call everybody so I guess I'll give the guy a second chance. Juan
  6. About Rick D:

    I have a lawyer working on this, do you think I'm being too forgiving?
  7. About Rick D:

    Lando, Please don't take things to places this issue doesn't need to go. And please, don't tell people how they have to feel about this ("I feel you are being far too forgiving Juan. Your $550 dollars may be no big deal to you and the messing about hasn't broken your heart, but what about all the people who have ended up in a financial mess and are depressed by what he's done"). Juan PS- I'm not democrat nor republican, just in case you wonder
  8. About Rick D:

    John, your words make a lot of sense. Myself I won't judge how other people handle the situation, anyone can do whatever they want and it'll be fine with me. I understand that, being a friend of yours, you are more careful about this but I only talked to him twice before he disapeared with my money so I don't really care for nothing more than my money. I'd sure like to hear an explanation of why this happened and I won't bite Rick if he calls me, however I won't do more business with him, that's for sure. The one request I have is that somebody that has a phone # that Rick has answered to lately, please send me a PM with it. John, I asked you for the # and you didn't answer. I don't know if you forgot or you don't want to give me his phone #. If so, I'm gonna have to ask you again for Rick's #, I think it's fair I have the chance to give him a call to talk about it after what he did. I know he said he'd call but I guess you understand I don't really trust his words. Regards Juan
  9. About Rick D:

    I see what you mean, but I can only take actions for what he did to me. That doesn't mean I don't think what he did to ANTI was one of the worst stories I've heard in this business, but at this point all I want is to get my money back and forget about the whole thing. I guess ANTI will take care of his relationship with him the way he thinks he should. I get very mad everytime I think about this and all I want is to get my money back and move on. I don't like to be mad. Juan
  10. About Rick D:

    Ok, so I'm that guy, the one that (I think) contacted John about Rick to begin with, and I can't believe I missed this thread (thanks John for letting me know). My story sounds pretty much like anyone else's here: he claimed to know such and such person and contacted me asking about a song of mine for a project he was about to produce for a Sony new artist. On that same call he let me know about the demos. After some days of e-mails and working out the details with him and Robert I sent the money. Rick even sent me a rough track of the first of my songs that actually sounded pretty good. In March 20 something he left me a message saying he had got my e-mails but his account was messed up so he couldn't asnwer. That was the last thing I heard form him. I then talked to John about it, as well as other people that had worked with him. Again, no one had nothng bad to say about him. I also did my research before working with him. Jamie Beaver was the name that convinced me since she's from my wife's hometown, I've seen her CD's on stores, I've seen her perform and know she's the real deal. I thought "if she's worked with Rick, he must be the readl deal too". For a while I didn't know what to do. On one hand I wanted to come here and let everyone know about it but as far as I knew he coulda been run by a car or get sick or whatever and I didn't want to rant when I didn't know what was going on. Besides, I got the feeling that he was an honest person and that somethng wrogn had happened to him. I guess he fooled us all. Then I tried to contact him sending him certified letters and stuff like that. When that didn't work I asked a lawyer friend of mine what I can do about it. Rick must be a lucky man because my friend just got a baby so he had to put this thing on hold for a while. That was a couple of weeks ago. Now that I read about Rick wanting to fix this, I'm willing to let it go as long as he sends me my money back. So rick, if you're reading this, you know my address (if you don't, send me an e-mail and I'll give it to you). Send me a nice money order for $550 and I'll forget about it. I don't even care for apoligies or even the demos (it's funny that yesterday I got the demo of the same song I was planning to do with him from some other studio), just send me my money back. Russ, I'm sorry to hear your heartbreaking story, it must have sucked big time. I hope you get over it soon. I'm also sorry for the other guys. To me it hasn't been that bad, though I get pissed every time I think about the money. So far he hasn't contacted me and I'll keep you updated if he does. I like to be fair and I'll eventually have a not too bad opinion of him if he gives me my money back. Juan