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    Author's note: Thanks to kuya, a talented writer on this forum for inspiring this piece - I hope you find it useful. So, your lyrics are almost completed. You can hear the music in your head. This song is going to be your best to date - you just know it! You need to hit the record button before your inspiration wanes. But... There is that one weak line in the verse. It ends with that word you found on Rhymezone. It rhymes nicely with its counterpart and it's a well-known word - so no issues there. It has perfect prosody, perfect assonance, nice meter. But it introduces an image or an inference that takes the listener out of the storyline, breaks the mood you've built up and just seems out of place. And you can't find another rhyming word that fits. You've tried to jam in something that doesn't rhyme, but that made the verse feel unstable, slipshod. This is now a show-stopper. All your efforts have been in vain. The English language has let you down again - crap! But wait - there is a solution. It's right in front of your eyes: Can't find a rhyme? - Repeat that line!! Think about it - we want our lyrics to be "conversational" and people often repeat lines when they are trying to make a point. ("Lock her up" sadly comes to mind). Humans like repetition - it doesn't require us to process new information - our minds can relax and bask in the familiar. It strengthens the impact of what has just been sung. Sometimes it even causes the listener to hear a different meaning in the line he/she hasn't thought of the first time around. Sure, we all know enough to repeat the hook usually in the chorus, but if you're like me, sometimes forget we can repeat a line in the verse or bridge. It's another arrow in your songwriter's quiver - don't forget to use it!