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    Yes, I think that's about right (though I do believe that principled journalists still exist!). In fact, I believe that one of the arguments to drop the Fairness Doctrine was that it was no longer necessary. The argument was made that it was important when there were few news sources but that, as news sources proliferate, there would be a natural balance across them all (what isn't reported in one place would be reported elsewhere). There was some truth in that - but it ignored the simple fact that most people don't look across the gamut of news sources. Media organisations started to target specific market segments and people were served by the organisations targeting their segment. In turn, the media organisation would "tune" their voice to what the segment wanted to hear. Hey presto! We are living in bubbles with no big picture and nobody we can trust (so even valid news is distrusted by those who don't want to hear it). Now add in social media. It may be surprising how many people treat social media as their main source of world news. And it's riddled with nonsense. To respond to this, we each need to take the time to do our research and drill down until we have some verifiable evidence - but that's time-consuming and most people don't do it. And, because we don't do it (and because we choose our news sources based on those that tell us what is happening in a way that coincides with our own views) we get the news we deserve. And vote based on it. This is not a partisan issue. The problem is the same for all of us, whatever our political leanings. IMHO.
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    surprised nobody has mentioned it - Blues brothers
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    Spin equilibrium. P/L> JI It used to be that a journalist or a journalist organization would bend over backwards to be scrupulously honest and careful in reporting because they realized that credibility was everything. All the credentials on the wall and all the years of experience don't mean anything if you lost your credibility. After someone lost it they rarely could ever get it back. Ask Dan Rather. Editors would drill this into their proteges. There used to be such a thing as journalistic standards. I can remember the big 3 american networks were not really constrained by profit /loss because the parent companies viewed their role in the 4th estate as almost a sacred duty-damn the costs. But all that changed. I think all that changed when cable news arrived. Cable and the internet pretty much destroyed the newspaper's profit margins, but then the proliferation of cable and now internet forced a dozen or more cable news organizations into competing for a slice of the pie. The big 3 are history in the sense that younger people have no idea what I'm even talking about. As a network's pie slice shrunk network heads came up with decidedly non-journalistic strategies to compete. We're left with a group of strictly anti Trump networks and at least one thriving pro trump network, but we're also left with little or no journalistic standards because the honchos calling the shots are not journalism majors. They're MBAs. P/L > JI Profit over loss is of greater value than journalstic integrity.
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    You just made his case for him if you're being truthful in saying that your mission here is to rile people up. Personally, I've never considered you a troll but I may have to rethink my opinion in light of your confession.
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    Why I shouldn’t write lyrics when I haven’t gone sleep after my night shifts Men don’t pole dance (naughtier version) A body that is so limber Legs all the way to December And those legs gripping so tight Around the pole with all their might I know that image seems sexy But not when you know he’s hairy And the other thing that is bad Is that the pole dancer's my dad I don’t care the circumstance Men should never Ever Pole dance I don’t see any attraction With any pole to pole action I’ll admit his crucifix climb It almost bordered on sublime Still didn’t stop it being wrong Specially when he’s in a thong And that the man who threw me ball Could be like this with alcohol I don’t care the circumstance Men should never ever pole dance I understand it’s alcohol That got him up riding that pole But tell me how low you've fallen If your son you’re booty callin' Short man, tall man Thin man, fat man Or my old man I don’t care the circumstance Men should never ever pole dance Men don’t pole dance (tame version) A body that is so limber Legs all the way to November With a grip that’s oh so tight To the pole with all their might It might’ve been a sight to see If he weren’t hairier than me I don’t care the circumstance Men should never ever pole dance The guy he had all the right moves body swung to all the right grooves And doing his crucifix climb It almost bordered on sublime Still didn’t stop it being wrong Specially when he’s in a thong I don’t care the circumstance Men should never ever pole dance Short man, tall man Thin man, fat man I don’t care the circumstance Men should never ever pole dance
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    I enjoyed "Almost Famous" ...felt they did a good job with it! 👍 Yeah, it was kinda cheesy in parts, but I enjoyed it...in part because it was based in an era I could easily relate to. Tom
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    Yes, the important space between the notes. My thoughts mirror other comments. Too many words forced into too tight a space, sounding uneasy, rushed, lacking room to breath. Easing up on the tempo could help, it's certainly worth trying. But...I thought the 6/8 section was the more captivating of the two. Indeed, some fine guitar work, and beautiful compelling music. I wanted to hear the lyric / melody weave in over the 6/8, and was disappointed when it changed. Although I get how you were trying to match the story with a change of music, I think it worked against you in this case. Don't get me wrong though, it was still a nice composition.
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    Forgive me if this post has already been done. My favorite movies focused on music are the following: The Band: The Last Waltz, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2RQqDbPRgs&list=PLVPGzOHIIgz_fCsVUREmvLgKceF3XzEoa Talking Heads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF99zYX1JM Spinal Tap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N63XSUpe-0o (sorry have to pay for it) Led Zeppelin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPDA5pWUGIo (sorry have to pay for it) Pink Floyd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO9a1KUMh40&list=PLYNLWdfid1nI00aPC8NHqqPYq8bPqdwWJ Jesus Chris Superstar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZD9b-NRfN8&t=619s (great for easter) any others I should check out? Jesus Chris Superstar should maybe be higher up the list.
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    Love the Bowie vibe! And the video was interesting to watch! I’d try adding a rhyming word at the end of your verses... it would help it roll along in the ear of your listener...unless you deliberately chose to disrupt the flow with longer syllable words as in “ I feel I could fall forever” . An idea would be... The earth is up The stars belowI feel I couldFall too low although this changes the meaning...but that’s just so you can better remember understand what I meant. Cheers, and happy songwriting! Miu
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    North Pole, South Pole We're all bipolar
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    I know I refrained from using the lines I couldn’t see any attraction 'bout seeing pole on pole action
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    Oh, I think most families are like that! Have a good trip home and don't spoil it now! Happy birthday to your Mum!
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    Holiday, my mother turns 75 so we're here the whole big fam and kind of celebrating*, and unfortunately I'm on the plane home during the game this Monday. That otherwise could have been the game that draws me in. * Thankfully not all families, but my family, like many when they get together, behind the smiles and hugs there's a lot of history and grudge and we try to act civil and behave like adults. Not always with a successful outcome. Apart from a few minor and one major clash this year, I think we did ok! I was prepared for a full on war!!!! 😀😀😀
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    Funny you guys brought this up. In my FB feed this morning was the quote, "That's !@#$in' blasphemy! Elvis wasn't a Cajun!" While we're at it, my mother and sister are really into musicals and I grew up with that stuff around the house. I personally could never get into them, with exceptions. For example, I still love Little Shop of Horrors. I have the pianists/conductor's score for that one and was going over the opening harmonies. It's so well done. Campy as all heck, but I like it when they don't take themselves too seriously. (Same reason why I'm not interested in super hero movies, but enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.) And I was never a huge fan of the Rocky Horror Picture show, but darnit when we do impromptu meetings at the hospital, huddled up in a circle, I keep hearing the dang Time Warp... 😂 Otherwise.... Amadeus I've watched many times. Walk the Line really surprised me. Great movie.
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    I think @R-N-R Jim raises a very good point about point of view in comparing this one to welcome to the jungle. In most of the lyric you (the POV) almost seem omniscient until you show your cards in the chorus with the word 'we'. By saying "we"you are taking sides in opposition to the central theme of the lyric. I agree that taking sides in opposition tends to dillute the power of the imagery here. If "we" became "you" then the POV changes and allows the narrator to become the devil himself. "You can't stop me /us" Or if not the devil himself he can be mayhem and havoc anthropomorphized. The POV can revel in it instead of being a bystander. This example is way before your time but when Sympathy For The Devil came out 50 years ago this month it frightened some people. It was being recorded the week RFK was shot and so they changed the line from "who killed kennedy" to "who killed the kennedys" and it was chilling because the POV said "I did it". So what I'm getting at is this lyric would have much more impact if the singer wasn't an almost impartial observer, and certainly a passive observer, but lawlessness mayhem havoc murder and chaos personified and he absolutely reveled in it. "I'm here and you can't stop me!" Adopting that POV doesn't mean you personally endorse the POV's mindset; it's just a literary device. Good catch Jim.
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    You could totally be a troll on your own thread. Heck, you could start a thread based on trolling intention. They're not mutually exclusive. What Jonie's pointing out is that you have a logic error in your argument. Actually, in this thread I've seen you make at least three rudimentary logic errors, and I mean this in the sense of like basic philosophy or "mathematical" type logic errors. B-boy absolutely does try to rile people up sometimes. And not just in these political boards. In the core/art section of the Muse, I've seen him do it plenty of times. Heck, once I saw him try to turn two people against each other, and it was due to just a mix of that they didn't agree with him and he was confused about what they were saying. I don't remember it going over very well...
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    Cool lyric man! Perfect for a cool ass heavy rock song.
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    I was just recommending Highasakite to a friend yesterday. This Norwegian group is very creative and have a few tunes that are absolutely gorgeous. Here's a live acoustic take, a dress down, of one of their tunes. Just me maybe, but both the studio and acoustic version of this song I find very moving. I put this song on yesterday, and man, just had to put down my work and give attention:
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    I'm sorry, I haven't been on this site for a while. I'm intrigued with this song. It is obvious this person has stolen you heart and left you. Heart break can be devastating. But for me, we know little else. I guess I'm lazy, I don't want to work that hard to understand a story. I would suggest you listen to Dan Fogelburg's Tucson Arizona. It deals with dark subject matter, but little doubt as to what was going on. Also another good one is the Eagles, what do I do with my heart? If we knew Who, what, and why it helps us to better understand this person. It gets tough, I'm a struggling songwriter myself. Keep working on it, you'll get there.
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    The Urban Dictionary lists that as their top definition Barney. Several members have used the term frequently to refer to people they don't particularly like, but seriously...who comes closer to fitting that description...you or I ? Tom
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    I'm still catching up with all of these suggestions from everyone but I'm really enjoying listening to people I might never have heard otherwise. Thank you. I just listened to a half dozen Show Of Hands songs. Definately great stuff. There's both sadness and pride in there. There's a reason they have 20 plus albums. I can see why they have a following. The Cornwall references remind me that Doc Martin was filmed there. In DocMartin the scenery was absolutely beautiful. It made us want to visit. And then Show Of Hands gives us another more complete picture of life. The economcs and the climate driving people to go elsewhere. Working my way through some Skin /Skunk. Wow, what a voice!
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    Interesting! They sure look like bot plays, likes and comments. If you follow the user links, most of them have the same song posted with only a few followers. I think I'd be notifying SC - cause it gives the appearance that you paid for these.. Paul
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    My favorite opening line is The Mississippi delta was shining like a national guitar, I'd like to hear other Muses thoughts on this please