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    I struggle with anxiety and depression. This song is about that. (Verse) My mind Is a dark place I'm locked inside And I can't escape (Pre-chorus 1) Demons live inside my head They tell me to stay in bed They said... (Chorus) You're worthless You're invisible You have no purpose Just stay miserable No one wants you No one needs you They'll just hurt you They'll just leave you You're a creep You're a freak And you ruin everything You never change You'll always stay Shackled to this ball and chain (Verse) My mind Is a battlefield I'm in a fight With the way I feel (Pre-chorus 2) Demons live inside my head They consume my thoughts with dread They said... (Chorus) (Bridge) I don't live I don't thrive I just exist I just survive (Pre-chorus 3) Demons live inside my head They remind me of my regrets They said... (Chorus)
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    Absolutely I think it's improved. The verses themselves show your sense of humor. Keep that humor in the verses as you tweak. The pov is the normal guy here reacting to someone else's overreactions.
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    This song is so cute and nostalgic!
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    Practice. More practice.