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    Shouldn't it be the big man downstairs - or maybe size doesn't matter here
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    Tentatively titled "Seize the Day" (S.T.D.)
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    DonP, kudos for the time and effort you spent in compiling the various notes from Pat Pattison’s teaching material. Two things strike me, however. 1) This particular material of Pat’s is likely more complex than a beginning writer – or even a seasoned writer – wants to deal with. There are many other basic elements that a lyricist should and could more easily learn first; 2) if your website was designed for the purpose of teaching others to write, or – even more puzzling to me – advertising your services as a lyric writer for others, it’s reasonable to expect that the teaching notes you offer would be based on your own well-established reputation and – preferably extensive − experience as a songwriter and a teacher of songwriting. This is clearly not the case. The bottom line is that - however unintentionally - you could be seen as advertising under false pretences. I’m also a little concerned that you’ve taken Pat’s notes and are presenting them as an independent guideline for songwriters. I know you’re not selling them (which would be an infringement of copyright), but I somehow think there’s indeed some ruling about using other people’s material in this fashion. Someone else here might be more knowledgeable on the matter. (BTW, are you using a lyric of your own as an example in the first two sections? It isn't familiar to me [I did Pat's Berklee online course, and have several of his books], and there appear to be errors in the wording.) Others might of course have a different perspective. This is simply my own.