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    Glad you enjoyed it, Tom! This is the first time anyone compared my vocals to Zappa. I do frequently get Bowie comparisons. Both comparisons are appreciated and a lot nicer than my wife's description -- she thinks I sing like a dying cow. Thanks very much for those YouTube subscriptions! I did subscribe back to your channels. I didn't see any of your songs in this sub-forum but left feedback on one in another sub-forum.
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    Very nicely done 👍👍 ... enjoyed it ! Gotta tell ya', when the vocal first entered, I instantly thought of "Zappa". Your choice of vocal texture & style was a great fit for this. As much as the verses emulated Zappa, choruses were very Bowie-like. Made for a nice contrast, but meshed well. I added a few new subscribe's to your channel, nice job & good luck with the material ! Tom